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Tables must contain <code>tbody</code> tags (and optionally <code>thead</code> and <code>tfoot</code> tags), and <em>that's</em> where the <code>tr</code> tags go.</p> brianiac 2006-03-14T19:37:29+00:00 journal Focus <blockquote><div><p>[user starts Outlook, then minimizes it and starts working on something else during the protracted loading period]</p></div><div><p>[Outlook jumps to front]</p></div><div><p>[user minimizes Outlook, resumes working]</p></div><div><p>[Outlook jumps to front]</p></div><div><p>[user curses, minimizes Outlook]</p></div><div><p>[Outlook jumps to front]</p></div><div><p>[user gives up working to wait for Outlook to continue loading and stealing focus]</p></div></blockquote><div><p> stage direction from <cite>This is where you will go today!</cite>, the musical</p></div> brianiac 2005-12-14T14:56:12+00:00 journal Entify Your HTML! <p> <strong>Updated</strong> Reposted from my other journal <cite> <a href=""></a><nobr> <wbr></nobr></cite>:</p><blockquote><div><p>To the embarassingly uninformed third party vendors of web-based applications, I present a quick look at HTML entities. This is Chapter One stuff in even the most basic HTML book, but I still get puzzled, dismissive, and even indignant replies when I request fixes for simple HTML bugs. </p><p>Three important characters: <code>&lt;</code> <code>&gt;</code> <code>&amp;</code> </p><p>These characters are special to HTML for processing. In the text or attribute values of a page, you must use <i>entities</i> that stand for them: <code>&amp;lt;</code> <code>&amp;gt;</code> <code>&amp;amp;</code>(respectively). In attributes, <code>"</code> should also be replaced with <code>&amp;quot;</code> (you can also use <code>&amp;quot;</code> in text, but it isn't a requirement).</p><p>The Web Is A Big Place</p><p>If you forget to entify your special characters, some browsers will sometimes let you get away with it. If you intend to produce code for the widest possible audience (which is the whole point of the Internet, after all), it is best not to assume your indiscretions will always go unnoticed; better to do it right to start with, and you won't have to double check every support call ($$$) to see if unentified HTML is part of the problem.</p><p>Unentified HTML Is Insecure HTML</p><p>All Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are caused by unentified HTML, and can be prevented using entities. The liability of such an attack, though potentially considerable, is nothing compared to the loss of client trust.</p><p>It's Easy</p><p>Every web development language has a single function you can call to entify the contents of string or text variables (numeric and date/time variables do not typically require escaping), e.g. <code>Server.HTMLEncode()</code> in Active Server Pages or <code>htmlentities()</code> in PHP. In cases where the language does not provide such a function, writing one is trivial: four search-and-replace calls (do the ampersand first).</p></div> </blockquote><p>It just kills me how often I see unencoded HTML (of the severity that actually breaks things), and how defensive companies get when it's pointed out. As if it were a lengthy or difficult fix.</p> brianiac 2005-07-07T05:24:13+00:00 journal Where are the SSI EEB 3.5 cases? <p>OK, I've got the brand-new <a href="">Tyan Thunder K8WE</a>, but it requires an <a href="">SSI EEB 3.5</a> case.</p><p>Apparently, <a href="">these server cases</a> are either <a href="">$400-$500</a> or <a href="">beige boxes</a> (<em>yawn</em>).</p> brianiac 2005-04-08T19:19:59+00:00 journal RIP: Hostess Suzy Q's <p>Fare thee well, my cream filling delivery device of choice.</p><blockquote><div><p>Suzy Q, baby I love you.</p><p>Suzy Q</p></div> </blockquote> brianiac 2005-01-05T22:19:52+00:00 journal oh no <p>Democrats could not have been any more motivated. They just lost. The Republicans found a good wedge issue ("god hates fags", in a palatable euphamism sauce), and more effectively used the media to (mis)characterize their opponent.</p><p>I see a couple of options for the Dems: "If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em", in which the party is dissolved and declare themselves all Republicans, kind of like the end of the (first) Matrix; or "Diaspora", in which a liberal homeland is created either through state secession, colonization, or displacment of another group (sorry, the Palenstinians have already been done).</p><p>I personally favor a Diaspora solution, since I have seen the Utopia Republicans create when unchallenged (Idaho), and would be amused to observe this on a larger scale, from a distance.</p> brianiac 2004-11-03T16:54:56+00:00 journal Is fop dead? <a href="">Fop</a> has shown no activity since July 2003. Has it been abandoned? Are there any free alternatives? brianiac 2004-08-09T19:14:59+00:00 markup Article: License Dirt, While You're At It This is pretty good: <a href=",1759,1612102,00.asp">License Dirt, While You're At It</a> brianiac 2004-06-18T16:18:20+00:00 journal ppm I notice that when I install XML::DTDParser 1.7 from ppm, I actually get version 1.5. brianiac 2004-06-01T17:42:55+00:00 journal Fedora Core 2 <p>So this is my first foray into the Linux world. I've been installing a huge amount of software.</p><ul> <li>Synaptic is great, but doesn't include enough.</li><li>Downloading RPMs is OK, but too often leads to dependancy hell (particularly since FC2 is so new).</li><li> <a href="">Sun</a>'s installer (for <a href="">JRE</a>, <a href="">JDK</a>, <a href="">JAI</a>,<nobr> <wbr></nobr>...) is just odd.</li><li> <a href="">Firefox</a> does not seem to have an RPM, but the shell script worked well.</li><li> <a href="">jEdit</a> had a nifty installer, but I'm not able to set it as my default text editor for some reason.</li><li>I like <a href="">Evolution</a> (though <a href="">Thunderbird</a> may continue to be my primary emailer, since it has better junk email filtering).</li><li>I put <a href="">Ant</a> and <a href="">XXE</a>, in<nobr> <wbr></nobr><tt>/usr/share</tt> then modified my<nobr> <wbr></nobr><tt>/etc/profile</tt> for Ant path and home info (as I did for Java).</li><li> <a href="">gFTP</a> seems to hang too easily when downloading from an IIS FTP server.</li><li>I'd be more excited about <a href="">WineX</a> if the first two games I looked for had been supported (Simpsons H&amp;R and Neverwinter).</li></ul><p>What has really irritated me is the inability to add items to the applications menu. Apparently, rather than right-clicking the menu, you must right-click an item <i>in</i> the menu, then use the "entire menu" submenu. In FC1, which I had installed for a couple of days (no built-in <a href="">ALSA</a> support for my digital speakers), the "Add new item to this menu" option always failed with "Unsupported operation". In the new version, the menu item is completely <a href=";hl=en&amp;lr=&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;;rnum=2">greyed out</a> (even when I am logged in as root).</p> brianiac 2004-05-28T16:14:23+00:00 journal Shot #3 <p>My wife Angela gave me my shot this time. The side-effects were still bad overnight, but more manageable and passed more quickly. I haven't had to take any meds for my heniated disc in the past several days, either.</p><p>I suspect I am starting to get a handle on my overall stress level.</p> brianiac 2004-03-30T21:30:36+00:00 journal Second shot <p>I performed my second shot on Saturday night (well, technically, it was a few minutes into Sunday). The flu symptoms did not last quite as long, maybe until 5pm Sunday. Working myself up to do it, despite my aversion to needles, took far too long. I think I may have my wife Angela do it next week.</p><p>On the plus side, I was able to get a few things done on my personal project this weekend.</p> brianiac 2004-03-22T16:14:59+00:00 journal A Different MS <p>Nine days ago I was diagnosed with the relapsing/remitting course of <a href="">MS</a>. I am currently about 5 weeks into what should be about a two-month episode that has meant double-vision and <a href="">nystagmus</a>, dizziness, some numbness and paralysis of my face and tongue, and some (as WAI might label it) cognitive impairment.</p><p>It turns out that the mysterious phase of similar symptoms (plus some <a href="">aphasia</a>) I experienced in 1996 was my first "exacerbation".</p><p>To be sure, a period of eight years between my first and second attacks is a very good sign, and my symptoms have not included blindness or incontinence, but not being able to see or think clearly is quite disturbing all the same. I find that I, quite uncharacteristically, miss things I reach for, drop things, stumble, and bump into walls.</p><p>On tuesday, I receive the first shipment of self-injected drugs meant to slow the progression of the illness about 30%-50%, at a cost of about $10K/year (covered by insurance). I have chosen Avonex, based partly on the condescending videos, all evocative of feminine hygene commercials, but mostly on my perception that weekly intramuscular shots of interferon would by far more sustainable, with respect to my injection sites, than daily/alternating-daily/thrice-weekly subcutaneous injections.</p><p>I do not despair, though I do hope that I may think, see, and taste again soon. Damn.</p> brianiac 2004-03-07T00:22:08+00:00 journal