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I'm killing a few moments while CPAN installs Text::Template (which, amazingly, I did <em>not</em> install to my laptop at any point in the past year!) </p><p> When I installed all the software I thought I would need on my laptop (such as the ubiquitous image editing software that costs a small fortune, is probably mostly used illegally, and rhymes with Badobe Kyotoshop), I went hunting down modules just like everything else. I apparently just forgot a few of the ones I wasn't using quite so much, but when I found myself needing a templating solution for who-knows-what, I immediately thought, "Text::Template will do this rapidly. Use it. Be finished as soon as possible." </p><p> And it wasn't there. </p><p> And now it I must go.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> chaoticset 2006-10-06T16:04:15+00:00 journal (languages that start with P) In The Morning <p>My PHP class starts later today, so I took some time this morning to install PHP and PHP-related Eclipse plugins. While I was nosing around the PHP installation, I noticed that I have Python installed (which I'd forgotten about a while back). So I decided to look for some Python plugins while I'm tossing a bunch of stuff into Eclipse.</p><p>I know, I know -- PHP? Well, yeah. I've only ever had one physically painful language experience, and it was VB, and it's years behind me. Java's been wonderful to me so far, as scary as that sounds, and I'm looking forward to trying something bizarre and interesting.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> chaoticset 2006-05-18T13:23:54+00:00 journal Interface Dreams <p>My current plan for MaLToL centers around a DB; the other components are intended to be a Java API, a Perl API, a Mason-based web gui, a Perl/Tk gui, and a Java gui.</p><p>Things are progressing reasonably. The API is OO, and currently has a single handler object keeps a list of the task objects (which are their own separate module that's not subclassed to the handler module). I'm prototyping the db in OOO's Base, because...well, because I'm lazy and I know Access. I'm taking a Java course and plan to start writing the basic parts of the Java API soon.</p><p>The only thing I haven't gotten any specific plans about yet is the web interface. I'm hoping to use Mason, but there's just nothing in my mind for what it should look like yet. Maybe I should kick some swatches around and see what I dream up.</p> chaoticset 2006-01-24T15:54:20+00:00 journal Vitalitous <p>I've had some actual development going on of late.</p><p>Since I've been spending a truckload of time at school (or waiting for the car to be repaired, damnable machine), I've had plenty of time to haul out my laptop and pound away at various things. One of those things is my Java class, and the other is MaLToL.</p><p>Discussions with the professor currently acting as my advisor have led to interesting results -- one of which is that I am <em>now</em> officially in the <em>Baccalaureate</em> program. Yes. I'm going for the full four years! I'm actually really excited about this, even though it means I'll be doing a lot of non-Perl things for a while for school. I'm hoping to do plenty of them on my own time or within some form of employment.</p><p>Progress is slow but steady. Trying to keep myself to writing tests first, and trying to keep myself writing only one or two at a time. (Of course, I don't really have any experience with extreme programming in a "formalized" environment -- whatever that is defined as -- so if I seem to have any misconceptions or a lack of understanding, feel free to clear it up for me.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:) )</p> chaoticset 2006-01-21T15:49:21+00:00 journal Progress, Defined Loosely As Immobility <p>I haven't been doing a lot of work with MaLToL for a few reasons -- not the least of which has been a NYE party, about three different Giftmases to attend, and being vaguely dissatisfied with relationship issues. Nope. Probably the biggest factor of them all has been my job at L. L. Bean, because the four weeks of December were absolutely insane. Not only wall-to-wall calls, but constant wall-to-wall calls, and the facility was open until 3 some nights (or so I'm told). I managed to pick up a little extra time here and there, and my grades for the semester were A-, B+, and C -- all in all, the best semester I've ever had while holding down a nearly full-time job. Amazing, IMHO.</p><p>The issues are...well, they're resolving themselves over time. The Giftmases are all over (ooh, and I got retractable headphones and <em>Serenity</em>, oooh oooh oooh!) and the NYE party is as over as they get (which means we still have some cheese spreads and Hard Mike bottles in the fridge, but that's pretty much all), and of course December's over and gone -- so development has started again on MaLToL.</p><p>I think I made a mistake in some inheritance choices, but I've fixed that. The next mistake I hope I fixed (in the sense that I am not entirely sure it was a mistake yet) is that I was trying to create a method for an object that turned it into a different object; I'm thinking the smart move would be to create a method for a class that takes an object as an argument, then copies that object to the new object in the correct new class, then destroys the old object altogether. (Or, possibly, leaves the old object in existence. I'm debating about this, but haven't decided yet how it should be handled.)</p><p>I wrote in a comment elsewhere that I am resolving to have less monkey mind this year. Part of that is ignoring the nagging doubts that I keep having about discussing this in this journal or with other people. I can't get better at this in a complete vacuum, and I'm really, really bad at acting as though I've got multiple personality disorder.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:\</p> chaoticset 2006-01-10T03:30:36+00:00 journal Plink <p>I have more interesting classes written and some ideas kicking around for what to do with the resulting framework.</p><p>In discussing it with my mentor at school and a few other folks, I've heard suggestions that the framework and the application I'm building from it might actually serve as the useful core of my portfolio -- or, gasp, possibly a useful item for <em>other people</em>.</p><p>Whether that last magical possibility can come true remains to be seen. The work I'm doing on MaLToL right now is so scattershot (because my work schedule is currently 40+ hours a week and my presentations are happening this week) that I don't feel comfortable evaluating it in such a fashion. Next week will be more relaxed -- or at least involve less driving.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:\</p><p>Still, it's good to know that I still understand Perl. I'd been worried, with the long time I'd had away from code, that I had somehow forgotten. It's like Splinter Cell -- I haven't played it in years, and the contrast between it and another game (say, Fable) is jarring -- but the old motion was so smooth and practiced that I fall into the groove readily.</p><p>Indeed, the groove of Perl is possessed of great funk.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:D</p> chaoticset 2005-12-14T19:25:57+00:00 journal MaLToL: Pieces Fitted Slowly Things are happening. I'm doing tests first, I've got some base classes written. <p> I'm doing something wrong, so I can't install Data::UUID properly, but I'll have it licked soon. Meanwhile, I'm going to start writing the public methods for creating and accessing.</p> chaoticset 2005-12-02T16:28:49+00:00 journal Dropped A Pebble I heard a story once about a monk who needed to cross a river. So, every morning, he'd go out and drop a pebble in the river. <p> After years of this, he could walk across the accumulated pebbles. </p><p> Tonight...the first object constructor method for the project. </p><p> One pebble. </p><p> I can't seem to write test-first in the very beginning, so what I've done in the past is write a very, very small amount of code -- like, a single object specification with a single method -- and then write the tests I <em>would</em> have written for that, and then write some more, and then write code to make those tests pass, etc. </p><p> Fingers crossed.</p> chaoticset 2005-11-19T07:41:15+00:00 journal Yes, Yes, Very Nice, Now Get To Work I spent a truckload of time away from Perl, essentially, after my layoff in March. Which, frankly, was fine. <p> I wasn't earning anything through Perl and I was having trouble learning anything about it. Which, considering my social issues, my anxiety problem, and my ADD, wasn't terribly surprising. </p><p> As far as the ADD goes...well, I'm coming to the end of my second-to-last semester at school. In May, I will finally graduate with my AD. </p><p> I'm not terribly well-credentialed in terms of past work or anything -- at least, nothing that I can honestly figure out a way to put my hands on -- and therefore have decided I'm going to build myself a Mason experiment, from scratch, with a few specific goals: </p><ol> <li>Use good coding practices during the entire project -- CVS, test-first, etc.</li> <li>Use good design -- clean, straightforward, feature-balanced.</li> <li>Interesting gewgaws.</li> </ol><p> You might ask me -- why Mason? </p><p> Well, first -- it's installed at PM. Second, it will stifle this incessant voice in my head that keeps hounding me that I <em>bought</em> a book on something, I better damned well <em>use</em> that something. </p><p> Third, of does show up every now and then in job specifications...<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:\ </p><p> I'm only vaguely worried about job possibilities -- May's a long way off, and I'm going to start as soon as finals are over. </p><p> *breathes out deeply* </p><p> It's good to be back here.</p> chaoticset 2005-11-15T22:42:32+00:00 journal Wiggly I wiggled around a while yesterday and finally got a start on my personal Mason project. It feels good to get back to this in a structure environment, even if the structure is my own. (Actually, <em>especially</em> since the structure is my own.) chaoticset 2005-09-14T15:19:00+00:00 journal (eq Lisp frustrating) Most of my frustration from trying to read the SICP and work through the examples stems from my strange inability to read long documents these days, but it's certainly not helped by the differences between Scheme and CLISP. <p> <small>DAMN YOU WILDLY VARYING IMPLEMENTATIONS!</small></p> chaoticset 2005-08-17T23:03:25+00:00 journal Slack Redux I've been trying to deal with a lot of stuff that's PP* as opposed to PNP**, and I've kind of lost track of the journals of those I have friended here. No big; I'll catch up. <p> As this is intended to be a journal of technical doings on my part, I should probably mention that I'm trying to fix various niggling things about my Slackware installation so that I don't feel the need to boot into WinME any more at all. </p><p> In order of importance, with my strong suspicion in parentheses: </p><ul> <li>Sound card (needs a driver)</li> <li>Resolution (needs a driver)</li> <li>DOK/mp3 player -- can't tell if they always show up as consistent devices or if it's not necessarily consistent (need to find out before I edit fstab)</li> <li>Mavica drive (can't mount, need to find out how)</li> </ul><blockquote><div><p> <small>* Physically Proximal.</small></p></div> </blockquote><blockquote><div><p> <small>** Physically Not Proximal.</small></p></div> </blockquote> chaoticset 2005-08-03T12:54:46+00:00 journal Need, Need, Need I'm looking for a tiny keyboard. <p> This isn't really about my laptop needs (although it would be nice to have a single interface device I could use for both my laptop and home computer, and just cart it off when I take my laptop) so much as my current level of desk space. </p><p> Plus, I essentially don't play PC games at all any more, which means I don't need to have all this extra crap floating around on my keyboard -- I pretty much just need the letters, the numbers, the symbols and Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Enter, Shift, and Caps Lock. (I also don't boot into Windows much now, which means I rarely need to reboot, which...well, the benefits of that are rather obvious, I'm sure.) </p><p> So I'm hoping to find a tiny (like, less space than a sheet of paper) keyboard, and hoping it can be wireless, and hoping it can lack pointing devices. So far I've found one that's tiny and wireless and includes a pointing device, and one that's tiny and corded with no pointing device, but not quite what I need. </p><p> Any recommendations? I only seem to come here and post now when I've got questions about equipment, sadly.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:\</p> chaoticset 2005-07-01T16:09:11+00:00 journal MIT Media Survey If you're so inclined, you can <a href="">Take the MIT Weblog Survey</a>. I did. chaoticset 2005-06-24T13:11:57+00:00 journal (slack) &amp;&amp; (twist, burn) &amp;&amp; (haiku) Things are sweet. I'm settling into my new home. <p> Since I essentially don't play PC games any more, I have no real need to boot into WinME. It's pretty nice. </p><p> I've finally gotten around to configuring my desktop the way I like and slapping a coat of wallpaper on that drab gray backdrop. Per my new interest in <em>Samurai Champloo</em>, I have Jin as my WinME wallpaper and Mugen as my Slackware. (Of course, once I install Debian on here as well, I'll need to find a wallpaper of Fuu.) </p><p> In biologically oriented news, R's knee was been checked out by an orthopedic surgeon yesterday. His detailed analysis consisted of a "sunset" x-ray of the knee, examination of the charts, a determination that everything's basically okay and that R can begin to bear weight on the knee, and...and inappropriate comment about her weight. Well, scratch that -- it was appropriate. It was a little more glib than he might have intended, however. </p><p> It wasn't so offensive as to cause crying so much as anger, which was fine. R doesn't get much flak about this from people that I see or hear, but I know she <em>thinks</em> it. </p><p> Other good news -- saw her regular doc this morning, and she's apparently lost 20 pounds since the last visit, which was about two months ago. This is amazingly good news; more downward traffic will help her knee recover and hopefully turn her back from the brink of diabetes. </p><p> Speaking of which, I am currently about twenty glucose points higher than my doc wants, so I'm cutting out the bulk of starch in my diet. (Most of the sugar was already gone.) I am still losing weight, which is great and wonderful, etc., but no longer significant to me, because I have zero hunger awareness now. I have to make sure I eat protein, and there's still food I <em>like</em> to eat, but I don't consciously get hungry. And, if I distract myself with something, I can usually forget about food for at least a whole day. </p><p> My burn is healing up well. Almost all the blisters are gone, and now it's just a matter of time while the last open spots scab/crust and then the skin tries to knit itself back together properly. </p><p> And now, a haiku of frustration:</p><blockquote><div><p>Google Summer Of Code<br> I wish I could do it, but<br> My ideas just suck</p></div> </blockquote> chaoticset 2005-06-08T19:05:11+00:00 journal Ow, Slackware Okay. I pulled a McDonald's today. <p> I purchased coffee at a drive-through and managed to spill it on my lap not even ten minutes later, still blazing hot. </p><p> I've been to the E.R., and it looks like things are fine (fortunately, nothing more important than skin was seriously damaged; unfortunately, this means I have no chance of becoming sterile as a result of this). Fine in the sense that I brought home a shopping bag of gauze, three prescriptions, and burn cream, but that's a lot better than, say, having my <em>face</em> burned, or chest, or hands, or feet, or whatever else. </p><p> So, uh, I might not be sitting down by tomorrow. I was informed that I'd probably be sore as hell within ten hours, and that would be about tomorrow morning. (Not that I post in here so regularly that anybody would notice if I didn't post for a few days, but I figured I'd get it out of the way.) </p><p> I'm a little proud to report that I finally took the plunge this morning and wiped my broken Mandrake installation, replacing it with Slack. Things are good. I'm still working some kinks out -- soundwise, for example -- but that's fine. The times that I remember most fondly about my first computers were the times I spent farting around at the command prompt. It's nostalgia, all over again!<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:D </p><p> Getting a migraine. Need to sleep anyway. Exhausted. Going.</p> chaoticset 2005-06-03T04:17:41+00:00 journal Text Editor Poll Redux: The Revenge Based on the comments, and the fact that none of the differentiating factors are ones that are truly significant to me, it looks like I just need to spend more time with vim. I'm aware of basic features; I just have to find the tutorials I tried to go through a while back, and (of course) put my own installation of it on my thumbdrive. <p> And, as a backup, learn some basic emacs, or possibly try pico out. I already know PFE pretty well, but there's no upgrade path with it (which is a liability on the ever-shiftin' Windows platform) and there's no source access, so I can't modify it should I feel the need. I need a backup that's open and findable for whatever OS I'm using next week, or year, or decade...looks like vim is it, and then a little bit of some second editor. </p><p> Jeez, this is like choosing a major.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:\</p> chaoticset 2005-05-25T05:23:43+00:00 journal Text Editor Poll (I realize that there's not a poll option here, of course, so we'll just have to make do with a comment in response.) <p> If it won't trouble anybody too much, could you tell me... </p><ol> <li>what text editor you use</li> <li>what text editor you would use instead if the one you use did not exist</li> <li>what factor separates the two</li> </ol> chaoticset 2005-05-23T12:54:22+00:00 journal Needs To Feed Need to get used to CVS. I can do CVS. I can do test-driven. I have, with exactly one project, managed to do test-driven development and regular CVS commits. I need to get the hang of this. <p> Need to build a portfolio site, still. Damn. </p><p> Need to work on the module idea I had for a color-matching algorithm. (While I'm probably not the best person to write it, hell, <em>I</em> need one. I can get some people to improve it later.) </p><blockquote><div><p>&lt;huey-lewis-impression&gt;I need a new <em>editor</em>...&lt;/huey-lewis-impression&gt;</p></div></blockquote><p> Need to post here more regularly. I have four years of journal entries, some of them apparently worth reading; I'm wondering if it would be a shame to let that die off. </p><p> Applied for more jobs today. Seriously considering work as a pizza delivery guy at this point. Have sent a volunteering app to the <a href="">MESDA</a>; it's not like I couldn't use the experience. </p><p> Concerta, Concerta...where have you been all my life? Fatigue, gone. Thinking, more flexible and easier to organize. I can keep a three-list item in my head over a period longer than ten minutes without writing it down. </p><p> Another nice side effect with the Concerta is that my natural memory for numbers is less unfocused, so I've found that I can actually do a lot better with remembering phone numbers and costs and such than I used to. </p><p> Need to DDR, but loaned the mat and game to an aquaintance. It'll have to wait until Monday. </p><p> Need to report good news -- I'm signed up for classes this fall. My therapist said that it was definately time to get things moving on the academic front, and so they are. Not only did I sign up in one day (unprecedented, believe me), but I have also managed to get my financial aid application in within a few days time of the class registration. Those around me have assumed that the end of days is coming, since I can now do things, even if they involve paperwork sometimes.</p> chaoticset 2005-05-21T18:11:37+00:00 journal Stolen from mxdi (or: WILL I EVER ESCAPE MEMES?!) 1) Total number of books owned? <p> This I am not sure of. I believe a safe rough estimate would be 500. (Currently, anyway. Counting all the books I've ever owned, probably 900. I got rid of a lot of books when I was younger.) </p><p> 2) The last book I bought? </p><p> <em>Linux Unwired.</em> </p><p> 3) The last book I read? </p><p> Cover to cover, <em>Freakonomics</em>. I read 3/4 of <em>Linux Unwired</em> this morning over a biscotti and Earl Grey, and the remaining 1/4 won't mean anything to me until I've got a cell plan or something with IR connections.) </p><p> 4) Five books that mean a lot to me: </p><p> Only <em>five</em>? </p><ul> <li> <em>Frogs Into Princes</em></li> <li> <em>The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy</em></li> <li> <em>Learning Perl, 2nd Ed.</em></li> <li> <em>Shaving The Inside Of Your Skull</em></li> <li> <em>Ringworld</em></li> </ul><p> If you know these books, their significance is probably easy to determine. Here's another few for good measure: </p><ul> <li> <em>Delivered From Distraction</em> and <em>You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?</em> for being useful guides to a topic I wasn't familiar with but needed to become familiar with quickly.</li> <li> <em>Atlas Shrugged</em> for making me wonder about evaluating people based on merits like integrity and ability.</li> <li> <em>Chocolate Heaven</em> for being a cookbook about something I liked enough to try to make recipes from.</li> <li> <em>Stranger In A Strange Land</em>, <em>The Martian Chronicles</em>, and <em>Neuromancer</em>, for being simply beautiful pieces of work. <em>Stranger</em> gets another medal, too -- I did not understand why people laugh until I read the reason in <em>Stranger</em>. It's always held true so far.</li> </ul> chaoticset 2005-05-17T19:13:12+00:00 journal Insanity Check I've been...busy. <p> Still getting treatment; bumped up visits to my therapist to twice a week. </p><p> I haven't hacked anything together in quite a while, and it hurts. I have things I want to make; I have things I need to do. </p><p> I want to create something like the ( Google Maps + Craigslist ) project, only ( Google Maps + Monster ), so that you can figure out how far away jobs will be in terms of physical distance. </p><p> Hopefully a little later this week or possibly next week I can get my project "TD" under way.</p> chaoticset 2005-05-03T18:25:14+00:00 journal Imperfect Systems I must learn to be more tolerant of systems being imperfect; I am an imperfect system myself. chaoticset 2005-03-30T18:37:52+00:00 journal Step right up Build your very own <a href="">genetically reprogrammable robots</a>! You too can have a swarm of DRDs in your home with only the investment of time and money! chaoticset 2005-03-26T13:36:44+00:00 journal Diagnosis The results of the extensive testing I took a few weeks ago have been discussed with me; among other things, it looks like they're positive I have ADHD. <p> I picked up some books on the subject; unsurprisingly, I'm finding it hard to read them.</p> chaoticset 2005-03-25T15:23:08+00:00 journal CVS Began working with CVS today. Impressed by the packrat mentality. Need to learn a wider swath of commands. chaoticset 2005-03-22T21:38:09+00:00 journal Unemployment Unenjoyment I have been laid off. <p> In a way, this couldn't have happened at a better time -- my insurance will <em>just</em> cover the time period I'm having some more doctor visits during, and if I can get my attention issues a little more under control, maybe I can either go back to school or get myself an even better job.</p> chaoticset 2005-03-10T17:47:04+00:00 journal Exactly One Looking for a unique laptop? <a href="">Look no more</a>. chaoticset 2005-03-09T13:26:02+00:00 journal Try, Try Again Going to work on my game-theory matrix solver again. Need to work on solving game-theory matrices. <p> Planning to do this during laundry; much later tonight, may begin module in earnest if practice earlier went well.</p> chaoticset 2005-03-07T19:24:15+00:00 journal Geek VD Love is a new computer desk and a DVD+RW. chaoticset 2005-02-15T18:27:19+00:00 journal