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darobin (1316)

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Journal of darobin (1316)

Thursday March 20, 2003
11:09 AM

Just call us "Freedom"

[ #11127 ]

Following the freedom fries thing, I am noticing a trend on this side of the Atlantic of replacing French/France with Freedom everywhere. After putting up a fight against neo-imperialism, it would only be seem deserved.

The first occurence of that that I heard of was a presenter claiming to be from "Freedom Telecom" (I'm sure Jon Orwant will appreciate as I hear he works there) at the TV Anytime Forum, but I don't know if it was his idea of if he copied it from elsewhere. I am starting to see it all over the place, it's quite funny and a welcome relief from the grave mistake the US and their lapdogs are currently committing.

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  • by hfb (74) on 2003.03.20 11:31 (#18117) Homepage Journal

    I must be crazy to have moved to Finland I just think of how totally fucked up and sheep-like the US has become in these sad and terrible times. Did you hear some Senator in Florida wants to exhume the remains of US soldiers from WWII who are buried in France and return them to 'patriotic soil'?! It's so unspeakably bizarre yet so typically American that I'm at a loss to even begin to explain. There's a yank in my Finnish class who, after class on Tuesday, came up to me while I was talking to a Canadian about the impending doom. The guy is in his early 20s and from California and he thought the 'surrender now or be killed' flyers being dropped on the Iraqi troops was really 'harsh, dude! heh, heh.' Then he asked me if I was for or against the war and I simply shook my head to indicate that I am not. He got a weird look on his face and crossed the street and has been avoiding me since. I'm ashamed that the people of the US are so ready to accept whever the media and the government supply it and the righteousness in enforcing it via patriotic rhohypnol. I have begun speaking German when I'm at a loss in Finnish as the last thing I want to be right now, and perhaps never again, is an American.

    • I'm ashamed that the people of the US are so ready to accept whever the media and the government supply it

      Right, because people who disagree with you couldn't possibly be thinking for themselves.
      • lies [], conflicts of interest, more lies and yet many people turn a blind eye and cheer for the Goliath. Besides, who wants to be on the side of a bunch of assholes who behave like 8 year olds and change the name of foods and encourage others to behave like them...AND THEY DO...instead of saying 'grow up asshole and start fixing the fucking economy instead of wasting time and money on changing french fries to freedom fries.' It's utterly bizzare. And you are being intentionally obtuse and troll-like...I thou

        • Yes, Hersh implies the adminstration lied. The worst thing it actually did, as best we can know, is pass on information it should have known was forged.

          What really bugs me about what the administration has been doing is not that it may have lied -- if they did it is wrong, but that is not what bugs me most -- it is that there are plenty of GOOD reasons to be doing what they are doing, but they are bringing up tons of other not-very-good reasons in order to try to convince people. It's a strange world whe
          • I'm saying that the complete lack of dialogue and demand for answers is disturbing and that, instead of thinking about what the consequences of this action will be, people are overly jingoistic and blinded by it. It has gotten to the point where I don't believe anything the media is pushing, for or against, anymore and that's the most scary reality of all. I don't think France had or has pure intentions either but an entire country renaming french fries is one of the most absurd actions i've ever heard. Peo

            • Complete lack of dialogue and demand for answers? Not thinking about consequences? That describes as many pro-war people as anti-war people, I suppose, but does not describe any significant portion of the pro-war or anti-war people that I know.

              Yes, we do need a higher quality of dialogue. That's the case in almost everything that happens, not just the war. But it happens on both sides; it certainly is not an argument against the pro-war camp any less than an argument against the anti-war camp.

              As to Fr
              • It's stupid but symbolic, I think, of how america is now, an America I want no part of.

                And the vast majority of the people we know are not the people of the US who are boycotting a musical group because they said they were ashamed of the US instead of wondering maybe why they might say something like that. It is not something one does with glee and joy to deride or even expatriate from ones own country with enmity and bitterness and shame for its actions. But in the US now there is only one correct way of

                • Again, every criticism you make about pro-war people being stupid can be applied to anti-war people, too. There is not "only one correct way of thinking," not on a national basis. Perhaps there is only one way of thinking in particular groups. Try going to San Francisco or Berkeley or Cambridge and being in favor of the war.

                  Yes, there is a sense that if someone disagrees with you they are "against you," and are derided because of it, but that goes for both sides, as the antiwar protests clearly showed.
                  • I'm criticising the entire country, not just the different camps of opinion. The anti-war demonstrations have been very disappointing as they always appear as fringe elements in the media and not very well organised or well spoken. However, it's different to be shouted at by a protester and having the feds give you the 3rd degree for not being for the war. There are stupid people everywhere and judging by the polls, most of them are in the US :) At this point one can only hope that it will be over soon and

            • Be paranoid : as says Andy Oram in an underdeveloped essay [], Bush is not stupid, but he deliberately dumbs down the conversation because he knows that doing so benefits his position.
  • Correspondingly, if you want to convert a document into a pre-Iraqi-invasion state, replace 'freedom' with 'France' or 'French'.

    I feel an Acme module coming on... ;)


    You are what you think.