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I suppose there's a pretty prosaic explanation for this. </p><p> I'm not sure exactly what the connection is, this time to <a href=""> <i>Pattern Recognition</i> </a>, but I think that part of it is the illustration (which happens to be very useful at the moment) of a woman who is very, very interesting, but entirely unlike the woman who briefly, but quite utterly, replaced Stella in my heart. </p> cogent 2004-01-04T10:35:04+00:00 journal Entr'acte <p> It is entirely possible that, as of two minutes ago, I have seen Stella for the last time ever. </p><p> Schwern and I are on a plane to Vienna in seven hours. </p> cogent 2003-09-16T11:30:32+00:00 journal Protests <blockquote><div><p> At one intersection an Iranian man who expects to become a U.S. citizen soon could hardly believe what he was seeing. </p><p> "What sickens me, you see these second, third, fourth-generation Americans criticizing their own country that so many died trying to get to," said Josh Bakhshi, 25. </p><p> "To see this kind of demonstration, and I disagree with this demonstration, the fact that people are not getting shot is incredible. </p><p> "You do this in Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, at best you would be shot, if not your whole family," said Bakhshi, who said he had just passed his citizenship test. </p></div> </blockquote><p> <cite> <a href="">Contra Costa Times: SF cops arrest more than 1,000 in struggle for city's streets</a> </cite> </p> cogent 2003-03-21T02:51:45+00:00 journal Heavy Water <p> Yow! Am I <a href="">HEAVY</a> yet? </p><p> Favorite quote: </p><blockquote><div><p>One of our associates, Bill Strauss of California suggested the use of a homeopathic reagent derived from a radionic query process. We sent him the atomic frequency of Deuterium, taken from standard NMR charts which he then had made up into a 2 dimensional geometric pattern designed to reverse the deuterium frequency by 180 degrees.</p></div> </blockquote><p> My <a href="">girlfriend</a>, who <b>calls</b> herself a chemist, says this is gibberish! What's wrong with taking the atomic frequency of Deuterium from NMR charts and making it into a two-dimensional geometric pattern? Huh? </p> cogent 2002-12-13T19:10:35+00:00 journal utf8 <p> This is <code>make testdb</code> using <code> <b>Devel::DProf</b> </code> on <code> <b>JavaScript::Tokenizer</b> </code> to tokenize a largish bit of real-world JS code when regular expressions include such Unicodey things as <code>\p{Nd}</code> and <code>\x{000A}</code>: </p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>01:20:18 [cogent@birthday] Parser&gt;$ dprofpp<br>Total Elapsed Time = 167.9217 Seconds<br>&nbsp; User+System Time = 151.5851 Seconds<br>Exclusive Times<br>%Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c&nbsp; Name<br> 88.6&nbsp; &nbsp;134.3 263.93&nbsp; 32590&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0041 0.0081&nbsp; utf8::SWASHNEW<br> 7.75&nbsp; &nbsp;11.74 150.49&nbsp; 22400&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0005 0.0067&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::try<br> 3.91&nbsp; &nbsp;5.930&nbsp; 7.911&nbsp; 32590&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0002 0.0002&nbsp; utf8::SWASHGET<br> 3.01&nbsp; &nbsp;4.562 155.29&nbsp; &nbsp;1602&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0028 0.0969&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::pop<br> 0.40&nbsp; &nbsp;0.609&nbsp; 0.235&nbsp; 32579&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; utf8::DESTROY<br> 0.31&nbsp; &nbsp;0.469&nbsp; 0.231&nbsp; 20787&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::__ANON__<br> 0.12&nbsp; &nbsp;0.189&nbsp; 0.091&nbsp; &nbsp;1600&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0001 0.0001&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::newlines<br> 0.11&nbsp; &nbsp;0.170&nbsp; 0.114&nbsp; &nbsp;4892&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::length<br> 0.09&nbsp; &nbsp;0.140&nbsp; 0.128&nbsp; &nbsp;3258&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::bool<br> 0.07&nbsp; &nbsp;0.110&nbsp; 0.073&nbsp; &nbsp;3200&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::state<br> 0.07&nbsp; &nbsp;0.110&nbsp; 0.072&nbsp; &nbsp;3209&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::BEGIN<br> 0.07&nbsp; &nbsp;0.110&nbsp; 0.128&nbsp; &nbsp;1600&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0001 0.0001&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::token_types<br> 0.07&nbsp; &nbsp;0.100&nbsp; 0.062&nbsp; &nbsp;3261&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; UNIVERSAL::isa<br> 0.05&nbsp; &nbsp;0.080&nbsp; 0.025&nbsp; &nbsp;4800&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::lexeme<br> 0.05&nbsp; &nbsp;0.080&nbsp; 0.062&nbsp; &nbsp;1600&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::line</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p> And this is the same code, when the unicode is replaced with similar (though obviously not identical) entities such as <code>\d</code> and <code>\n</code> </p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>02:14:27 [cogent@birthday] Parser&gt;$ dprofpp<br>Total Elapsed Time = 3.985910 Seconds<br>&nbsp; User+System Time = 3.932676 Seconds<br>Exclusive Times<br>%Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c&nbsp; Name<br> 111.&nbsp; &nbsp;4.389&nbsp; 4.051&nbsp; 20230&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0002 0.0002&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::try<br> 31.5&nbsp; &nbsp;1.239&nbsp; 5.505&nbsp; &nbsp;1447&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0009 0.0038&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::pop<br> 12.1&nbsp; &nbsp;0.479&nbsp; 0.198&nbsp; 21661&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::__ANON__<br> 6.84&nbsp; &nbsp;0.269&nbsp; 0.259&nbsp; &nbsp;1445&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0002 0.0002&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::newlines<br> 4.55&nbsp; &nbsp;0.179&nbsp; 0.136&nbsp; &nbsp;1445&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0001 0.0001&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::token_types<br> 3.81&nbsp; &nbsp;0.150&nbsp; 0.109&nbsp; &nbsp;3181&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; UNIVERSAL::isa<br> 3.05&nbsp; &nbsp;0.120&nbsp; 0.146&nbsp; &nbsp;3178&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::bool<br> 2.54&nbsp; &nbsp;0.100&nbsp; 0.044&nbsp; &nbsp;4335&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::lexeme<br> 2.03&nbsp; &nbsp;0.080&nbsp; 0.019&nbsp; &nbsp;4658&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::length<br> 1.53&nbsp; &nbsp;0.060&nbsp; 0.041&nbsp; &nbsp;1445&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::line<br> 1.27&nbsp; &nbsp;0.050&nbsp; 0.012&nbsp; &nbsp;2890&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Tokenizer::state<br> 1.27&nbsp; &nbsp;0.050&nbsp; 0.031&nbsp; &nbsp;1445&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000 0.0000&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::line<br> 1.02&nbsp; &nbsp;0.040&nbsp; 0.147&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 4&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0100 0.0367&nbsp; main::BEGIN<br> 0.76&nbsp; &nbsp;0.030 -0.006&nbsp; &nbsp;1445&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0000&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; -&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::string<br> 0.76&nbsp; &nbsp;0.030&nbsp; 0.029&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 8&nbsp; &nbsp;0.0037 0.0037&nbsp; JavaScript::Token::BEGIN</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p> <a href="">autrijus</a> says this is a well-known problem. &lt;<i>sigh.</i>&gt; Out comes Unicode support from <code> <b>JavaScript::Token::Regex</b> </code>. </p> cogent 2002-10-28T07:33:14+00:00 journal My first bug report. <p> So, I posted my first <a href="">bug report</a> to <a href=""></a>. With a <a href="">patch</a> and everything. Wow. </p> cogent 2002-10-16T09:20:59+00:00 journal South Park cogent <p> Oh, <a href="">why not</a>. <a href="">Ev</a> <a href="">ery</a> <a href="">body</a>'s doing <a href="">it</a>. </p> cogent 2002-06-11T04:45:39+00:00 journal GD::SIRDS <p> So, I just uploaded my <strong>very first</strong> Perl module: <a href="">GD::SIRDS</a> </p><p> I'm pretty fuckin' jazzed. </p><p> So, like <a href="">email me</a>! Tell me whether the module sucks, or rocks, or what. Even better: give me ideas for good source images and good source-image creation. </p><p> Or just play around with it and forget about it. Which is just fine with me, too.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p> cogent 2002-05-25T22:54:32+00:00 releases p5p <p> So, I was able to <tt>make test</tt> with bleadperl on Mac OS X with zero errors. This apparently surprised Jarkko, among others, since (I presume) nobody's been able to get DB_File to work. ('Twas super-easy. I installed the most recent version of <a href="">Berkeley DB</a>, and things Just Worked.) </p><p> Schwern told me to tell p5p, so I finally took the plunge and joined the mailing list. This has been the high point of my weekend.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p> cogent 2002-04-01T06:56:15+00:00 journal Fun with Unix! <p> <code> host -l ru. | grep 'name server' | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq | wc -l </code> </p><p> I'm gonna get arrested. The answer is <code>107164</code>, tho. </p><p> <code> host -l gov. | grep -i 'sucks|porn' </code> </p><p> Nothin'. Damn. </p><p> <code> host -l mil. </code> </p><p> Query refused. Damn again. And now I'm *really* gonna get arrested. </p> cogent 2002-03-08T06:15:03+00:00 unix