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gbarr (68)

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Journal of gbarr (68)

Saturday November 06, 2004
05:03 PM

Dallas here we come

It seems like it has taken ages to arrange, but the time is finally here. I have the movers coming on Monday. They say it will take three days to pack up my house into a 40ft container. Then its bye-bye to everything for at least six weeks.

I have tickets booked to fly to Dallas on Friday, then its a week of house hunting before I start back at work.

Hopefully it will not be too long before I find a house to buy in Dallas and get broadband access again. Until then I am in temporary housing, so I will probably have to use dialup from home. Of course I will have internet access from work, but with TI's firewall policy it will be resticted to http access only.

So if anyone is trying to contact me over the next few weeks, don't be surprised if the response is slow.

Wednesday September 29, 2004
04:04 AM

Strange feedback

In the past I have had some junk sent via feedback on Recently there has been a lot that should have been directed to C-SPAN. But today I got a strange one

What are Three two-letter words which mean small?

Saturday August 28, 2004
02:29 AM

Helping people

Why is it that some people think they have a birth right to be helped, however hard they make it for you to help them. Most people are happy for whatever help you can give them. But occasionally you get someone who sends the briefest description then takes offense when your response does not fix their problem. Take a read of this email

On 10 Jul 2004, at 15:15, Andrew Murray wrote:
> Graham,
> That's a pretty rude response from a geek who's module isn't
> authenticating properly.
> I got it fixed by using localhost as my mailer but I'm at a loss why
> the
> auth command isn't sending at all.

Neither am I because the details you give me are nothing. You give
nothing then there is nothing I can return.


> On Sat, 10 Jul 2004 08:24:50 +0100, "Graham Barr"
> said:
>> On 10 Jul 2004, at 02:59, Andrew Murray wrote:
>>> i'm sending the command
>>>    $SMTP->auth($smtpuser, $smtppass);
>>> but it's not sending to the server, always PLAIN login.
>> I am sorry but if you are not clear about all aspects of your problem
>> then I cannot really help. I suggest you start by reading something
>> like then ask
>> again.
>> Graham.
> --
>   Andrew Murray

OK, maybe I was a bit blunt in my first reply, but he then followed this with a long essay, which I just ignored.

Then today, over a month later, I get

"Neither am I"? Are you sure you didn't mean "So am I"?

Do i  need to write you another fucking 50 page guide on how to
communicate online for those who never learnt to communicate offline?

Which is nothing more than an attack on me and only served to get him added to a blacklist.

Why do people shoot themselves in the foot by directly attacking the same person they are trying to ask for help?

Wednesday July 28, 2004
01:40 AM

New job

It has been a bit crazy here recently. In June I left ValueClick and I am now back working for TI. Which is one reason why I am not at OSCON this year :-(

This time at TI I should get to do much more perl stuff too.

I have also just heard that that TI will be applying for an expedited VISA, so I could be back in Dallas before October. Wheee!!!

I have worked from home for many years now and to be honest I am quite looking forward to returning to working in an office. Working from home really narrows that line between work and non-work and whenever you are at the computer you feel you should be doing work.

Thursday September 18, 2003
01:49 PM

UK bans SPAM

At last they have seen sense. We just need a few more governments to follow
Wednesday September 17, 2003
01:50 PM

Mac OS X hates CD-RW

I have had some problems recently with buffer under run while buring CDs on my iBook. So I decided to try to burn to a CD-RW, after all if the burn fails I could just erase the disk and retry.

Well thats what I thought. The problem is that when you insert a disk OS X tries to mount it. But instead of warning it cannot mount it, it keeps on trying, *forever*. The only way I have found to stop it is to eject the disk, although it can take sometime to respond to the eject key being pressed. So there is no chance to erase it.

Oh well I suppose my wifes windows box has to be useful for something

Wednesday September 03, 2003
10:41 AM

Pod::Simple::HTML vs Pod::Parser + Pod::HTML_Elements

Several people in the past have asked me what code was used to render POD on My response has always been "A hacked version of Pod::HTML_Elements"

Then Sean wrote the Pod::Simple modules and my response became "A hacked version of Pod::HTML_Elements, but use Pod::Simple".

Today I finally changed search over to using Pod::Simple::HTML, with a few modifications, which has resulted in a speedup of more than 5x in rendering POD pages. The changes I made have been sent to Sean and will hopefully be in the next release.

Saturday June 07, 2003
03:00 AM

Stealth spam

This article certainly raises an interesting piont of view on the recent rise in mailer-daemon spam I have been getting
Tuesday June 03, 2003
05:43 AM

What's the odds?

Today I got a bounce mail caused by spam. Now there is nothing odd about that. But what are the odds that the mail was trying to be sent to an old email address of mine that has not been active for 6 years.

---- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ---
(reason: 550 <>... User unknown)

Return-Path: <>

Friday May 30, 2003
10:22 AM

MS win again

But then did you ever doubt they would buy thier way out