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Saturday December 28, 2002
03:01 PM

Top Ten Things That I Won't Get Done Next Week

[ #9653 ]
  • Finish my Ruby port of Business::ISBN. I did not bring my Ruby book with me and I am too green to be far away from a hard-copy class browser. :)
  • perlfaq updates. I am way behind in updating the perlfaq---so much so that all updates in the queue now have a folder on my desktop.
  • tracking system for PAUSE requests. I have been thinking about thinking about this for awhile, and I have decided to think about thinking about it later.
  • My screenplay. I do not really have a screenplay, so I will not be finishing it next week. A TV person I know keeps hounding me to write one because I send her impossible ideas, but ideas are not screenplays. Ideas are easy; writing is work.
  • Super secret Project A that Randal and I talked about on the phone. Next month, really.
  • Another chapter for my Perl Designs Pattern book. That's okay---it is not like I have deadlines, a publisher, or any chance of selling it.
  • Another TPJ article. I want to get those done by the first of the month, but I have not been doing that.
  • Painting my house. Yeah, right.
  • Playing with Pocket Smalltalk. I really want to get going with Pocket Smalltalk since it runs on the Palm. I want to write some network tools I can use with my Xircom wireless card. TopGun SSH is cool, but I want more. I also did not bring the Xircom card because I thought I would not have a wireless network, but my Powerbook can be the wireless network. No matter---I am not going to get it done anyway.
  • See Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I am running out of excuses for this though. I really would like to skip it, but Stacey wants to see it.
  • A bunch of correspondance courses. I have about five courses I meant to finish this week, but I left them at home. I usually do these while travelling to kill time on planes.
  • Practicing my musical instrument (you do not get to know which one it is). The hazard of living with a working singer is that I do not understand the language of her profession. Luckily when most of them get together they talk about the same things geeks or soldiers talk about (dirty jokes or Monty Python). Curiously, the US Army has distance learning courses for music thoery and history, and I have done some of them.
  • Survey my block. I want to draw a map of the block I live on and map the location and type of the mega-flora. I also need to get
    Natural History of Vacant Lots.
  • Backup my iPhoto Library. I need to separate it into manageable chunks. If I move my military pictures into their own library, everything should fit nicely onto two CDs.
  • Hack Palm Network HotSync. I want to write an app to handle this on Mac OS X. I need to get some fancy network tools, a windows box, and maybee some hot pockets to start on this. Some of the linux tools for pilot might help with this (or already do it).
  • Write an redirector. I used to have a CGI script which would take an ISBN and turn it into the right Associates link and externally redirect the user-agent to it. I need to write this again (since I never saved it to anywhere that would keep it).
  • Release another version of Mac::iTunes. I just need a couple of free hours.
  • Release another version on XML::RSS. Again, just a couple of free hours.
  • Run a 7 mile race this weekend in Monterey. I have not run in two weeks. I am a fat slob.
  • Learn to count to 10.

Oh, holy cow---my laptop has not been charging all this time, so I guess I will not be using it during the five hour roadtrip I am about to go on. Let me add to the list:

  • Get a car-adapter for my new powerbook. I have one for the G3, but not the new one.
  • Get extra baterries for the G4. They last longer than the G3 batteries, but I still need two to get from one ocean to the next.