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drhyde (1683)

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  Comment: Pointless text because a subject is required (Score 1) on 2010.08.23 5:20

Is the "CPAN Testing Lab" that virtual machine/VNC thing you mentioned some time ago for authors to use to test their code using? I tried using it, but found it to be impossible, because for something to be a viable debugging environment you need more than just perl. You need a usable editor (which Notepad ain't); you need tools like grep etc; you need to be able to easily find stuff. Now, maybe all of those things do exist and I was just looking in the wrong places, but if MS are going to take interoperability seriously, then they need to look hard at the human factors. They can't expect people who don't know Windows very well (but do know other OSes) to get much out of what I understand was an "out of the box" Windows installation.

It's also rather annoying to have to use a heavyweight GUI client to talk to the machines. I don't need to see the entire Windows desktop merely to test and debug my perl code. In fact, I don't *want* to see the whole Windows desktop, as it takes up valuable screen space that is better dedicated to a web browser so I can google for what all the cryptic error messages mean or for things like how to find a file on Windows. Being able to see both at the same time is far more productive than having to flip back and forth between windows that cover each other. They need a terminal interface that I can cut n paste to/from.

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  Comment: Re:A possible way to find out? (Score 1) on 2010.06.10 6:25

Keeping track of the dependencies for each module (well, for each distribution) isn't that awfully big. CPANdeps does it for current versions of modules (and it tracks what the dependencies are, not just the number of dependencies), in 63MB, simply by caching all the META.yml files.

And there are only 15,000-ish distributions. You'd only need a few bytes per distribution per snapshot-time.

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  Comment: Only fifteen minutes (Score 1) on 2010.02.17 15:08

by drhyde on 2010.02.17 15:08 (#71706)
Attached to: So we're getting Calais back?
It may be only 15 minutes in one direction, but it's *two hours* and fifteen minutes in the other, which kinda fucks up the lifestyle a bit.
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  Comment: [insert useless subject here to placate use.perl] (Score 1) on 2010.01.23 8:45

> I posit that there's a whole swath of people that don't hate Perl
> for it's syntax, since they don't read all kinds of other ugly
> languages they use day to day.
> They hate it because running a typical Perl program as an
> untrained user is hard when it works, and impossible to setup
> when it is missing dependencies.

So about the same as EVERY OTHER LANGUAGE. Python, Ruby and Java all have the same problem of not making it at all clear how to resolve missing dependencies. Certainly my approach to all three is that if it doesn't Just Work, then I just delete the program and find something better.

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  Comment: insert mandatory but pointless subject here (Score 1) on 2010.01.06 15:24

by drhyde on 2010.01.06 15:24 (#71486)
Attached to: some vehicles serve no purpose
Not all vehicles that hippies scream about being EVIL FOUR WHEEL DRIVES in fact have four wheel drive. Plenty don't at all, and in some it's selectable, so may have been turned off in this case. In any case, it's an indictment of the driver, not the vehicle. Also if you're riding a bike with tiny skinny tyres, you're probably putting a lot more pressure on the road, so (ignoring tyre tread design) will get a better grip.
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  Comment: Keeping up to date (Score 1) on 2009.12.04 7:22

by drhyde on 2009.12.04 7:22 (#71310)
Attached to: gitPAN
This is "easy". Simply mirror BackPAN using rsync, and then find all files newer than the last time you haven't already gittified.
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  Comment: Re:report issues? (Score 1) on 2009.11.29 16:24

by drhyde on 2009.11.29 16:24 (#71258)
Attached to: Padre Standalone 0.50 for Mac (Experimental)
What version of OS X? I believe it requires 10.6.
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  Comment: Thankyou! (Score 1) on 2009.11.18 10:14

by drhyde on 2009.11.18 10:14 (#71162)
Attached to: Sponsor CPAN Testers (again)
Thankyou Barbie! Thankyou!
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  Comment: Test results (Score 1) on 2009.10.29 18:06

On my testers it passed on Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD (Alpha) and Irix. Previously, all test results had been discarded (which normally means that a pre-req failed, or there was some other build failure).

The only platform it's still not passing on is perl 5.6.2. If you care and want me to investigate why, lemme know.

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  Comment: Nice (Score 1) on 2009.10.27 11:56

by drhyde on 2009.10.27 11:56 (#70994)
Attached to: Strawberry Professional, Padre, and Ashton's Law

Having an entire usable environment, and not just perl and a compiler, might make me pay more attention to Windows.

It would also be nice to have a downloadable OS X version of Padre. Right now, it's just too much of a pain in the arse to bother with. Presumably it would have to come with perl itself bundled somewhere in the directory.

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  Comment: Re:Strongly, strongly disagree (Score 1) on 2009.10.10 15:42

by drhyde on 2009.10.10 15:42 (#70840)
Attached to: Why is Perl on Mac such a disaster
Surely, on OS X, "my Documents" is always ~/Documents. Cos I'm damned if I can see a way of changing where it is.
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  Comment: Number of conferences (Score 1) on 2009.10.07 6:48

by drhyde on 2009.10.07 6:48 (#70806)
Attached to: YAPC Conference Surveys - Future Plans
I can't remember how many YAPCs I've been to. But if you were to list them all by city and year then I could tick 'em off.
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  Comment: Re:Your career isn't a good enough reason (Score 1) on 2009.07.28 7:58

Other people - and companies - might not care about my career, but I do. So I'd I thought career depended on perl then hell yes, "my career depends on it" is a damned good reason for *me* to care and to do something about it!
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  Comment: Re:I think it's OK to email them (Score 1) on 2009.07.15 7:44

Maybe a per-author RSS feed would be useful then. That way, my computer keeps an eye on it for me, and emails me any changes, but it's my choice to receive those emails so you won't get whining little gits calling you a spammer.
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  Comment: I think it's OK to email them (Score 1) on 2009.07.14 5:30

It's fine to email the top few every so often, but only *ever* email a given author *once*. The first email is enough to notify them of the existence of the service and I'd leave it up to them to follow it themselves afterwards.
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