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gizmo_mathboy (782)


aerospace engineer by education, all-around walking cesspool of knowledge by nature, and professional grade slacker by choice. Sysadmin at a major midwestern university.
Monday August 03, 2009
09:12 AM

Perl is Awesome!

Is it me or is the Planet Perl feed or Sebastien Riedel's Mojolicious::Lite post on like permanent update?

It's like every other day it shows up in the feed.

I suppose if I really cared I would email the NOC or Sebastien...but I'm trying to work on my passive-aggressive skills for use later in life.

Monday February 09, 2009
11:12 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Building a Custom Local CPAN

Building a Custom Local CPAN

brian d foy

making custom cpan's for people

indexes it like cpan
* once you make your own index you can make your own cpan

* get the data files and you are golden
* john rockway sqlite-ified it

take any file installed anywhere, what perl distribution, where and such
* build me the cpan that existed when this was current
* work backwards

can now make a cpan for all your internal stuff that doesn't exist on cpan
* just a dir of tar balls
* now put in cpan structure : connect to internet ok? config to 0
* turn off and go to internal stuff only

stonehenge might offer this as a service or something

movies on vimeo about this

look on use.perl as well

11:11 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: The Stack

The Stack

JT Smith

Have a way for your users to use your product

Provide software but don't provide the pieces to run it -

Make it easy to use it

webgui runtime environment

solve the problems, users don't care how

prereqs are plentiful and lots of versions

first impressions matter. you only get one chance
* easy demo/install

more potential users than existing users

the power of "it just works"

irc comment: acme::intraweb

Excellent visual presentation. Very well done.

10:59 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Memory management with Perl

Memory management with Perl

Steven Lembark

Your friendly introduction to a wastrel

Read the guts documents

Perl only grows, it doesn't free memory until it ends

can easily fragment the heap


NUL vs NULL very different

prune vars before assigning them

arrays suck a lot

hashed suck more

So there is lots of infrastructure for arrays and hashes

hashes grow in 2D over time

sort of wandering into Debunking Perl Myths (same speaker) but we mostly talked about memory management but that was ok. We had a good discussion.

10:57 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Intro to Moose

Intro to Moose

shawn moore (sartak)

started early, that's ok

I need to start using moose. I've been to a couple too many intro to moose talks.

Less code is less bugs (from traditional perl 5 oo)

still need code reviews and good testing to catch typos

Where to get info.


The art of metaboject protocol

moose on

10:55 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Beyond the tutorial

Beyond the Tutorial: Lessons Learned in Using Catalyst on a Real Application

Douglas Lochowski-Haney

using catalyst and some tips.

Some notebook/projector/external display problems slowed things down.

I spent too much time on irc.

my fault as a bad audience member.

He showed real life code that he uses in his work.

10:52 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Creation of a Simple Web App...

Creation of a Simple Web App using CGI::Application, Template Toolkit and DBIx::Class

Leonard Miller

Aimed at folks not in control of their apache install and such

A lite mvc framework

You still need to do some work.

10:50 PM

Frozen Perl 2009: Keynote

I'm just going stream of consciousness from my notes from Frozen Perl this weekend.

So, without further ado my ramblings;

The only thing that matters this year

Getting Perl 6 out.

We've had Perl 6 for years.

Parrot 1.0 - March 17 (St. Patrick's Day)

What will the tool chain look like?

Will we use CPAN?

Will we pull directly from github directly?

Colonize outside of

See Perl 6 discussed everywhere

Say Rakudo, Perl 5


The only other thing this year, Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow

Perl 6 dividends in Perl 5: Moose, Catalyst


One more thing (the third)

Be excellent to each other.

Perl's crowning achievement is CPAN

CPAN is community

Community is people

Perl's crowning achievement is people

The only things that matter

        * Rakudo must come out in 2009
        * Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow
        * Be excellent to each other

Large code bases are screaming for Perl::Critic

Use Moose, Catalyst, etc.

Move to 6 for new stuff

Saturday February 07, 2009
09:34 AM

At Frozen Perl 2009

Just sitting around waiting for the keynote to start.

Mostly just catching up on email, comics and such.


Tuesday January 06, 2009
04:05 PM

new looks like it will suck

Along the lines of going stale, seems to be going brain dead.

They announced a change coming.

The only change I see is suck. The main page is a forums page.

While wasn't the best geek news site it was worth a look.

I'm hoping it doesn't suck but when even roblimo gets laid off maybe tech news is not going so well.

Anyone know of a decent tech news site? I read /. and sites like gizmodo and engadget are a bit too tech heavy. Don't get me started on digg or reddit.

Hmmm, do I start reading kuro5hin again? *shudder*