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chromatic (983)

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Journal of chromatic (983)

Monday October 26, 2009
09:05 PM

Perl 6 Design Minutes for 14 October 2009

[ #39806 ]

The Perl 6 design team met by phone on 14 October 2009. Larry, Allison, Patrick, and chromatic attended.


  • have a question
  • I'm not happy with the :lang attribute in regexes
  • I'll explore in my own direction
  • Larry can complain about that when he gets back


  • I wouldn't expect anything less


  • worked more on nqp_rx
  • PAST- and POST-based
  • going exceedingly well
  • I have almost every feature that PGE provides
  • what's left is minor
  • either we don't need them and/or they're easy to add when necessary
  • the new engine passes about 3/4 of PGE's test suite
  • the rest is minor
  • specifying characters by number or Unicode name, for example, \x and \c
  • today's task is to make the new engine self-hosting
  • the regex parser should be able to parse itself
  • that shouldn't be hard to do at all
  • that'll also speed things up quite a bit
  • it's currently two or three times slower than PGE when running the tests
  • that's because the regex parser is slower
  • the code that does the matches is much faster
  • that's a nice tradeoff; we generally parse regexes once and run them a lot
  • adding features to the new engine has been incredibly easy
  • many of them tend to be five or six lines at most
  • it's a bunch of short code
  • I'll continue working on that for the next week
  • I expect to write the new version of NQP in the next couple of days


  • working on the pcc_reapply branch of Parrot
  • lots of fixes there
  • went down from 82 failing tests on the corevm target to 18 failing tests on the full Parrot test suite
  • PGE now compiles and runs just fine on the branch
  • still working on the last few failures
  • started doing language testing as well
  • Cardinal and another language pass on the branch with no problems
  • have CallSignature optimizations ready to merge in
  • waiting for one feature from chromatic on that
  • also, quantum computation is a lot of fun


  • refactored CallSignature PMC to optimize it
  • one last change to make
  • where did the 12,000 passing Rakudo tests come from?


  • mostly trig, transcendental, and math functions
  • they're automatically generated for Int, Num, and Complex
  • it's a nice jump on the graph
  • we need to put out a nice message about what happened
  • I'll talk more about the percentage of the suite passing than the number of passing tests
  • the argument "You can add thousands of passing tests and not make progress" makes some sense
  • that's why I'll talk about percentage of the suite from now on
  • I'll report for Jonathan too
  • he's redoing parameter binding in a branch
  • currently, that's fairly slow in Rakudo
  • after we call a subroutine, we perform the type checks and throw exceptions if necessary
  • we do binding from incoming parameters to lexicals there too
  • that all required a lot of method calls
  • every subroutine call in Rakudo caused at least four or five Parrot method calls
  • he's redone parameter binding
  • primarily in C
  • he's created a set of dynops to make it much quicker
  • Rakudo's Subroutine PMC type can do the type checking before invocation now
  • he's seeing a significant performance improvement there
  • the pcc_reapply branch in Parrot will also simplify what he's doing there
  • he expects to merge before the release next week
  • it's been outstanding work
  • do we have an ETA for the branch landing?


  • very shortly after 1.7
  • within minutes or hours


  • that fits our planning well
  • Parrot releases 1.7 next Tuesday
  • Jonathan will probably merge his branch in then
  • his branch will use Parrot's existing calling conventions
  • if someone tries to build Rakudo today or Jonathan's branch against pcc_reapply, Rakudo will likely fail
  • we're fine with that
  • don't consider it a blocker for Parrot
  • we'll adapt to whatever you do
  • I expect that Rakudo's trunk will run against the 1.7 release until 1.8
  • we have two major projects
  • one is converting our argument handling to Parrot's new PCC
  • the other is completely replacing Rakudo's grammar to use the new NQP
  • almost all of our work will take place in branches, not trunk
  • we'll merge back to trunk when we have everything working
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