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djberg96 (2603)

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Journal of djberg96 (2603)

Thursday January 24, 2002
11:24 PM

Random thoughts

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I'm breaking tradition again...

It's amazing how much more I like the song Dirty Laundry now. It seems so much more appropriate nowadays. Maybe I just never really listened to the lyrics before. Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical.

The girlfriend almost burned the place down when she left the oven mit on a hot burner. Do you know what a burnt oven mitt smells like? Probably fried a few brain cells with those fumes. It was worth freezing for a few hours to let the stink out. To top it all off, she threw the burning mit on the kitchen floor, which melted part of the linoleum. I told her it was coming out of her security deposit.

I think our company is gonna tank or get bought out by the end of the year. To anyone in the Denver area - please go kick Joe Nacchio's ass for me.

Percocet dulls the pain nicely.

The cat isn't doing well. She's 19 (!) years old and starting to show it. Not eating much despite our attempts to find something she (consistently) likes, and losing weight as a result. She's got kidney problems and is missing some teeth. Tonight she started panting for no apparent reason. I fear she won't last the year. We've done about all we can. Poor thing.

Should I get cruise control or not? Hmmm...I'm sure they'll overcharge me. I'm still determined to connect some solar panels into the main battery someday (I drive a Prius). If I ever do, I'm gonna paint the Perl logo on the hood with the words, "A Different Kind of Animal" underneath.

Chyler Leigh is effing hot.

Why do I find myself enjoying older music that I never listened to when I was younger? Why am I sick of most modern music? Oh, yeah - because it SUCKS.

Do you think Larry Wall would have "computer groupies" if he were single? The whole concept of groupies befuddles me - "I want to sleep with you because you're famous!". Uh, ok - whatever.

Anyone seen The Mothman Prophecies (is that the name)? Looks interesting.

One of the guys on our team is from U.A.E. He had never heard of "natural selection" before, nor did he generally understand the concept of evolution. He actually thought it was funny. That is one nice thing about IT - you get to meet lots of folks from other cultures.

I heard a cover of the song Our Lips Are Sealed by a group called Fun Boy Three. It's amazing how such a fluffy song can seem so sinister when sung the way they sing it, especially in this day and age.

Read some really interesting original news articles from the days of World War 2. I didn't realize how straight and narrow the German Navy played by the rules, at least at the beginning. In one (British) news article, the German U-Boat commander ordered a cargo ship's crew off the boat before he sank it. However, the life boats were rickety and he didn't think they were safe for the crew. So, instead he sent a few men on board, destroyed all of their radios and let the ship go!

I'm reading Mists of Avalong by MZB. It's ok so far, but then I've only read 1 chapter. I figure I should read it since so many people say it's pretty good.

Got my Sys-Admin mag today. I give them to a guy at work - he likes them. They don't do much for me these days.

I wish somone would put out a decent computer strategy game. I'm sick of RTS and first-person shoot-em-ups. I'm so desperate, I actually re-installed Master of Orion 2 a few weeks ago. My goal is to win with every race. Man, I'm bored.

I think I'll go see I am Sam this weekend. Looks pretty good.

I'm still waiting for my Mastering Perl/Tk to arrive. I really would like to get back into it. I got really confused about Delegation and Inheritance in Tk recently, so I need something a little more in depth than what I currently have. Now, I just need to create a Tk app that hasn't already been done 3 times on

How many people here know that The Onion started in Madison, Wisconsin? I went to college there. Their paper got us through many a final exams week.

You know, there are a lot of things I miss about the military. Good, cheap breakfasts; few wardrobe decisions( or green today); good benefits; so much time off. Never seen so much infedility before though. :-\

Dammit - where's my book of smiley's? I could use it right about now.

Should I move to Maine? Could be nice.

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  • For God's sake, spare yourself! I'm here, and there's nobody else who...

    Yeah, it's fine. Come on up. *wide, friendly smile to hide the evil*

    About the cat: I personally don't like cats, but I had a dog who died because he'd lost all his teeth and wouldn't eat any more. We lived so far from town that getting to a vet wasn't feasible. He put the dog down with a small rifle.

    I still cry about that dog sometimes. The ones that last the longest seem to be the hardest to lose.


    You are what you think.