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Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:09:11+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 gizmo_mathboy's Journal Perl is Awesome! <p>Is it me or is the Planet Perl feed or Sebastien Riedel's Mojolicious::Lite post on like permanent update?</p><p>It's like every other day it shows up in the feed.</p><p>I suppose if I really cared I would email the NOC or Sebastien...but I'm trying to work on my passive-aggressive skills for use later in life.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-08-03T14:12:48+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Building a Custom Local CPAN <p>Building a Custom Local CPAN</p><p>brian d foy</p><p>making custom cpan's for people</p><p>indexes it like cpan<br>* once you make your own index you can make your own cpan</p><p>mycpan::indexer<br>* get the data files and you are golden<br>* john rockway sqlite-ified it</p><p>take any file installed anywhere, what perl distribution, where and such<br>* build me the cpan that existed when this was current<br>* work backwards</p><p>can now make a cpan for all your internal stuff that doesn't exist on cpan<br>* just a dir of tar balls<br>* now put in cpan structure</p><p> : connect to internet ok? config to 0<br>* turn off and go to internal stuff only</p><p>stonehenge might offer this as a service or something</p><p>movies on vimeo about this</p><p>look on use.perl as well</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T04:12:07+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: The Stack <p>The Stack</p><p>JT Smith</p><p>Have a way for your users to use your product</p><p>Provide software but don't provide the pieces to run it</p><p></p><p> -</p><p>Make it easy to use it</p><p>webgui runtime environment</p><p>solve the problems, users don't care how</p><p>prereqs are plentiful and lots of versions</p><p>first impressions matter. you only get one chance<br>* easy demo/install</p><p>more potential users than existing users</p><p>the power of "it just works"</p><p>irc comment: acme::intraweb</p><p>Excellent visual presentation. Very well done.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T04:11:02+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Memory management with Perl <p>Memory management with Perl</p><p>Steven Lembark</p><p>Your friendly introduction to a wastrel</p><p>Read the guts documents</p><p>Perl only grows, it doesn't free memory until it ends</p><p>can easily fragment the heap</p><p>Devel::Peek/Size</p><p>NUL vs NULL very different</p><p>prune vars before assigning them</p><p>arrays suck a lot</p><p>hashed suck more</p><p>So there is lots of infrastructure for arrays and hashes</p><p>hashes grow in 2D over time</p><p>sort of wandering into Debunking Perl Myths (same speaker) but we mostly talked about memory management but that was ok. We had a good discussion.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T03:59:41+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Intro to Moose <p>Intro to Moose</p><p>shawn moore (sartak)</p><p>started early, that's ok</p><p>I need to start using moose. I've been to a couple too many intro to moose talks.</p><p>Less code is less bugs (from traditional perl 5 oo)</p><p>still need code reviews and good testing to catch typos</p><p>Where to get info.</p><p>moose::Manual</p><p>The art of metaboject protocol</p><p>moose on</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T03:57:29+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Beyond the tutorial <p>Beyond the Tutorial: Lessons Learned in Using Catalyst on a Real Application</p><p>Douglas Lochowski-Haney</p><p>using catalyst and some tips.</p><p>Some notebook/projector/external display problems slowed things down.</p><p>I spent too much time on irc.</p><p>my fault as a bad audience member.</p><p>He showed real life code that he uses in his work.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T03:55:28+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Creation of a Simple Web App... <p>Creation of a Simple Web App using CGI::Application, Template Toolkit and DBIx::Class</p><p>Leonard Miller</p><p>Aimed at folks not in control of their apache install and such</p><p>A lite mvc framework</p><p>You still need to do some work.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T03:52:36+00:00 journal Frozen Perl 2009: Keynote <p>I'm just going stream of consciousness from my notes from Frozen Perl this weekend.</p><p>So, without further ado my ramblings;</p><p>The only thing that matters this year</p><p>Getting Perl 6 out.</p><p>We've had Perl 6 for years.</p><p>Parrot 1.0 - March 17 (St. Patrick's Day)</p><p>What will the tool chain look like?</p><p>Will we use CPAN?</p><p>Will we pull directly from github directly?</p><p>Colonize outside of</p><p>See Perl 6 discussed everywhere</p><p>Say Rakudo, Perl 5</p><p>follow</p><p>The only other thing this year, Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow</p><p>Perl 6 dividends in Perl 5: Moose, Catalyst</p><p>Perl::Critic</p><p>One more thing (the third)</p><p>Be excellent to each other.</p><p>Perl's crowning achievement is CPAN</p><p>CPAN is community</p><p>Community is people</p><p>Perl's crowning achievement is people</p><p>The only things that matter</p><p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; * Rakudo must come out in 2009<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; * Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; * Be excellent to each other</p><p>Large code bases are screaming for Perl::Critic</p><p>Use Moose, Catalyst, etc.</p><p>Move to 6 for new stuff</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-10T03:50:10+00:00 journal At Frozen Perl 2009 <p>Just sitting around waiting for the keynote to start.</p><p>Mostly just catching up on email, comics and such.</p><p>wee!</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-02-07T14:34:54+00:00 journal new looks like it will suck <p>Along the lines of going stale, seems to be going brain dead.</p><p>They announced a change coming.</p><p>The only change I see is suck. The main page is a forums page.</p><p>While wasn't the best geek news site it was worth a look.</p><p>I'm hoping it doesn't suck but when even roblimo gets laid off maybe tech news is not going so well.</p><p>Anyone know of a decent tech news site? I read<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/. and sites like gizmodo and engadget are a bit too tech heavy. Don't get me started on digg or reddit.</p><p>Hmmm, do I start reading kuro5hin again? *shudder*</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-01-06T21:05:50+00:00 journal what happened to <p>I find it odd when a web site goes stagnant without any notice.</p><p>I used to check for interesting things related to being a sysadmin and such.</p><p>It hasn't published anything since May 2008.</p><p>I miss it.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2009-01-06T21:01:44+00:00 journal Girl with a perl earring <p>Found via</p><p><a href="">Girl with a Perl Earring</a></p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-11-18T17:40:03+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 1: Awards presentations <p>The awards presentations were ok.</p><p>The Python award presenter tried to cram in a 15-30 minute talk into about 30 seconds. Consequently he made a lame "version 3 releases" being better and faster than "some version 6 releases". I think it was kind of lame and if he had more time it could have seemed more good natured. It just overshadowed the award for a guy that had been a big part of the Python community.</p><p>The Open Source Awards were ok, most of the recipients weren't able to attend and didn't give any speeches for the most part.</p><p>The White Camels were ok.</p><p>I think everyone was rushing to get to the keynotes.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-23T23:32:38+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 1: FSF beer and pizza <p>It's always interesting to run into Free Software Foundation folks. The are definitely True Believers.</p><p>I would call it a low key thing and an effort to broaden their base of support I think.</p><p>The best part was to meet some folks from Ubuntu/Canonical/Launchpad/whatever. So hi to Nick, Rick and Joey.</p><p>I ran into Daniel again from McClatchy and chatted with him with the Ubuntu guys.</p><p>A fun but short time because we wanted to head to the keynotes.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-23T23:27:50+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 1: Catalyst <p>Wow. Matt Trout was a trip.</p><p>I didn't know what to expect but I got something.</p><p>Not sure how much Catalyst I picked up but I was entertained.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-23T23:24:00+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 1 : Secrets of Javascript Libraries <p>Once again what I expected and what I got were a bit askew.</p><p>There was lots of good stuff but it mostly seemed to be stuff I've seen before. Like Higher Order Javascript and what little I've seen of the Crockford videos.</p><p>I wouldn't knock it too much, I guess I was hoping for something about how libraries are structured or something.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-23T23:20:27+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 0 : Summary <p>Ok, Day 0 of OSCON 2008 is over.</p><p>It was a good day. I learned about 3 good things from the Mastering Perl tutorial. I am still interested in Test Driven Development but I can't fault Josh for my false expectations.</p><p>I got to have a few beers and chat with some fellow attendees: Mike whose family business is printing services in Des Moines, some guys that work for McClatchy in Raleigh (sorry I can't recall your names at the moment[update: Daniel and Craig]), Jason that works for Texas A&amp;M and Dave who works at the National Gallery of Art. Mostly Perl guys but all who will use whatever tool to get the job done.</p><p>So I will call it a very good day. I had planned to not be so sociable (missing my wife and kids a lot) but I had a good time talking with everyone. Besides, conferences are most fun when you meet other people and sparks fly.</p><p>I expect more good things tomorrow.</p><p>I'm looking forward to meeting all of the friends I haven't met yet tomorrow.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-22T05:55:21+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 0 : Test Driven Development <p>Well, I'm not sure what my expectations for this tutorial were but they weren't met I guess.</p><p>I feel I got more from reading _Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook_.</p><p>To be fair to Josh he is going through a lot of matter in a shorter amount of time than it was designed for (6 hours vs. 3 hours).</p><p>A lot of people left the tutorial prior to the first break.</p><p>UPDATE:</p><p>In reflection I think my expectations weren't aligned with what the talk was. It seems to be starting from the beginning and building on that.</p><p>I think _Perl Testing_ basically covered the stuff Josh covered. So, I still think it was worthwhile to see what the current, optimal way to do testing in Perl. I just wanted more.</p><p>That and all the cool kids went to the Django tutorial.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-21T22:22:23+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 Day 0 : Mastering Perl <p>Starting off good.</p><p>I do expect good things though so my expections are a little high.</p><p>EDIT</p><p>Liked it a lot.</p><p>Affirmed my thoughts about log4perl, i.e. I should use it!</p><p>Profiling is good. benchmarking requires thought.</p><p>Persistence is something I need to think about and probably try to preach to my users.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-21T16:05:06+00:00 journal OSCON 2008 D-Day -1 <p>After a long day of travel (left home at 8am EDT and arrived at my hotel at 5:30pm PDT) I'm in Portland.</p><p>I chatted with a couple of folks on the light rail from the airport, most of whom will be attending OSCON.</p><p>I scouted out the convention center and registered. There was some interesting schwag in the OSCON bag. The Google moleskine like book is probably the most interesting. The Linux Journal is ok. I have a subscription so it's more of something to read.</p><p>I met Darren whom I'm sharing a room with but he was busy doing some Postgres related stuff.</p><p>It's only 9pm but my body thinks it is midnight so I guess I'll be heading to bed and hope my body and the big light outside get sync'ed together better soon.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-21T04:03:27+00:00 journal Hey, I'm going to OSCON this year! <p>$work is paying for me to go to OSCON this year.</p><p>I started the whole process a bit late so I missed out on the early bird discount. I even missed out on the room discount. I was able to find someone to split a room with and he's even a speaker at the conference.</p><p>I'm looking forward to attending. The last time I made it was when it was in Monterrey.</p><p>Good times.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-07-05T03:21:36+00:00 journal Perl heroes <p>I meant to have this as a reply to something a long time ago (I think it was when Alias released the latest strawberry).</p><p>It was mostly fanboi-ish stuff about my Perl heroes.</p><p>There is of course Larry at the top.</p><p>Foundational heroes are people like Randall, tchrist, Tim Bunce, Nick Ing-Simmons, Jarkko, Nate, Orwant...many many more.</p><p>Then there are my current heroes. Folks that by their example inspire me to want to do more and be a better programmer. They are folks like Ovid, chromatic, brian d foy, Allison and especially Alias.</p><p>Just reading what they have done in the last year or so is *insert a superlative*.</p><p>Alias's work on strawberry is pure inspiration to me. The Portable Perl stuff will be quite an encore.</p><p>So, many thanks to all of the people that continue to make Perl the thing I love to code in and glad to be tangentially in the community.</p><p>And I shouldn't forget hfb. She adds a lot of spice to the mix.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-06-30T04:48:21+00:00 journal shlomi fish, chromatic and my wish <p><a href="">chromatic's</a> <a href="">comment</a> regarding something <a href="">shlomi fish</a> <a href="">wrote</a> started an interesting discussion.</p><p>While I don't like the idea of forcing an author to open source their books, I really do dig having digital copies available when they are offered.</p><p>I have almost every CD Bookshelf O'Reilly ever published. I even owned most of the books in them (well mostly the Perl and Web stuff). It is handy to have searchable text for a good chunk of my Perl library no matter where I roam, online or not.</p><p>That's all I would like to say. Digital copies of books rock.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-06-30T02:19:53+00:00 journal this is a Perl blog <p>Just adding to <a href="">schwern</a>'s google bomb <a href="">efforts</a>.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-04-28T23:51:32+00:00 journal 2008 <p>Well, another year.</p><p>I suppose I need to make some goals.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2008-01-01T05:05:14+00:00 journal I have a foe! <p>I just happened to look through my fans, foes and freaks and noticed I have a foe.</p><p>You go drhyde.</p><p>I wonder if it a random foe-ing or intentional? If I truly cared I suppose I could ask or something.</p><p>I find it amusing that he's a friend of a friend, too. Not that unusual given Perl's community. I would bet the degree of separation in the Perl community is probably no more than 3 or 4.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2007-12-18T16:40:31+00:00 journal Happy Birthday, Perl <p>Twenty years of Perl and I've been using it for over half of it's existence.</p><p>Cool.</p><p>I really can't wait to give 5.10 a go.</p><p>Hell, I might even get frisky and try out Strawberry Perl for the Windows side of my work.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2007-12-18T16:31:24+00:00 journal Sysadmin <p>With Sysamdin closing/folding up shop/etc.</p><p>I wonder what will become of The Perl Journal?</p><p>I love The Perl Review but liked TPJ as well.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2007-09-05T03:07:16+00:00 journal ironpython/.net <p>A buddy that does telecom work and likes Perl was reluctantly forced to go to c#/vb for some web services type of stuff.</p><p>If i recall his problem was mostly that Perl doesn't have enough good hooks into COM stuff and mabye even<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET.</p><p>He looked in all the right places and posted questions put just heard chirping crickets.</p><p>As much as I don't want to learn Python I do find it's<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... pervasiveness interesting, with things like IronPython and Jython.</p><p>I guess my only real lament for him is the lack of hooks into Microsoft's latest money pit.</p><p>That being said, one has to use the best tool for the job instead of pulling out the swiss army chainsaw all the time.</p><p>Maybe I should wish for better COM/.NET fu and lots of tuits instead of lamenting.</p> gizmo_mathboy 2007-09-05T02:52:50+00:00 journal Schneier Interviews TSA director <p>It was nice that the Director of Transportation Safety agreed to be interviewed but it was annoying to run into answers that were willful ignorance or politically slippery.</p><p><a href="">Part 5 of 5</a> (links to the previous parts at the top of the interview entry).</p> gizmo_mathboy 2007-08-03T17:15:45+00:00 journal