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cog (4665)

Journal of cog (4665)

Saturday July 09, 2005
09:41 AM

Google Maps and our planet Earth

[ #25602 ]

Google maps are absolutely wonderful.

I've been travelling through the world with them, and I never cease to amaze me.

For starters, I went to find some of the places I've been to, such as the London Eye and the Big Ben, in London, England, or the Skydome (er.. Rogers Centre) and the CN Tower, in Toronto, Canada (I was there last week for YAPC::NA).

And then you can search for things you've never seen before, such as the Statue of Liberty (in my particular case). Oh, and is this what I think it is?

And I feel like I've been learning a lot from that. For instance, Portuguese TV gave an idea of Iraq that has nothing to do with the pictures I see here. Yes, I know the pictures might be outdated, but still... And have you seen this monument? Wow... That, BTW, is the Shaheed Monument.

Anyway, I thought that, besides of finding your homes and all those places that are familiar to you, it would be nice to pose a list of things and see who could find them :-)

So here you go, a couple of challenges:

  • The biggest boat
  • A desert island with huge capital letters spelling "HELP" (no, I don't know whether there is one)
  • A desert island with huge letters spelling "Perl"
  • An elephant (or a herd of them, preferably)
  • An ant (extra points for this one)
  • The biggest bridge (this one is the biggest in Europe)
  • An airplane taking off, flying or landing
  • The biggest helicopter
  • The biggest concentration of helicopters possible
  • People climbing up a mountain
  • The biggest swimming pool
  • More weird things
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  • Well, that depends what you thought " this []" was:

    The rectified oblique views can be disconcerting; Lady Liberty is particularly twisted from preferred perspective. In some urban areas, adjacent skyscrapers [] are from different passes, and so seemingly cross in the air.

    Re your Challenges

    Alas, your Airplane is taxiing on the taxiway not landing or taking off. What is "weird" in the "Other" Lisbon? Regardi

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    • If you thought "this" was Forbidden City, you win

      Great, I won! :-)

      What is "weird" in the "Other" Lisbon?

      Look again []... If you still can't see it, think "dirty" thoughts. Only about half the people get it O:-)

      your Airplane is taxiing on the taxiway not landing or taking off

      I never said it was :-) I simply put a link to an airplane as an example :-)

      As for all your other links, ++ and ++ :-)

      • If you still can't see it, think ... half the people get it O:-)

        Oh. Looked like perfectly normal European triumphal parkway, such as we practice in Boston.

        If you hadn't guessed, I like maps :-) I wish GoogleSat were using slightly more up-to-date images, though -- there are brownfields where buildings have grown, and parking lots where grass has been planted.

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        • slightly more up-to-date images

          I think it varies with the place. Some places they're over five years old, others are less than a year...

          • Oh definitely. Depends on the cloud cover largely. In Deciduous areas, winter seems to be preferred for close-in detail.

            The "Old" are locally more obvious to me than the "new".
            # I had a sig when sigs were cool
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            • And, weird as it may seem, I think some of the pictures might have been taken by night... :-\

              I'm saying this because one can see the car lights [], at times :-\

              You'll spot them easily if you use their software, but that only runs on Windows... argh...
              • I was assuming the darker images were autumn / winter images with the deciduous leaves fallen, not Infrared or night. I stand by that theory.

                The bridge over the road [] a bit east of your focus has a crisp shadow (left) and a bus with presumed headlights about to pass under. I suspect this is a late afternoon image with running headlamps already being somewhat effective.

                The nice red-tile roofs would not be so cheery cherry, nor the backyard pools so azure, in IR, even if the leafy lawns were false-colored

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    • the Queen Mary

      Eh... Someguy tells me *this []* is the real Queen Mary...

      I wonder if there's two of them... :-)
      • Yes, there are two. Long Beach has the original, permanently berthed. Yours is the new one recently launched.

        But no reason the same ship couldn't be in two places on Google Earth ... since they're not simultaneous. Sort of the the tour-bus-driver who appears at both ends of the old motorized panorama-cam group photos ...

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      • Someguy tells me *this* is the real Queen Mary.

        That may be the Queen Mary 2, the original is in Long Beach, CA (USA) and doesn't go anywhere anymore.

  • Big Airplane [] not flying. GoogleMaps shows the same airport through this directory [], from which you should be able to search for landing airplanes to your hearts content; the US AirNAV directory [] links Google Maps too; will also search Balloon-ports and Ultralights.

    For news-worth Sat pr0n from other sources, try the Intel Briefing picture of the week [].

    Alas, no Helicopters spotted for sure yet. Sikorsky, Bridgeport [] has some interesting shapes shrouded in the wispy clouds, but no confirmed. There should be a

    # I had a sig when sigs were cool
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    • I'm Cheating, but others [], found a wicked cool plane over Hong Kong harbor. Shadow seems reversed, oddly. Their "Aircraft" category has a Cessna in-flight with enough altitude to be distinctly large. And they say I've missed at least one on the water approaches to Logan here in Boston, not surprising at all. And they have Helicopters.
      # I had a sig when sigs were cool
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