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Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:07:15+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 gabor's Journal Upcoming Events with Perl content I have not posted here for ages but according to the recent Perl Survey it seems there are still a lot of people who prefer reading than <a href=""></a> or <a href="">Iron Man</a> <p> So just to let these readers to know, there are going to be a number of <a href="">tech-events with Perl content</a> where you could help out.</p> gabor 2010-08-10T17:46:55+00:00 journal Padre related blogs As a first step in our effort to build a nicer web presence for <a href="">Padre</a> I put together a feed aggregator of several people who occasionally write about Padre. <p> If you are interested what people write about it go and check out the <a href="">Padre related blogs</a>. </p><p> If you also write about it sometimes, please let us know on <a href=";channel=%23padre">#padre</a> so we can add your blog too.</p> gabor 2009-06-16T08:32:46+00:00 journal list of Mailing lists Some time ago I took the liberty and copied the list of all the mailing lists from <a href=""></a> to the <a href="">mailing lists</a> page on TPF wiki. <p> While it does not have the same database backend but I hope on a wiki it will be easier to maintain and keep the list and the links up to date. </p><p> In order to make them really useful we should categorize them and make sure the links are correct etc. </p><p> I started doing it but your help will be appreciated. </p><p> I hope if the list is cleaned up we'll be able to ask the maintainers of the site to replace that with a link to the TPF wiki page.</p> gabor 2009-05-01T14:18:10+00:00 journal Padre 0.34 released <a href="">details on my other blog</a> gabor 2009-04-28T13:28:29+00:00 journal Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate anyone seen Hans Jeuken? As I can see that Hans Jeuken has not touched his modules for a while and <a href="">Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate</a> has a few issues - most notably that it needs a small patch to work at all - I'd like to take over maintaining that module to use it in Padre. <p> I sent him a mail over 2 weeks ago with no response. If you know him, could you please contact him so I can get his blessing?</p> gabor 2009-04-26T05:58:19+00:00 journal Distribution channels - who will do that? In MBA one of the things people are taught is that you have to have good distribution channels for your product. <p> Our product is perl, CPAN modules and applications written in Perl. </p><p> Let's look at the CPAN modules: </p><p> Our distribution channels are Linux/*BSD/Unix and other OS vendors who distributed binary versions of some CPAN modules. ActiveState and a few volunteers who distribued<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.ppm packages and CPAN(PLUS)?.pm. </p><p> CPAN(PLUS)?.pm are doing fine but even with the recent improvements on Debian and Fedora there are still too few modules packaged and distributed by most of the vendors. </p><p> Someone should encourage the help of these distributions. Someone might even finance some of this packaging work but who?<br> <a href="">The Perl Foundation?</a> <br> The <a href=""> Enlightened Perl Organisation?</a> </p><p> Any thoughts?</p> gabor 2009-04-15T21:54:25+00:00 journal Where Padre meets Catalyst <a href="">Padre + Catalyst</a> IMHO we need just that kind of Padre plugins and posts. gabor 2009-04-14T08:17:11+00:00 journal Test results in HTML, Smolder I just sent out the latest copy of my <a href="">Test Automation Tips</a> newsletter and also posted the entry about <a href="">Reporting Test Results</a> on my blog. <p> It features both <a href="">TAP::Formatter::HTML</a> and <a href="">Smolder</a> </p><p> Enjoy.</p> gabor 2009-04-08T12:28:00+00:00 journal Padre 0.33 released I am happy to announce that v0.33 of <a href="">Padre</a> has been released. <p> The most important change is the new and nice Plugin Manager thanks to <a href="">Jerome Quelin</a>. We also have a brand new Polish translation thanks to <a href="">Cezary Morga</a> (THEREK) and we found why the Simplified Chinese translation of <a href="">Fayland Lam</a> did not show up and fixed it. </p><p> Padre can be installed from <a href="">CPAN</a>. </p><p> The <a href="">ppm package</a> for MS Windows has been updated. </p><p> An experimental binary (executable) version for 32 bit Linux can be downloaded from our <a href="">binary download</a> section with the 64 bit version following later. </p><p> Further download instructions can be found on our <a href="">download page</a> </p><p> Enjoy</p> gabor 2009-04-05T06:21:22+00:00 journal The first Perl 6 plugin of Padre I was hoping for this for some time and the recent help I got on #perl6 let me first write an experimental piece of code <a href="">Embedding Perl 6 in Perl 5</a> which then lead me to the development of <a href="">Inline::Rakudo</a>. <p> Now that <a href="">Hinrik</a> <a href="">suggested</a> a <a href="">GSoc</a> project developing psi, a command line tool written in Perl 6 to get the Perl 6 documentation. As I believe many developers especially will prefer a GUI over the command line, I really would like to have that integrated with Padre. </p><p> So I quickly wrote a sample plugin for Padre that actually is written in Perl 6. </p><p> In a few hours from now <a href="">Padre::Plugin::PSI</a> will be available on CPAN. </p><p> ps. I know it does not do anything interesting, just counting bytes but it does it in Perl 6.</p> gabor 2009-03-28T20:36:47+00:00 journal Padre 0.30 released Just a short announcement: <p> Version 0.30 of <a href="">Padre, the Perl IDE</a> was released. </p><p> Look around and download it from <a href="">CPAN</a> </p><p> Read the <a href="">Changes</a> directly from the SVN repository. </p><p> Enjoy.</p> gabor 2009-03-27T11:08:40+00:00 journal HTTP::Server::Simple for testing I love HTTP::Server::Simple and use it for <a href="">Testing a Web application without a lot of setup</a> gabor 2009-03-26T07:46:34+00:00 journal Embedding Perl 6 in Perl 5 As reported on <a href="">Perl 6 Tricks and Treats</a>, finally I managed to <a href="">use Rakudo Perl 6 from some Perl 5 code</a>. <p> And BTW we just reached 128 subscribers on the Perl 6 newsletter.</p> gabor 2009-03-23T09:16:13+00:00 journal Perl 6 Tricks and Treats after 6 days It's not a full week yet since I <a href="">announced</a> the <a href="">Perl 6 Tricks and Treats</a> newsletter and there are almost a 100 subscribers already. This is nice if we take in account that Perl is dead and Perl 6 is vaporware. <p> I've sent out 3 messages so far: </p><ul> <li> <a href="">Arrays with unique values</a></li> <li> <a href="">Scalar, Array and Hash interpolation</a></li> <li> <a href="">Is a value IN a given list of values?</a></li> </ul><p> enjoy, <a href="">subscribe</a> and invite others</p> gabor 2009-03-17T10:47:11+00:00 journal Perl 6 Tricks and Treats - newsletter Let me announce a new addition to the <i>Perl 6 is going to happen soon</i> family. <p> I am preparing my <a href="">Perl 6 training material</a> so I'll be up to speed in April for the <a href="">Hands-on Perl 6 training</a> in Oslo after the <a href="">Nordic Perl Workshop</a> </p><p> In order to help me prepare the material I opened a newsletter where I am going to send out <a href="">Perl 6 Tricks and Treats</a>. </p><p> If you are interested in reading my irregular writings about Perl 6, you can subscribe <a href="">here</a> to the newsletter.</p> gabor 2009-03-11T06:37:22+00:00 journal Padre 0.28 is out I am late on posting about this but the <a href="">Padre</a> development was fairly slow in the past few weeks so there are not many news items. Still a few words: <ul> <li>the new Padre 0.28 is on <a href="">CPAN</a> finally with the names in unicode showing correctly</li> <li>ppm version of 0.28 for Windows is available</li> <li>0.28 was already packaged for Fedora</li> <li>Plugin for initial SVK and SVN integration were released</li> </ul><p> and I blogged about <a href="">vim as a Perl IDE</a></p> gabor 2009-03-07T15:38:32+00:00 journal Improving the speed of PPI The biggest problem of <a href="">PPI</a> is that its slow. This causes any code depending on it such at <a href="">Perl::Critic</a> or the syntax highlighter of <a href="">Padre</a> to be slow. In the last couple of weeks <a href="">Semuel Fomberg</a> has been writing a replacement Tokenizer in C++. <p> See his <a href="">status report</a>. </p><p> I am sure he'll accept your help.</p> gabor 2009-03-01T06:57:01+00:00 journal Padre as ppm for Active Perl on Windows I am happy to let you know that Padre is now available as a ppm distribution for Active Perl 5.10 on Windows. <p> In order to install it you'll need to add two repositories:</p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>ppm rep add wxperl<br>ppm rep add padre&nbsp;</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p>and then you can install:</p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>ppm install Alien-wxWidgest<br>ppm install Wx<br>ppm install Padre</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p>For up to date information see the <a href="">Download page of Padre</a></p> gabor 2009-02-20T10:30:17+00:00 journal Who is writing about Perl? What do Perlhackers write about? <a href="">chromatic</a> tells us that his <a href="">Modern Perl books</a> site gets very few incoming links from other bloggers in the Perl community. <p> so I started (again) to wonder </p><ul> <li>Who in the Perl community is writing?</li> <li>What are they writing about ? Perl? Other stuff?</li> <li>Where are their blogs? On, on a personal site or on some large blogging site?</li> <li>How can we find them?</li> </ul><p> I though there are two perl blog aggregators: <a href="">Planet Perl</a> and <a href="">Perlsphere</a> but yesterday I heard about the <a href="">Belgian Perl Planet</a> so there might be others out there. </p><p> Oh, yes and of course there are also the <a href="">Parrot Planet</a> and the <a href="">Perl 6 Planet</a> </p><p> I think I should start a project making sure I'll write <a href="">in my blog</a> about every Perl related blog I see (outside of at least once with a link to it.</p> gabor 2009-02-16T07:05:30+00:00 journal Padre 0.27 released Version 0.27 of <a href="">Padre, the Perl IDE</a> has just been released. <p> It will take some time to reach CPAN. Till then you can install it using </p><p> <code>pip</code> </p> gabor 2009-02-10T08:15:04+00:00 journal My first real Perl 6 package on CPAN Yesterday night I finally uploaded my first real Perl 6 package to CPAN. It is very basic but you can install it using the standard tools (well, almost seamlessly) and you only need to configure two environment variables to use it. <p> <a href="">Perl::Conf</a> is a very basic implementation of an ini file parser. (see the README file for some help with the installation) </p><p> Today, in the morning I described the issues I encountered in <a href="">my blog</a> and even sent it out on the <a href="">Test Automation Tips newsletter</a>. </p><p> Once everything was done I decided I read some news, that's when I encountered the PerlBuzz article of Andy Lester discussing the question <a href="">should Perl 6 use the CPAN?</a> </p><p> Well, I think I gave my answer already.</p> gabor 2009-02-08T08:45:11+00:00 journal Upadated Perl 6 training materials More than two years ago I started to write Perl 6 training materials but then after a while I stopped maintaining them. <p> Last week I went over the examples and fixed almost all of them to work with the most recent version of Rakudo. I even wrote unit tests for almost all the examples so I'll notice when they break next time. </p><p> Feel free to use the <a href="">Perl 6 slides</a> for any non commercial purpose. </p><p> I almost have not touched the text of the slides so they might not be correct. </p><p> That will come next.</p> gabor 2009-02-05T20:27:07+00:00 journal Test Automation Training in Oslo In April I'll spend almost two weeks in Oslo. <p> First, the <a href="">Nordic Perl Workshop</a> will take place between 16-17 April 2009. I proposed two talks there. </p><p> After the workshop, between 18-20 April there is going to be a 3 days long <a href="">Perl 6 hackathon</a> in which I hope to participate. </p><p> After that, between 21-24 April 2009, I am going to give the newly extended version of <a href="">Test Automation using Perl course</a> that is going to be 4 days long. </p><p> Both the hackathon and my training is going to take place in the same location as last year, in the offices of <a href="">Linpro</a>. If you are interested in the course, please contact me by email.</p> gabor 2009-02-03T06:50:19+00:00 journal Mocking real world to test a wrapper I've just sent out the latest entry of my <a href="">Test Automation Tips</a> about <a href="">Mocking real world to test a wrapper</a>. <p> I was surprised to see that there are over 200 subscribes already.</p> gabor 2009-01-21T09:34:12+00:00 journal Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany While without any real association with the <a href="">German Perl Workshop</a> but right after it, between 2-4/March, I am going to give a 3 day long <a href="">Test Automation using Perl Training</a> in Frankfurt, Germany. <p> If you are interested to attend or if you know someone whom might benefit from the training, please contact me by e-mail for more information.</p> gabor 2009-01-14T10:56:48+00:00 journal Portable Strawberry Perl with Padre, Parrot and Rakudo I am happy to let you know that finally the unofficial Portable Strawberry Perl (beta 1) with Padre 0.25 is available for download. <p> This is based on the Portable Strawberry Perl (beta 1) release by Alias and this is just a hack, but it works. </p><p> Not only that, but it also includes a development version of Parrot and Rakudo along with the Perl6 plugin of Padre. So not only can you use Padre from this download but you can also write, syntax highlight and run Perl 6 code right from Padre. </p><p> It isn't small, 60 Mb download, 300 Mb unzipped but it is worth it! </p><p> For instructions go to <a href="">Portable Strawberry with Padre, Parrot and Rakudo</a> </p><p> A few words on <a href="">Getting Started with Perl 6</a></p> gabor 2009-01-12T11:00:50+00:00 journal Padre 0.25 released I was hoping to make the releases <b>less</b> frequent but apparently the Padre developers keep churning out code and features so the limit of the <a href="">Changes file</a> was reached again and thus a new version was released. <p> Let me pick a few items: </p><ul> <li>Switch to the gnome icon set for Debian compatibility. (ADAMK)</li> <li>Moved Padre::Plugin::CPAN functionality into the core so that we can do various sorts of tighter CPAN integration (ADAMK)</li> <li>Padre::Wx::DocBrowser now uses Padre::Task::DocBrowser (let's hope properly) (Andrew Bramble)</li> <li>Automatic indentation style detection now the default (SMUELLER)</li> <li>User interface now "locked" by default (SMUELLER)</li> </ul><p> You can get it from your <a href="">CPAN mirror</a> </p><p> Enjoy and <a href="">report bugs</a> as usual</p> gabor 2009-01-09T20:52:10+00:00 journal Padre 0.24 released I am happy to announce the release of v0.24 of <a href="">Padre</a>.<br> As most of you probably did not have much time to look at 0.23 that came out 2 days ago let me include the changes of both versions. <p> <b>Highlights:</b> </p><ul> <li>Padre::Manual added (ADAMK)</li> <li>Portuguese (Brazilian) translation added (GARU)</li> <li>Spanish translation added (PacoLinux)</li> <li>View Document As... (some other type of document) (FAYLAND)</li> <li>Moving to the glorious RFC4646-based second-generation Padre::Locale implementation. "Portugese" is no longer Brazilian<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</li> <li>Used Padre::Current to break backward compatibility of all the plug-ins. Plug-in authors will have to fix their code.</li> </ul><p> Full list of changes can be found in the <a href="">Changes</a> file.</p> gabor 2009-01-06T22:57:09+00:00 journal Padre 0.23 released About 8 hours ago I have released v0.23 of <a href="">Padre, the Perl IDE</a> based on a revision from a day earlier. This should be a relatively stable version <b>before</b> the latest refactoring that have not stabilized yet at the time of this release. <br> As that latest refactoring also changed the API and some (or maybe all?) the plug-ins have actually upgraded already I believe we are going to release 0.24 very soon. <p> In any case if you would like to upgrade Padre and use it with the plug-ins as they are installed on your computer you can already find it on CPAN. </p><p> See <a href="">list of changes</a>.</p> gabor 2009-01-05T04:58:50+00:00 journal wish list Here is my wish list for <a href=""></a><ol> <li>Be able to type in <a href="">for</a>, <a href="">foreach</a>, <a href="">while</a>, etc. or even <a href="$_">$_</a> or <a href="$a">$a</a> and get a link to a good explanation. <p> For this the X&lt;&gt; tags, added in 5.10, need to be indexed.</p></li> <li>Have localized version of the site.<p> Eg. <a href=""></a> (future link) should have the same thing just with the French documentation based on <a href="">POD2::FR</a> and <a href=""></a> (future link) should have the Italian version based on <a href="">POD2::IT</a>, with each site linking to the other translation sites.</p></li> <li>Get access to the source code of so I can reuse it and/or implement some of the above myself.</li> </ol> gabor 2008-12-21T05:11:34+00:00 journal