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Wednesday November 27, 2002
07:53 PM

Ten things I learned today

[ #9186 ]

Last week I learned a lot about Mac OS X just by noticing what Randal was doing while we were in meetings. Someday I want to famous enough be able to openly surf the web in meetings and have the client thank me for it. And, I realized, he does things differently than I do, and a lot of them get the job done better.

This situation is described in The Social Life of Information. We do not learn everything by reading books---we learn most of what we know because we see other people do or say it. Since you cannot sit in my office and watch me (that's by policy, not geography :), today I kept a list of the things I picked up on.

I started making a list of ten things, but then I wanted to throw in a bonus item, and then I lost control.

  1. My use.perl reader gets confused with unicode because Sean Burke has fancy looking quotes in his entries. Those explain the rest of the warnings I get from Text::Autoformat.
  2. Running while it is snowing isn't bad---it's the day after when it is icy that I should worry about breaking an ankle.
  3. If I am going to run while it's cold, I should route my Camelback hose down my sleeve to keep the water in the tube warm.
  4. AppleScript can talk to other machines with tell application "Foo" of machine "Bar"
  5. RealOne Player will not accept remote AppleEvents (as documented), so I have to find another way to do that.
  6. GeekCruises is leading a digital photography cruise to Alaska. Imagine going on vacation and beign able to get expert help with your spiffy new camera. Sadly I already have plans.
  7. Derrick Story's Digital Photography Pocket Guide has some great tips.
  8. O'Reilly's ThinkGeek gift shop is public, and it does not have the Gone Green logo (yet).
  9. My kitten has learned how to open cabinets by standing on the microwave. So that's how that's happening.
  10. I can get volume names with Mac::Carbon, so I do not need Mac::AppleScript.
  11. Mac::Path::Util sucks (and I wrote it).
  12. Weapons inspectors made their first inspections today and nobody called me. No war this week.
  13. USB Printer Sharing between Mac System 9 and Mac OS X does not work. Now I am in a bind---might have to revert to FreeBSD for printer sharing.
  14. An alias in the Dock does not necessarily do what an alias in the Finder does, but I can just drag the original application icon into the Dock anyway.
  15. A single "f" in Welsh is pronounced as a "v", so I have been pronouncing a name incorrectly for a month.
  16. IMAX Star Wars Attack of the Clones has scenes missing, but the production of Die Walkure I saw does not (and stops for dinner).
  17. Walgreen's sells blank CDs at a good price.
  18. PAUSE uses mod_perl. I should have known that, but I have never really thought about it.
  19. CPANPLUS is still too young for automated testing.
  20. Test::More's like() is better than is() is better than ok(), for what I do.
  21. Telemarkers now leave recorded messages on answering machines. I need to block calls that do not expose caller-id.
  22. make new style query strings using semicolons as the default (since version 2.64).
  23. Intel sells the SpringPort cheaper than retail---a lot cheaper.
  24. Mozilla 1.2 sucks. I thought it was just me, but other people have the same problems.
  25. Chris Nandor has a SourceForge project.
  26. According to the Geneva Convention, enemy prisoners of war can receive as many letters as they like, but the Detaining Power may set a quota on the number they send.
  27. Major League baseball owns the Montreal Expos---the team I did not care about when I collected baseball cards (back in the day).
  28. Spike, the character on Buffy, got his name from something to do with railroad spikes.
  29. Rafael gets to sync the perlfaq trees.
  30. Nat is working on Ram 2.
  31. There are teeth marks on one of my monitor cables, and neither of the cats is owning up to it.