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djberg96 (2603)

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Journal of djberg96 (2603)

Tuesday April 01, 2003
05:41 PM

WWII tanks

[ #11382 ]
After playing Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin, I have come to the conclusion that the T34 is the most overrated tank in history.
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  • Technically speaking in 1941 the T34 outclassed everything the Germans had until about 1943 when the Mark IVH, Panther and Tigers were introduced. And then they just put a bigger gun on it. :)

    . 50mm sloped armor
    . 76mm gun capable of punching through any German armor at the time
    . Fast turret traversal
    . Low ground pressure
    . Low silouette
    . Excellent suspension
    . Excellent cross-country performance
    . Easy to manufacture
    . Easy to upgrade
    . Easy to use

    But weigh this against cramped crew quarters, poor ergonomics
    • Well, I've been playing '42 mostly. The problems have turned out to be:
      • Only has a two man crew - can't move, aim and fire at the same time.
      • Gun is low velocity and can't penetrate the late model Panzer III "spaced" front armor past 500 meters.
      • Long nose, high velocity 50mm cannon of the late model Panzer III can punch through the front armor of the T34 at 1000 meters or less.
      • Germans generally have better optics.

      That being said, your points are still valid, and the T34 is cheap to buy. I guess I just

      • Two man crew? You mean in the turret, right? Commander/gunner and loader. Driver and hull gunner/radio operator in the hull. Yeah, the fact that the commander has to also aim and fire the gun really hampered the T-34's fighting efficiency. However, it should be able to move and fire at the same time. It won't hit anything at any decent range, no WWII era tank would because of the lack of a good gun stabilizer.

        As for the low-velocity L-11 gun the T-34 is originally equiped with, the high-velocity F-34
        • Two man crew? You mean in the turret, right? Commander/gunner and loader.

          Oh, my tank expert friend told me this. He must have meant in the turret.

          I tried to get a cheap copy off E-Bay but no dice.

          A testament to the game, I think. :) I don't mind paying full price for a game like this - online-only independent company and lots of hard work. For this game, I would refuse to burn a copy, too (although I almost never do anyway - I'm more into trading).

          • I tried the Beyond Overlord demo. Wow! The sound is amazing! "I just heard an MG42! Shit, there wasn't one around a second ago..." The independent unit logic doesn't seem quite as intellegent as, say, Close Combat. Units seem plenty happen to setup shop just outside a treeline instead of just inside, so there's a bit of micromanagement. However, I did enjoy watching a Sherman vs Panzershrek encounter. You could also feel the Sherman commander kicking the driver in the back of the head and screaming
            • Yeah, the sound is pretty awesome, isn't it? You'll become all too familiar with the *plunk* noise that can mean only one thing - armor penetration. They've fixed the AI in CMBB a bit. Infantry are more likely to run for cover when being shot at and they add C&C for tank units.

              Digging infantry out of the woods is tough. Generally, it takes artillery or a few close range tanks. The self-propelled guns (especially the Priest) are good for that, too.

              CMBO has a few minor issues, the biggest one bei

              • I tried the training scenario for CMBB and learned some things:

                • Tanks can't spot for shit.
                • Infantry advancing across open terrain should RUN!
                • Suppressing fire
                • Suppressing fire
                • Suppressing fire

                I am *really* enjoying the sound. That little 37mm AT gun the germans have in the woods got its first shot off on my T34s right at the end of a turn. I replayed it many times just trying to figure out where it came from and listening to that *clang*.

                I have a few complaints, which I'll ship off to Battlefr

                • Contour lines sound cool. I don't think it's an option currently. I usually just go to view 1 and scroll horizontally across the screen to get a feel for the map.

                  You should have LOS available on placement. Perhaps that's a demo issue. As for the T34 modelling, I wouldn't know, but they may very well change it if they can. :)

  • After playing Star Wars: Jedi Knight I came to a similar conclusion about the lightsaber. :-)
  • I just ordered CMBB. Its a good thing I held off this long because Battlefront just announced a special retail edition of CMBO []. I'll hold off buying CMBO until then. There's a special of CMBB edition, too, but that's not until the end of the year and I couldn't wait.