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domm (4030)

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Just in case you like to know, I'm currently full-time father of 2 kids, half-time Perl hacker, sort-of DJ, bicyclist, no longer dreadlocked and 33 years old

I'm also head of [], maintainer of the CPANTS [] project, member of the TPF Grants Commitee [] and the YAPC Europe Foundation [].

I've got stuff on CPAN [], held various talks [] and organised YAPC::Europe 2007 in Vienna [].

Journal of domm (4030)

Tuesday September 07, 2004
03:03 PM

more CPANTS data (and another release)

[ #20771 ]

A new version of Module::CPANTS::Generator is on it's way to CPAN, here are some data samples:
(btw, you can get the sqlite.db from

Highest Kwalitee now is 11, new indicators are:
* has_tests (checks if there is a file or a dir t
* proper_libs (checks if there is dir called 'lib' or a single *.pm file in the topdir)

Oh, the data:

sqlite> select kwalitee,count(kwalitee) as cnt from kwalitee group by
   ...>           kwalitee order by kwalitee;
kwalitee    cnt
----------  ----------
0           32
1           3
2           12
3           61
4           47
5           59
6           110
7           521
8           1695
9           3411
10          1654
11          155
sqlite> select count(*) from kwalitee where has_tests=0;
sqlite> select count(*) from kwalitee where proper_libs=0;

Another new thing is required_by, which lists the number of other dists requiring a module included in a given dist. To calculate this, there is a new table called modules which list which modules are included in a distribution.

sqlite> select dist,required_by from distribution where required_by > 0 order by required_by desc limit 15;
dist              required_by
----------------  -----------
Test-Simple-0.47  1021
DBIx-Abstract-1.  914
libwww-perl-5.10  655
libwww-perl-5.77  446
libwww-perl-5.80  446
libwww-perl-5.53  444
PathTools-3.00    207
Data-Dumper-2.12  149
HTML-Parser-3.36  149
Digest-MD5-2.33   145
Scalar-List-Util  130
XML-Parser-2.34   98
Template-Toolkit  91
Template-Toolkit  90
POE-0.29          87

Some of this data is a bit spoiled, as, eg DBIx::Abstract includes Test::More in its dist and thus gets a lot of counts it actually doesn't deserve. I'll have to add some more checks to prevent this...

Other CPANTS news:
* Gabor hacked together a quick web frontend using Maypole available here:

* We are thinking of renaming the dist from "Module::CPANTS" to "CPANTS". Any opinions on this?

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  • It goes to 11. :-)

    But this will be a dis-incentive to add any more metrics. :-(

  • * We are thinking of renaming the dist from "Module::CPANTS" to "CPANTS". Any opinions on this?

    Top level namespaces bad. (although i'm guilty of it myself :)
    Perhaps 'Module::*' isn't the best namespace for it, but perhaps 'CPAN::*' is.. there's currently 27 modules in the CPAN::* namespace by 10 different authors...

  • CPAN::CPANTS ? :) Herr Kane makes a good point about CPAN::* but, this is the system we live inside of. I'm really glad to see you getting back to working on it :)

    One thing though, I'm sure I'm not the only one whom 'kwalitee' drives bonkers. I know this is a Schwernism but, it just seems to cutesy for anyone to take seriously. I get enough K's up here in Konsonantland. :)