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fireartist (6128)

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  Journal: Strawberry Perl and the joy of installing Padre ;) on 2009.10.29 6:28

Journal by fireartist on 2009.10.29 6:28
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I haven't used MS Windows as my main OS in around 3 years - not long after I created Vanilla Perl for Alias' "vertical metre of beer" contest, in fact.

For various reasons, I decided this Monday to switch from using Fedora and running Windows inside a virtual machine when necessary - to running Windows 7 as my main OS, and running Fedora inside a virtual machine when necessary.

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  Comment: spectests sugggest manual resolution (Score 1) on 2009.07.07 7:26

by fireartist on 2009.07.07 7:26 (#69333)
Attached to: Perl 6 Roles Question

Reading the Synopsis and the role conflict spectest doesn't suggest anything other than resolving it yourself:

class PracticalJoke does Bomb does Spouse {
    method fuse() {
        return self.Bomb::fuse();
    method explode() {
        return self.Spouse::explode();

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  Comment: What problem is Any::Moose trying to solve? (Score 1) on 2009.03.24 9:32

I pointed out a couple of weeks ago on a thread you started [1], that Any::Moose really doesn't seem to be able to solve the problem that I perceive is claimed of it.

Under what circumstances will a CPAN module switching to using Any::Moose help?


Take the instance that one of your dependencies starts using Moose: unless you get really lucky and it happens to load before anything using Any::Moose, then the only way to ensure Any::Moose correctly uses Moose rather than Mouse is to keep track of all your dependencies, and every time you update any cpan module, check whether '' has sneaked into your %INC.
And then add "use Moose" to your main program, to ensure it's loaded before any "use Any::Moose" statement.

Now, if you have a thorough application test suite which you run after any upgrade, it's arguable whether or not it's really a problem that parts of the code uses Moose, and other parts Mouse.

But I would argue that Mouse + Any::Moose only have a legitimate place in end-users' application code, and not cpan modules.

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  Comment: qr not necessary (Score 1) on 2009.03.05 9:55

by fireartist on 2009.03.05 9:55 (#67702)
Attached to: Swiss Knife of the Servers - a short IT story

> I should have compiled the regexp with qr// at start and then use the compiled version

If you're referring to the "/HTTP\/1\.1\"\s404/" in the loop - perl is smart enough to only compile it once, as it doesn't contain any variables that would change it.

You can test this be running
$ perl -Mre=debug -le 'for (1..2) { $_ =~ /a/ }'
and watching the output

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  Comment: Test::YAML::Valid (Score 1) on 2008.12.16 12:25

by fireartist on 2008.12.16 12:25 (#66492)
Attached to: Sanity Tests

For anyone else reading this, I'll just point to Test::YAML::Valid - which already provides yaml file testing.

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