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chromatic (983)

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Journal of chromatic (983)

Wednesday January 20, 2010
11:41 PM

Perl 6 Design Minutes for 09 December 2009

[ #40115 ]

The Perl 6 design team met by phone on 09 December 2009. Larry, Allison, Patrick, Will, and chromatic attended.


  • some work on NQP port of Partcl
  • Patrick has been very helpful
  • sent a message to the Parrot list about the planning meeting this Sunday
  • initiated a community document to discuss those plans


  • implemented large chunks of obscure C code to perform fast string matching using the FFT
  • wondering if that'd be useful in Parrot
  • maybe we do our indexing operations by character set in the NFG form
  • also does very basic pattern matching by leaving out optional characters
  • could be useable in the core tests, where it's tricky to depend on PGE
  • this was my final assignment before the Christmas break
  • have a month off to work on Parrot stuff then
  • I'll show off my assignment when I submit it


  • finished my final report for my Hague grant
  • haven't quite finished the grant, but left TODO items
  • rather than trying to finish everything and then write the report, I'd draft the report and keep notes on what I needed to finish
  • need to work on HLL interop
  • enable Perl 6 and other Parrot languages to load libraries from other HLLs
  • will work on that over the next few days
  • had several coversations about optimizations, constants, and inferior runloops
  • made minor PAST improvements
  • integer constants can automatically promote to num constants without going through a PMC
  • updated NQP to make it easier to write custom operator subs, if you're using the operator precedence parser
  • implemented the beginnings of smart matching
  • not full Perl 6 smart match
  • makes sense in the Parrot context
  • can match against regexes, tokens, rules, and any types with protoobjects
  • code looks more like Perl 6
  • not much on Rakudo besides answering questions
  • will get back to the Rakudo-ng merge after finishing my grant work
  • also worked on Partcl
  • updated its regex syntax, particularly for enumerated character classes
  • fixed it to handle unquoted, non-word characters in regexes
  • previously it only handled barewords as literal matches
  • it's closer to the Perl 5 syntax now


  • didn't like the name PairValSet, renamed it EnumMap
  • likewise PairSet is now PairMap, and PairVal is just Enum
  • so individual constant pairs now called "enums"
  • we distinguish pairs, which have read-write values, from enums, which are constant in the value
  • you can now do .enums on hashes and arrays as well as enumerations
  • differs from .pairs, which give reference semantics into the values of the original data structure
  • .enums gives you a constant snapshot
  • David Green suggested renaming to Enum.key, and he was right, since they're constant pairs
  • trying to be consistent about calling the whole type an "enumeration" and referring to the bits as "enums", even though the keyword is enum
  • thought people would rebel at typing the long name
  • clarified that the anonymous enum is compile-time evaluated as an anonymous list of constants
  • you can always cast to an EnumMap at run time for the other behavior
  • simplifying conditional semantics
  • STD parser now parses a WHENCE closure as part of the typename, rather than relying on subscript parse
  • block escape within a closure within a string used to parse as a normal block by responding to comments outside of the block
  • already fixed the embedded block in the regex syntax
  • made that usable by strings and regexes now
  • blocks in regular code try to figure out if they're at the end of a statement
  • look for the trailing curly
  • inside a string or regex, there are no statements
  • it makes no sense to look for the end of the statement there
  • the obsolescence messages were still in the old framework that upsets some Perl 5 people
  • changed the wording to "Unsupported use of ..."
  • #perl6 found a precedence inconsistency in parsing of list prefixes vs list infixes in NG
  • turned out to be wrong in STD first, and NG copied it
  • I fixed it in STD, Patrick fixed it in NG
  • otherwise last week was rather too ADD-ish, so mostly did Q&A on IRC


  • fixed some bugs
  • made some optimizations
  • think I've fixed most constant PMCs in PBC now, which should help NQP and Rakudo


  • it'll take a while before Jonathan and I can take advantage of that
  • Allison, when you push_eh an ExceptionHandler onto an array in a context, it creates an RPA
  • does that hold other things besides an EH?


  • potentially
  • events get stored in the scheduler
  • only EHs are scoped to a context
  • the old pushmark/popmark stuff to do actions used that same global array
  • it may have changed to use the same array
  • that's deprecated though
  • they won't use that array for long


  • I need something to replace pushaction and popaction before they go away
  • when we handle LEAVE semantics, we want to avoid generating an exception to leave that scope for caching
  • I don't want to generate and rethrow actions to go up the stack
  • those ops let me do that without generating exceptions


  • we do need singleton exception objects for FAIL and RETURN
  • no extra information needed
  • right now, you can insert anything you want in that array
  • the local_branch and local_return uses that array


  • it shouldn't
  • bsr and ret may have
  • I provide my own there


  • oh right
  • I might not have checked in that code


  • by the way, NQP doesn't use local_branch or local_return
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