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It contains just my own personal opinion on how the Perl6 process is going, and everybody is free to comment wherever he/she sees fit, even if commenting on the source site is the preferred choice.</p><p>Ciao <br> <tt>--bronto</tt> </p> bronto 2007-11-16T08:35:27+00:00 perl6 an AxKit success story <p>The following message was sent a couple of days ago to the axkit-users list, so I believe it's public and it can be republished here. I think it's great, but I leave it to you to comment about.</p><p>-------------------------------------------------</p><p>Hi Matt and all,</p><p>&gt;&gt; My company is preparing a huge development project based on AxKit - a<br>&gt;&gt; virtual document management system. The core will be built on top of<br>&gt;&gt; AxKit, and we plan to contribute the whole core to the community.</p><p>&gt; That's awesome news.</p><p>With the risc of beeing of-topic:</p><p>Last year I created an AxKit plugin for OpenDocument files based on<br>Matts earlier work on OpenOffice 1.x files; however, I did use it in<br>another way than the way I think Matt originally intended. I used it for<br>a webserver CMS - letting my customers create and edit their webpages<br>using OpenOffice, and I then styled it and assured a consistent and<br>professional layout using an XSLT stylesheet. For the customers, all<br>they had to learn was how to up- and download their<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.odt files using<br>WebDAV, and how to edit them using OpenOffice - I took care of the<br>rest.</p><p>Wow, did they like it! That system has a huge potential - especially<br>when people figure out that they can even cut and paste pictures into<br>their OpenOffice file, and they'll show up nicely on their webpages. No<br>more hassles about uploading pictures to the right directory, no more<br>broken links when people still cannot do it right - everything's clean<br>and simple.</p><p>On the programming side, I planned to spend around three weeks to get<br>the system ready to roll: I started Saturday morning, and Sunday morning<br>I was happily creating the first layout for my sons homepage<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-). I like<br>AxKit.</p><p>By January, I started a new job. The company I work for primarily<br>develops ideas - real programming is usually outsourced. We have a close<br>relationship with Ricoh, the Japanese manufacturer of copying machines.<br>They wanted an idea that could integrate their machines closer in a<br>typical corporate network.</p><p>I brushed off my AxKit/OpenDoc project, worked it over a little, and<br>the result was VDMS - Virtual DMS. That was February. By March and April<br>my boss was on a Novell GroupWise tour all over Europe (totalling 15<br>countries), together with Ricoh and Blackberry. Included was a<br>description of VDMS - we wanted to see whether it was a product that<br>could be of interest to the potential customers. At the beginning of the<br>tour he tried to sell the idea, at the end of the tour he tried to keep<br>potential customers away - they where crazy about it.</p><p>By May, we signed a special high-priority development contract with<br>Ricoh. By July, we signed another development contract with Blackberry.<br>We have agreed that we develop the system, and Ricoh will market it<br>worldwide. That means a salesforce of 9.000 people... So far we have<br>interest from one of the worlds largest oil companies, one of the worlds<br>largest car manufacturers, one of the worlds largest shipping companies<br>(which happens to be Danish, so we're in very close contact on that<br>one), several very large banks, and the list goes on.</p><p>We have signed a pilot contract with a building contractor who will<br>fund the first development phase; apart from VDMS, we will write<br>software that allows a Ricoh MFP to be used as a file and directory<br>server. It is said that the Ricoh machines run Linux - however, I think<br>it's either Open- or FreeBSD instead, but anyway it's quite interesting.<br>And we have even more dirty tricks up the sleave that I'm not allowed to<br>talk about at the moment.</p><p>But what is VDMS? In principle, it's a Linux host running Axkit and a<br>bit of other software. It has a lot of SOAP interfaces to other boxes,<br>allowing it to handle all documents in a company. We've created a lot of<br>documentation, but to keep it short, a will give a few examples of the<br>potential:</p><p>* All documents handled by VDMS shall be in OpenDoc format. That means<br>converting MS Office docs to OpenDoc, helping people to migrate their<br>docs to a better format<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-).</p><p>* The building contractor can scan a meeting resume at a building site<br>on a Ricoh MFP. The Ricoh machine has a full Java SDK, so we create a<br>client that will pass the scan on to VDMS through a SOAP interface. VDMS<br>has rules that defines where the document - a raw scan - should be<br>stored. It can be an ordinary file server, allowing access to the<br>document using ordinary means, or it can be a database system, or<br>whatever. Anyway, VDMS has another rule that dictates that the doc<br>should be OCR scanned by a suitable engine. So the doc is forwarded to<br>the OCR scanner, and stored on the fileserver again, this time as<br>searchable text as well as the original bitmap. A new rule requires the<br>scan to be proof read, so it's forwarded using email to a proof reader<br>and stored again when it's finished.</p><p>* Of course you can create all kind of indexing for such a document;<br>but the interesting part is when you want to retrieve it. You can do<br>that using a huge range of clients such as a browser, a mobile phone, a<br>PDA, a Ricoh machine, etc. etc. Every device requires a special format,<br>and I expect AxKit to handle that flawlessly<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-). The printer is an<br>interesting special case: We will format the document in XSL:FO, then<br>convert it to PostScript and print it. But we're in a unique position to<br>suggest to Ricoh that they create a native XSL:FO engine, completely<br>bypassing PostScript. That's quite a potential - and Ricoh listens a<br>lot.</p><p>* But VDMS can retrieve "documents" from a lot of other sources: As an<br>example, GroupWise has a SOAP interface, so we can create an XML based<br>mail client. The idea is to create a VFolder that will allow, say, the<br>building contractor to create folders for each project containing not<br>only ordinary files, but also all emails related to the project,<br>financial data from their accounting system, data from outside partners,<br>etc. etc. VFolder creates a unified view of all the data, it's XML<br>based, and handled by AxKit. We intend to create a VFolder as a Windows<br>Explorer extension, as a Java client for Ricoh and Blackberry, etc.</p><p>* The whole core project - the various AxKit plugins, the specification<br>of the various SOAP interfaces, the (huge amount) of XSLT stylesheets,<br>etc. will be released as Open Source. The customized clients for Ricoh,<br>Blackberry, Windows, etc. will probably be closed source and sold.</p><p>* I'm particularly thrilled by seeing that Matt has included RDF<br>support in his Gallery demo. That's another road we want to go with VDMS<br>as well - creating and handling metadata and making it available in RDF<br>format.</p><p>So - does this sound interesting? At least it's a lot of work, so if<br>anyone would like to join the party, please contact me the sooner the<br>better. We already have the customers, we have a global salesforce - we<br>just need a little coding...</p><p>Regards,<br>Lars</p> bronto 2006-08-31T07:42:22+00:00 journal The System Administrator song <a href="">Subject says it all</a>. ROTFL! bronto 2006-08-28T09:54:32+00:00 journal bye bye skype? <p>It's such a long time that they don't update Skype for Linux... No new features, but above all <b>no bugfixes</b> and no improvements.</p><p>I discovered <a href="">Wengophone</a> today. </p><p>It's multi-platform, it's standards-based, it's free software, it's cheaper than skype to place phone calls, it <strong>works</strong>. If I have to find a defect in the first day that I tried it, it's that it's partially written in Python<nobr> <wbr></nobr><tt>:-)</tt> </p><p>Maybe it's time to say goodbye to Skype...</p> bronto 2006-05-20T20:21:26+00:00 journal A real Enigma machine! <p>From irc://, today</p><p>(14:18:29) kjetilkWork: wow<br>(14:18:57) kjetilkWork: $self-&gt;cow-orker just demonstrated a real WWII army enigma machine<br>(14:19:22) kjetilkWork: a real, _working_ enigma machine<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)<br>(14:39:17) bronto: kjetilkWork: WOW!<br>(14:39:34) ***bronto wonders how he did got one<br>(14:41:02) bronto: s/got/get/<br>(14:49:41) kjetilkWork: apparently, his grandfather found it<br>(14:49:55) kjetilkWork: he was in the illegal resistance<br>(14:50:28) kjetilkWork: he first saw the machine at his grandfather's place when he was about 10<br>(14:50:39) kjetilkWork: but no-one in the family knew what it was<br>(14:51:06) kjetilkWork: it was not untill a recent bad hollywood movie that he understood it<br>(14:51:47) kjetilkWork: the thing looked really new, actually...<br>(14:51:59) kjetilkWork: it was an army field model<br>(14:52:07) kjetilkWork: but had probably never been out of an office<br>(14:52:38) kjetilkWork: so, it was probably just that his grandfather had grabbed in the days of may 1945<br>(14:53:53) bronto:<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)<br>(14:54:06) bronto: may I post this conversation snippet in a blog?<br>(14:55:01) kjetilkWork: hmmm, I think someone will blog the even soonish, better point to that<br>(15:00:21) bronto: "will blog the even soonish"????<br>(15:05:47) kjetilkWork: eh<br>(15:05:52) kjetilkWork: the event soonish...<br>(15:05:55) kjetilkWork:<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)<br>(15:06:17) kjetilkWork: one of my cow-orkers took a few pics</p> bronto 2006-03-10T14:08:16+00:00 journal non e` una cosa seria! <p>Stamattina, mentre mi vestivo, la radio era accesa e parlavano dell'ultima giornata del Campionato di Calcio. Ad un certo punto mia moglie ha sbottato: "Parlano come se fosse una cosa seria, che fastidio!!!!".</p><p>Giusto.</p><p>Ho spento la radio. Chi non ha niente da dire dovrebbe stare zitto!!!</p><p><tt>--bronto</tt></p> bronto 2005-10-17T12:55:20+00:00 journal Se la vita ti sorride... Se la vita ti sorride, vuol dire che ha trovato qualcun'altro da prendere per il c**o. bronto 2005-08-25T13:27:51+00:00 journal Aerei (in italian) <p>Ogni giorno, da casa e dal lavoro, vedo aerei partire.</p><p>Sento il tuono dei loro motori lanciati al massimo per il decollo.</p><p>Vedo le loro luci puntare il cielo la notte.</p><p>E ogni volta la malinconia di essere inchiodato qui mi pervade, e non vedo il giorno in cui potro` partire anch'io...</p> bronto 2005-08-20T21:22:52+00:00 journal Paolo Meneguzzi... <a href="">Dio, come vorrei averlo scritto io</a><nobr> <wbr></nobr><tt>:-)</tt> bronto 2005-04-25T20:01:44+00:00 journal I've seen *the* Life in my hands <p><b>Preface</b></p><p>On March 16th, my first son Andrea was born.</p><p>They were really bad days for our LUG (named GULCh), where an huge an hungry flame was burning in the mailing list, taking some of our associates away -some of them where really valid people and will be missed.</p><p>But Andrea was there.</p><p>There were people that were behaving bad.</p><p>But Andrea was there.</p><p>So, the same night that Andrea was born, I wrote an email that I never sent to the list, and that you can read it here.</p><p>It's in Italian, sorry about that. I'll try to translate it in English, sooner or later, unless someone else wants to do that for me and post a translation as a comment.</p><blockquote><div><p> <i><br>Sono stato molto occupato oggi, al punto che internet non sapevo neanche cosa fosse. Un amico mi ha fatto sapere che oggi qualcuno su questa lista si e` divertito a buttare fango sul GULCh e sui soci del GULCh "studentelli che non conoscono il mondo del lavoro"</i></p><p><i>Ma sapete una cosa?</i></p><p><i>Dove sono io oggi queste cose non arrivano neanche.<br>Dove sono io oggi tutte le bassezze e le meschinita` che possono essere state dette sono cosi` piccole e lontane che non le vedo neanche.<br>Dove sono io oggi tutte le cattiverie gratuite che qualcuno puo` aver detto su quanto ho fatto nel GULCh e per il GULCh non arrivano neanche a sfiorarmi.</i></p><p><i>Io oggi ho visto la vita. E la vita e` una cosa cosi` grande che nessuno che non l'abbia vista puo` riuscire a immaginare.<br>E` una cosa cosi` grande che, in confronto, lo sfogo della vostra cattiveria ha oggi per me le dimensioni che gli sono proprie: niente.</i></p><p><i>Io oggi ho visto la vita. Una cosa cosi` grande e allo stesso tempo cosi` umile da lasciarsi prendere in braccio.</i></p><p><i>Io oggi ho visto la vita. Una cosa cosi` grande che ha voluto avere bisogno di me per affermare, oggi, che da questo momento esiste per se stessa; che ha origine da me, ma che non e` per me perche' e` altro da me.</i></p><p><i>Io oggi ho visto la vita. E non riesco a vedere nient'altro.</i></p><p><i>Domani, forse, riuscirete di nuovo a farmi del male.</i></p><p><i>Ma oggi ho visto la vita. E voi, le vostre cattiverie, i vostri complessi, le vostre chiacchiere inutili, la vostra miseria, non esistono.</i></p><p><i>Potete urlare quanto vi pare, ma oggi non mi avete.</i></p><p><i>Continuate a seminare morte. Continuate a cercare di distruggere. Io, ancora finche' posso, rimango a guardare questo mistero; questa cosa che ha saputo sopravvivere alla cattiveria dell'uomo dall'inizio dell'esistenza.</i></p><p><i>Ho visto la vita. Una cosa che sopravvivera` anche a voi.</i></p><p><i>Vita...<br></i></p></div> </blockquote><p><tt>--bronto</tt></p> bronto 2005-04-09T21:59:04+00:00 journal Back from the past <p>I read a name in a mailing list last thursday; that name was the same one of a friend of mine when I was a child, Michele B. (oviously I'm not going to write his surname here!).</p><p>I decided to try the luck and write him, asking if he lived in my same town when he was a little child.</p><p>He said yes. He was the same Michele I played with until we were 5 and he followed his parents away from the town. I remember I missed him a lot...</p><p>On saturday, I went to my parents' house in town, and spent a couple of hours with a box of old photos. It took a while, but I finally got home with four photos, that I passed through the scanner and put on the Internet for Michele to see them.</p><p>There was Michele (nearly) alone in the first, his mother in the second, his father in the third.</p><p>The fourth was a group photo taken during my fourth birthday party. I was amazed looking at the smiles of all the children there: no sadness, no bad remebers, no worries in those eyes, just happiness.</p><p>Looking at those smiles, I realized that no adult man can smile the same way (unless they are really happy with their life). And that I missed a friend so much.</p><p>Welcome from the past, Michele. I hope we won't lose each other again, and that we can meet soon.</p> bronto 2005-03-01T22:24:42+00:00 journal They decided I am a communist <p>They decided I am a communist.</p><p>They decided that, because I promote Linux and free software, that this has political consequences.</p><p>They decided that free software has a <strong>strong</strong> left-wing political connotation; hence: if I promote free software, I am promoting other ideas with it, even if I don't mean to.</p><p>I promote free software because I think it is made in the interest of people that will use it.</p><p>I promote Linux because I like it and it is free.</p><p>I put (stupid) modules on CPAN in the hope that they will be useful for at least <b>one</b> human being.</p><p>But they decided what I am doing. And they decided I am a communist.</p><p>I don't mean to do anything political, for neither left- nor right-wing sides of the board.</p><p>But they give meanings to the things I do, meanings that I never gave to them.</p><p>I want to be helpful to people, I want to do something useful for people. They decided that this is being communist.</p><p>Screw you!</p> bronto 2005-02-18T19:11:08+00:00 journal Sono tutti così <p>Sono tutti cos&#236;</p><p>Hanno un abito scuro, la camicia chiara, le scarpe e la cravatta abinate, gli occhiali scuri sopra i capelli, a m&#242; di fermacapelli.</p><p>Hanno lavori dai nomi anglosassoni. Oppure hanno una piccola impresa. Oppure sono politici, oppure amici di politici, finch&#233; durano. Hanno potere; qualcuno poco, altri molto di pi&#249;; tutti abusano del potere che hanno. Gratis, per il solo piacere di farlo. Masturbano il loro io costringendo altri a fare cose inutili, a elemosinare i loro diritti. Producono tappettini umani, servilismo, pedine del gioco della vita, e sfruttamento.</p><p>Parlano fra loro, di persona o al cellulare. Parlano di cose vuote, usano parole altisonanti. Parlano di cose lontane anni luce dalla gente comune. Di convention e di barche, di giri di soldi di decine e decine di migliaia di euro; come se fosse niente.</p><p>Vanno in giro su macchine costose. Alcuni hanno avuto almeno il buon gusto di comprarle con i soldi che in qualche modo hanno guadagnato. I pi&#249; infami se la sono fatta dare a spese di altri, malgrado avessero tutte le possibilit&#224; di comprarsela. C'&#232; pi&#249; gusto. E poi, se posso averla, perch&#233; no? Che la facciano altri, la fame...</p><p>Parlano di marketing e di business. Parlano di appalti e di funzionari compiacenti. Parlano di noi come se fossimo cose. Parlano di tecnologie e non le conoscono. Giudicano il lavoro degli altri e non lo capiscono.</p><p>Hanno fatto soldi e continuano a farli. Forse, almeno all'inizio, se li meritavano. Oggi vivono sul lavoro degli altri. Sono responsabili senza prendersi responsabilit&#224;. Fanno cazzate e non hanno mai colpe. Portano alla rovina aziende e persone, e non pagano mai. Per loro pagano gli altri.</p><p>Loro no. Loro se la cavano sempre. Loro galleggiano sempre. Come gli stronzi.</p><p>Loro usano gli altri come gradini.</p><p>Che triste essere sotto di loro.</p><p>Che triste dipendere da loro.</p><p>Che gioia non essere come loro.</p> bronto 2005-02-16T11:21:54+00:00 journal Sadness and despair <p>I started this day with the best intentions, but less than 30 minutes later has become a complete hell...</p><p>Mother...</p><p><i><br>We're at the mercy of so few<br>With evil hearts determined to<br>Reduce this planet into hell<br>Then find a buyer and make quick sale<br></i></p><p><small> <i>George Harrison, "Save The World", Somewhere in England</i> </small></p><p>Ah, and the firm with which Laura was collaborating is shutting down... gia` avevamo poche certezze sul suo lavoro; adesso...<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-(</p> bronto 2005-01-26T15:31:14+00:00 journal Gift of Faith <p>All this pain surrounding me<br>Hopelessness is all that I see now<br>Does it have to be this way<br>Brought up on hypocrisy<br>The seeds they sow don't last forever<br>They just fade away</p><p>Don't be confused by the lies<br>Of the fools and deceivers<br>Hope and believe in the things<br>That we need to survive</p><p>We can make it if we'd only take the gift of faith<br>We can change it if we'd just accept the gift of faith</p><p>Take away my dignity<br>Take away my hope and my freedom<br>You got a world full of rage<br>Don't cover me with apathy<br>Don't buy and sell what I believe in<br>Don't lock me in a cage</p><p>In a world where no one's alone<br>Trust should come easily<br>Just reach out your hand<br>And I'll give you mine</p><p>We can make it if we'd only take the gift of faith<br>We can chage it if we'd just accept the gift of faith</p><p>Don't be confused be the lies<br>Of the fools and deceivers<br>Hope and believe in the things<br>That we need to survive</p><p>We can make if if we'd only take the gift of faith<br>We can change it if we'd just accept the gift of faith<br>We can make if if we'd only take the gift of faith<br>It's yours to choose but only fools refuse the gift of faith</p><p> <i> <small>Written by: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Stan Lynch<br>Performed by Toto in the "Tambu" LP</small> </i> </p> bronto 2005-01-18T17:45:29+00:00 journal Bad luck with Perl site these days <p>Uhg... the "use Perl'"'s RSS feed seems to be bad since two days, got slower and slower days ago, and it doesn't work any more today; has been down for ages (but is online again today)...</p><p>Ugh... bad luck with perl sites these days!<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-\</p> bronto 2005-01-14T13:31:35+00:00 journal threads! <p>Months ago I started looking for something new and useful to learn with Perl. I took a look at all the books I have and I read less. Many things came in to mind, the most interesting of which were GUIs and threads.</p><p>Discussing with Stefano, a friend of mine and a great Java/J2ME programmer, I decided to focus on a simple, long-term project: a little chat with a GUI that uses HTTP to send and receive messages. We decided that we'd build the same application with both Java and Perl and write an article together; obviously, since I had to learn everything about GUIs and threads and I had not a lot of spare time, we imposed ourselves no deadline.</p><p>I started months ago with trying to make sense of threads, reading the whole Camel Book's chapter on the topic and the perlthrtut. Before digging into the real application I experimented a bit at first.</p><p>Then many non-perl things happened, and I did nothing more on the project.</p><p>A couple of nights ago I went back to it and, finally, I had a program that manages connections on a port with a thread and pings the localhost with another. Now that I start to understand how things work, it doesn't seem that hard to create a threaded program that listens on a port for HTTP connections and, when asked, fires up an HTTP connection to another HTTP server.</p><p>Considering that, all in all, it required me a short time to understand how to work it out and that I worked on the project from time to time I am quite happy of myself, and it is giving me the necessary boost to experiment with the chat GUI.</p><p>Obviously, if they'll leave me the time to experiment with that...</p> bronto 2005-01-07T08:55:57+00:00 journal Maybe <blockquote><div><p> <i>And in the end <br>The love you take <br>Is equal to the love <br>You make</i></p></div> </blockquote><p>So said that short Beatles' song that you may or may not know, but that's not important.</p><p>I am starting to close this year's gates and go into the next one, and it looks like a wind of change is timidly starting to blow. My application for a job abroad has been dropped after two consecutive interviews, but at least I had them; that looks different from the old days of 2002 when I sent hundreds of CVs around, got just two interviews early in the year and silence for the rest. Maybe I'm grown, maybe new positions are coming out, maybe...</p><p>Maybe I'll learn new, great things and for some time I'll be definitely happy of what I am doing.</p><p>Maybe I'll find so many closed doors that I'll wonder what is keeping me here</p><p>Maybe I'll surrender and stay here</p><p>Maybe I won't renounce to always improve</p><p>Maybe I will be just happy that my child is here (well, he will in the new year) and I won't care if I can't spend that small part of my small spare time for programming in Perl or experiment new things</p><p>Maybe I won't stop trying to be useful to other people, even when I think that what I am doing is stupid, or is not enough for anybody.</p><p>Maybe I'll discover I really have been useful, and people apreciate what I do, and they are happy, and I'll be happy of that</p><p>Maybe, as always, at the end of the new year I won't be able to express that strange sense of happy melancholy that my heart is feeling</p><p>Maybe.</p><p>Happy new year, everybody</p><p>Marco</p> bronto 2004-12-28T12:59:09+00:00 journal Un anno in Tiscali <p>I thought if it was the case to write this in English or in Italian, but... does anyone care about this journal? Does anybody outside Italy? Does anyone outside... me?<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-\</p><p>Il 1 Agosto 2003 prendevo servizio in Tiscali.</p><p>Ci sono ormai da un anno. Ho fatto un bilancio, ma per motivi che potrete facilmente immaginare non lo pubblichero` su web.</p><p>Cos'e` successo in quest'ultimo anno? Beh, ho superato la crisi del cambiamento, ho fatto un po` di ferie a Natale, ho fatto l'esperienza della reperibilita` 24h, ho avuto un incidente d'auto, sono impazzito dietro ad un mutuo, ho traslocato da Capoterra a Decimomannu... che altro? Ah, si: Laura ha trovato un lavoro che ha perso qualche mese dopo, e questo ha modificato radicalmente i miei piani per l'estate (leggi: niente viaggio in Francia, niente Italian Perl Workshop). Mi sa che basta cosi`...</p> bronto 2004-07-27T15:50:25+00:00 journal Moving again, but this time... <p>...this time it is me to move. At the endo of the month I'll leave <a href="">CRS4</a> to <a href="">Tiscali</a>.</p><p>I hope I did the right thing, only time will tell... We are in God's hands</p> bronto 2003-07-23T17:49:37+00:00 journal Moving! Moving! <p>&Egrave; arrivato il momento</p><p>Our research center is finally moving to the "Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Sardegna" (Scientific &amp; Technologic Park of Sardinia). After months, or a year, of saying and not saying, after months that we didn't know what we knew... well, here we are. We have to move before June 8 and all <strong>must</strong> be up and running before June 20.</p><p>In the next two months I won't know what Saturdays and Sundays are, I'll nearly forget what my wife looks like, and my friends will think I left to Congo...</p><p>Citing myself, in italian:</p><blockquote><div><p>Se quanto ho scritto sopra dovesse apparire poco chiaro, lo traduco per i non vedenti alla pagina 777. Siccome sono uno del gruppo "Gestione Reti e Sistemi" da qui in poi potrei lavorare anche durante il finesettimana, anche per molto piu` delle canoniche otto ore giornaliere. Mia moglie mi dara` per disperso (spero non chieda anche il certificato di morte presunta), i miei amici -che gia` mi vedono e sentono poco- dimenticheranno persino il mio nome, per un bel po` non ci saranno articoli miei su riviste stampate (figuriamoci sul <a href="">PJ</a>), la sveglia diventera` una condanna alla morte civile (piu` di un discorso di Rutelli, piu` di una protesta di Bertinotti, piu` di una difesa in tribunale di Berlusconi, piu` di un'incisiva azione per la salvaguardia dei diritti dei lavoratori di un Sindacalista, piu` di una marcia della Pace contro la guerra in Iraq fatta ad Assisi -ho visto George Bush e Saddam Hussein vivamente preoccupati); la mia vita sara` piu` paradossale di un telegiornale di retequattro, piu` noiosa dei programmi dell'accesso, piu` catastrofica del TG3. E come vedete il cervello mi e` gia` andato in pappa... non volevo offendere nessuno con quanto scritto qui sopra, solo rendere l'idea</p></div> </blockquote><p>Say <b>GOOD LUCK</b> to me, please, because I'll need it!</p> bronto 2003-05-06T07:50:21+00:00 journal Why should I? <p>Well, I don't know if I should start writing a journal after years I'm lurking on "use Perl;". I even don't know if I should care of writing it in English, since I am pretty sure that my journal doesn't interest anyone but me. Right? It's natural: I didn't publish any module on CPAN (yet) that makes my name stand tall in the Perl community. </p><p>I just felt like I had to write something like this today. I don't even know if I'll keep on doing it. </p><p>It was just a sort of sadness feeling that, maybe, I wanted to share as soon as I read <a href="">this</a>. It's in italian, but if you can make sense of it, maybe you'll feel the same.</p> bronto 2003-04-08T10:05:14+00:00 journal