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gizmo_mathboy (782)


aerospace engineer by education, all-around walking cesspool of knowledge by nature, and professional grade slacker by choice. Sysadmin at a major midwestern university.
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  Comment: comparison done? (Score 1) on 2010.07.06 22:44

by gizmo_mathboy on 2010.07.06 22:44 (#72149)
Attached to: Mojo vs Dancer Week 2 - Templates and Images

Any chance of week 3 of the comparison coming?

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  Comment: Damn you ;-) (Score 1) on 2010.03.25 9:51

by gizmo_mathboy on 2010.03.25 9:51 (#71794)
Attached to: Fixing Mailman with Perl

There goes my idea for a CPAN module.

Guess I'll just have to use yours and see what I can add to fit my needs.

Good on you for doing this.


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  Comment: Second Edition (Score 1) on 2010.03.22 15:45

by gizmo_mathboy on 2010.03.22 15:45 (#71788)
Attached to: Effective Perl Programming

There's a second edition coming out soon.

I haven't had a chance to reread the 1st edition but from the advance copy I have (from the Effective Perl class brian d foy taught at Frozen Perl) it looks just as good as I remember it.

Definitely updated to reflect the 10 years or so of changes in Perl since its initial publication.

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  Comment: I was wondering... (Score 1) on 2010.01.01 19:54

..if we would get an advance copy of the book or not.

I'll take what I can get.

See you in February.


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  Comment: keep it up (Score 1) on 2009.10.26 11:37

I've been meaning to learn more PDL so I can do a quick intro for the students in my department. Mostly as an alternative to Matlab.

I just haven't made the time to learn it and really the plotting part. I think that's what sets matlab apart is the plotting. An ex-grad student did a similar thing with Python (which I might try to pick up but my Python Fu is weak, as it usually is for Perl folks).

Keep the posts coming, you'll have one interested reading.

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  Comment: testing is hard (Score 1) on 2009.10.26 9:27

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.10.26 9:27 (#70974)
Attached to: Why Do We Believe Random Assertions?

It just shows that testing is hard, regardless of context.

Good science is test driven just as good software is test driven (or at least nearby).

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  Comment: ring one up (Score 1) on 2009.08.25 9:54

As a support of affordable ebooks I've made a purchase.

I'm the kind of freak that likes a dead tree version along with an ebook (preferrably pdf).

Much easier to carry all my perl book on my usb sticks.

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  Comment: 10% (Score 1) on 2009.08.11 9:39

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.08.11 9:39 (#69969)
Attached to: The YAPC Surveys 2009

When I send surveys to my users I'm happy with a 10% response rate. Which I think is the rough standard for surveys. Although a little googling seems to put that number at about 36%. I guess students are just more apathetic. ;-)

Of course, different populations are...different. Getting feedback is great and the response rate for both are great in my opinion and YAPC::EU is just astounding.

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  Journal: Perl is Awesome! on 2009.08.03 9:12

Journal by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.08.03 9:12
User Journal

Is it me or is the Planet Perl feed or Sebastien Riedel's Mojolicious::Lite post on like permanent update?

It's like every other day it shows up in the feed.

I suppose if I really cared I would email the NOC or Sebastien...but I'm trying to work on my passive-aggressive skills for use later in life.

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  Comment: Red Stripe? (Score 1) on 2009.07.31 15:31

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.07.31 15:31 (#69834)
Attached to: Obama disapproval rating

A blog I read had some interesting comments about the beer as well.

If Gates drank Sam Adams Light at least it was an American owned beer company compared the rest. As much as I like most of Sam Adams' brews, Light is not really among them.

The President should have had a hometown beer, Old Style or even better a Goose Island.

XKCD has a good take on this as well.

Then again as much of a beer geek/snob as I am I won't beat someone up to much over their choice of beer. Well, for politicians I would hope they would chose a beer from best represents their constituents/district.

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  Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) on 2009.07.30 0:30

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.07.30 0:30 (#69774)
Attached to: Mojolicious::Lite


I don't mean to say that having a lot of dependencies is bad, it's just daunting sometimes to figure things out.

I'm not afraid of them nor am I fully embracing them either.

Adam and others are working hard to get a more reliable dependency chain, but as Adam mentioned simplicity counts for a significant amount.

Barrier to entry is important.

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  Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) on 2009.07.29 13:32

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.07.29 13:32 (#69756)
Attached to: Mojolicious::Lite

What's wrong with a framework that has such a low barrier to entry?

As Ovid wrote, there is very little required to use it. It's almost like baby talk for a Perl web framework.

What would be wrong with getting to learn about frameworks with Mojolicious::Lite and when you understand them, try to move to the more complete and "grown up" Catalyst.

From alias's Heayy100 Jifty has a dependency of 188 modules and Catalyst isn't in the Top100 so I can only guess (I'll take a WAG and say 100). Which is easier for the beginner to take a stab at to install?

TIMTOWTDI. There are better ways to do it but we all have to crawl, hell, even roll around aimlessly, before we can walk or run. We don't denigrate people for using baby perl. We do encourage them to use better tools as they get better. It's not like it's Matt's Script Archive for goodness sake.

Don't harsh their buzz, man. :-)

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  Comment: lyrics/time (Score 1) on 2009.06.09 21:31

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.06.09 21:31 (#69031)
Attached to: still kicking after 7 years...

The book shows up very early (about :38)

The open stanza is:

Come on, turn on, tune in drop out with me
Baby you need a break so let's just run away
Well I'm tired of coding perl, tired of VBA
Maggie throw your law books away
Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up with me

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  Comment: Damn (Score 1) on 2009.04.27 8:49

You keep re-affirming your role as Perl Hero in my book.


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  Comment: me too (Score 1) on 2009.04.27 8:39

by gizmo_mathboy on 2009.04.27 8:39 (#68322)
Attached to: Goodbye Slashdot, I guess...

When I was using the index2/beta/whatever-newness if firefox 3.? on ubuntu I couldn't yesterday's news either.

I just switched back to non-beta/whatever-newness.

Slashdot is one of the few sites I don't read via RSS because I guess I like to go to a web page everyone now and then.

I suppose I could email /. regarding the "front page" only-ness of their new look.

I'm not gonna bitch too much about because I don't blog anywhere else and I haven't done much to help fix the problem.

I'll let Alias chop down the ugly tree. :-)

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