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chromatic (983)

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Journal of chromatic (983)

Wednesday July 05, 2006
07:52 PM

Perl 6 Design Notes

[ #30187 ]
The Perl 6 design team has a weekly phone call to discuss the state of the project.  Here are my notes from today's meeting.

    - mainly going through PDDs
    - some auxiliary conversations going on around those
    - one interesting one with Audrey yesterday
    - Vishal is looking into some of the proposed IMCC refactorings
    - I'm glad to have him looking into it
    - hope to bless the exceptions PDD by the end of the week
    - that's one milestone to knock off of the list

    - starting to recover from Chicago
    - whacking away on the Synopses still
    - making clarifications
    - paying attention to the trainers when they carp about things that are
      hard to teach
    - first we paid attention to the original Perl users carping
    - now we're paying attention to the implementors
    - we are starting to pay attention to the trainers
    - things that are hard to pronounce
    - maybe rename the pipe operator so as not to conflict with Unix pipes
    - talking to Damian about using signature notation to process arguments
      coming into a process
    - rather than having multiple versions of Getopt
    - the exact syntax is indeterminate now
    - what if you want to multidispatch to your main()?
    - lots of things to consider there
    - just keeping my ear open on #perl6

    - managed to get Parrot embedded and working from Perl 5 and Ruby
    - need some fixes to Parrot to make it work for the test suite
    - I may just check in the Perl 5 bindings

    - some comments on my journal entry about Ponie

    - I need to write a Perl 6 project update to clarify some of the recent

    - chatted with Audrey about the semantics of Data::Bind
    - it does aliasing and read-only aliasing with magic
    - it won't work for the corner cases
    - the problem is Perl 5's scalar flag bits
    - there's a public and a private flag in Perl 5.6
    - in 5.8, I added new meanings to the private flag for the non-magic case
    - they have different meanings whether a scalar is magic
    - effectively you need three bits worth of information
    - I think the module will have corner cases with regard to large integers
      and blessing

    - will there need to be a core change for this to work?

    - yes, but it's a risk
    - some companies asked about speeding up Perl 5
    - not sure what the strategy is there
    - a lot of the problems are unbound
    - can plug in the Perl 5.10 regex engine
    - might dual-life that for Perl 5.8.1 and later soon

    - I've suggested that Rafael move to monthly 5.9.x releases
    - some Pugs folks have offered to help with delegatable tasks
    - oh, last night the Pugs folks managed to use to translate the Perl
      6 to somewhat idiomatic Perl 5

    - have we found someone to do Perl 6 summaries?

    - Ann Barcomb popped up to volunteer
    - Audrey will help her with that for a couple of weeks
    - we shall see summaries resume in the next little while
    - it should include things discussed on IRC

    - will there be pressure to fork a 5.11 off of a 5.9 before a 5.10 comes

    - I thought the same thing at times
    - you don't want to destabilize your 5.10

    - most of what the Pugs 5 people have said is that they're using loopholes
      as if they were APIs
    - they want canonicalization of those
    - they're optimizing for fun and not production readiness, so they're fine
      with using loopholes for now
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  • Should be promoted to the front page.
  • Perhaps this should be in a wiki instead of a journal? I'd like to see an URL for Nicholas' comment about Ponie in his journal. I can't find the comments to which he refers...
  • I find it remarkable that in this day and age, in a group of talented programmers that use a programming language very well suited for building a text format converter, that people not only write their notes in plain text using a fixed-width font and hard wraps, but also publish it that way. With as a result, that some lines wrap badly, due to incompatible line lengths. (And it looks terrible. But that may be just my sense of esthetics.)

    The formatting you used reminds me a bit of YAML, but as the latter cla
    • What gives is that the more work it is for me to publish the notes, the less likely I'll do it.

      I'm sure it would be trivial to build a converter for this format, but I preferred to spend my time actually putting the notes online.

      I'm sure a really talented amenuensis could type the notes with lovely formatting in another format, but I just don't type that fast. This is a compromise between accuracy, completeness, and aesthetics. (Actually, I don't care about aesthetics beyond readability.)