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"Receipt in the bag?" she asked. </p><p>"Can I take a look?" </p><p> Guess what? It's still the fscked pound sign, plus an item I bought apparently became "Rose &amp;amp;..." </p><p> After some digging, apparently they are using the whole integrated service provided by <a href="">Cyertill</a>. Does anyone know people who work there?</p> clkao 2006-12-01T02:38:32+00:00 journal Devel::Cover mini-hackathon <p> <a href="">Best Practical</a> is sponsoring a <a href="">Devel::Cover</a> hackathon with Paul Johnson next Tuesday in London. </p><p>We've already got a long list and lots to do, but would love to hear about what you want from Devel::Cover. </p><p>If you are around London and would like to attend, please send mail to clkao DooT Note that the hackathon is during work hours, so you might need to make it a work-excuse to come! </p><p>In any case, we should be around #perl-qa during the hackathon, see you there! </p><p> <b>UPDATE: </b> Devel::Cover 0.56 is released! See <a href="">what we've made</a> <a href="">during the hackathon!</a></p> clkao 2006-07-26T13:42:32+00:00 journal v6-alpha 0.011 released - help wanted <p>Some power of Mystery dragged me into hacking over the weekend. It now <a href="">passes 785 tests</a> from the pugs test suite. </p><p>It's a very interesting process to make the tests pass, and in fact it's quite trivial most of the time. It is also a great chance to learn Perl6 - by implementing it! </p><p>If you have a few spare hours and want to have some fun, in the meantime helping out the perl6 project and reusing your perl5 skills, you can start with the parsed but failed tests - they have perl5 version of the perl6 code generated in the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.tc file. To run the test, checkout the latest <a href="">pugs</a> and simply do</p><blockquote><div><p> make build_perl5; perl util/<br> util/prove6 t/01-sanity</p></div> </blockquote><p> There might be a few modules missing, install them from CPAN. You will see the tc files after you run the tests. I think subroutines/ </p><p>you can also see the test output at the <a href="">output</a>, and identify what fails to parse at all. Starting with t/statements/ might be a good idea. </p><p>And, of course, get on #perl6, see you there!</p> clkao 2006-07-25T02:23:42+00:00 journal fun with microperl <p>I got dragged into an <a href="">art project</a> for helping out firefighting messaging between some <a href=";l2=44&amp;l3=0&amp;model=460&amp;modelmenu=1">small mipsel devices</a> running linux. </p><p> The distribution comes with <a href="">microperl</a> in its package system, however it wasn't built with select() by default, which makes it pretty much useless for writing network applications. So I was hoping to cross-compile standard perl and modules to mips, but it seemed really painful. I gave up and ended up just enabling HAS_SELECT for the cross-compiled microperl. </p><p> Now I have to use to actually do the networking bit. It turned out lots of crucial bits are written in xs, so I reimplemented them in pure perl. (Ya, I know it's bad to pack platform-dependent structure manually) </p><p> So I have a tiny application controlling a local led display and buttons IO device, as well as broadcasting and processing events over network, all in a few hours after I get the microperl and socket working! </p><p> Anyway, it's quite fun hacking and I am looking forward to the show itself!</p> clkao 2006-04-17T22:00:51+00:00 journal svl <a href="">sky</a> and I decided to have a small hackathon over the weekend. Well, we decided to write a tool to help hackathon - svl. so it's p2p helper for svk that makes use of Bonjour. So you walk into a room full of crazy people and decide to hack on something, you can start straight away without setting a repository somewhere else in the world. We've got discover and sharing working already after a few hours of hacking. sleep&amp; clkao 2005-06-03T23:41:18+00:00 journal use SVN::Core--Perl5 <p>Autrijus and I have been hacking a bit. The following code now works:</p><p>use SVN::Core--Perl5;<br>use SVN::Client--Perl5;</p><p>say SVN::Core.VERSION;<br>'' , 'HEAD', 'HEAD', 0, 1,<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; sub { say join(',', @_) });</p><p>It shows you the latest commit of pugs.</p><p>What's the big deal? Well,</p><ul><li>It's Perl6</li><li>It uses an XS Perl5 module, SVN::Core</li><li>The method (log) has a callback written in Perl6.</li></ul><p>That means you can start using Perl6 to write code gluing cpan modules.</p> clkao 2005-05-27T02:45:49+00:00 journal Perl I got a bit annoyed or rather upset with how <a href="">software I wrote</a> <a href="">is</a> <a href="">evaluated</a> regarding Perl, despite how <a href="">well</a> it <a href="">performs</a>, and how <a href="">careful</a> it is written. What can I say? ETOOMUCHFUD. I should probably quit hacking for more <a href=";album=./%2302_%A6A%A5%CD%AF%E0%B0%AA">hiking</a>. clkao 2005-02-22T17:20:56+00:00 journal perl repository <p>It has never been so easy to get the source of Perl, with development history. I have managed to fix a few other vcp bugs and mirrored the perl repository from Perforce at activestate with svk.</p><p>Web interface:</p><p><br></p><p>Repository at svn://</p><p>They will be kept synced daily. I'll see if is interested in hosting it once the new svk/svn::mirror are released.</p> clkao 2004-10-15T07:07:45+00:00 journal svk for translation Yes, <a href="">svk</a> again. But not about version control for your code this time. It's about using it for <a href="">document translation</a>, with some cheesy screenshots. clkao 2004-09-10T13:11:19+00:00 journal Gifts <p> So it's my birthday, and I want to give everyone birthday presents. I've long wanted to do so to urge people give away gifts on their own birtday, so you can receive things all over the year but just have to prepare once. </p><p> OK, so the gift for you is the first beta release of svk, which is considered ready for general use. I hope this helps your productivity. Also there's bonus gifts for people developing <a href="">Linux</a> or <a href="">FreeBSD</a> </p><p> And if you like it, please feel free to send me gifts on your birthday too.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> clkao 2004-09-04T12:33:11+00:00 journal automated build testing <p>So there is whole lot of dependencies that are either static or actively moving along with svk. Mainly Perl 5.8.[0-5], Subversion 1.[01].x branches as well as trunk. I would like to do automated building on the combinations, and see if any of them breaks trunk of SVN::Mirror and svk. testautobuild seems to be the closest, but I am not sure if it could do a chain of build tests after skimming the sample configuration file.</p><p>Anyone has experiences with similar test requirement?</p> clkao 2004-08-11T07:31:57+00:00 journal svk alpha coming soon So the most <a href="">non-trivial features</a> are finished in <a href="">svk</a>. I'll be releasing 0.08 as alpha, featuring advanced merging facilities for distributed branches. Stay tuned.. clkao 2004-02-10T11:02:56+00:00 journal dvorak I cut my finger on Sunday. hopefully it will be fine within two weeks. so I decided to learn single-handed dvorak.<blockquote><div><p> <i>once upon a time we all type slowly....</i></p></div> </blockquote> clkao 2003-08-14T00:47:53+00:00 journal subversion perl bindings <p>looks like i'm <a href="">getting</a> commit access for the <a href="">perl bindings</a> of subversion. </p><p>the subversion internals are pretty clean, but the api looks even cleaner when using perl:</p><blockquote><div><p> <code> my $ra = SVN::Ra-&gt;new($url);<br> $ra-&gt;get_logs (['/'], $fromrev, $torev, $getpath, $strict, \&amp;receiver); </code></p></div> </blockquote><p> yes I read <a href="">sky's journal</a>. I had some very evil plan about subversion few months ago, and it seems getting closer with the perl bindings support now. I'll post some design notes later. </p><p> also I don't know if it's just me who noticed that perl folks tend to think subversion people are on various of drug (someone said so on irc), and the subversion people don't really appreicate perl.</p> clkao 2003-08-01T19:24:40+00:00 journal