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Monday January 17, 2005
10:06 PM

"Found Perl"

[ #22764 ]

I'm creating "Found Perl", a little, virtual Perl memorabilia museum. I've got a lot of stuff to include, and I bet the community has orders of magnitude more.

I've been looking at Found Magazine since I heard about it on This American Life. They publish pictures things that people find lying about: mostly flat things like scraps of paper. I'd like to do that for Perl.

For instance, I have on display:

  • Pictures of a couple of versions of the Perl Monger t-shirt
  • The temporary camel tattoo I was giving out at one of the Perl conferences
  • My original receipt for my first copy of Programming perl
  • Mark Jason's card announcing "Perl Advanced Techniques Handbook" (now "Higher Order Perl")
  • and some other things

There is a lot of stuff I'd like to find, and even more stuff I probably don't know about. If you have something, please send me an image or scan at

  • a picture of Amelia, the camel mascot of
  • Nat's "Perl is my bitch" sticker set (What were the other slogans?
  • An original blow-in card for The Perl Journal
  • Pictures of other Perl t-shirts, especially the one given out at the first couple of Perl conferences
  • The O'Reilly beret given out at one of the Perl conferences
  • Scans of signatures from various Perl people (I don't have any myself)
  • Tim Bunce's handwriting on a bar napkin saying "Generic database interface: use GDI or something" :)
  • Images of swag (keychains, water bottles, pens) that Perl vendors gave out.
  • Instances of the string "Perl" in everyday life. I remember seeing an image of a European road sign pointing to "Perl". I think it was German, but I can't find it.
  • and lots of other stuff that might be out there.
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  • Thank you, your TPR DBA address in Chicago may explain (finally) why Chicago-based Sears sells Kenmore [] appliances. Us Boston folk have wondered if their old, elegant Regional admin and warehouse at 309-401 Park Drive / 201 Brookline Ave [] (near Kenmore Sq and Fenway Park, now the "Landmark Center" [], a urban-mall theatre/Staples/BestBuy) was really that great an influence on a Chicago chain. If the Sears household appliance line is named for a street in Chicago, or the town the street is named for, that make
    # I had a sig when sigs were cool
    use Sig;
    • I think the streets are named for the appliances. I've been trying to find out the origins for the names of the streets around me, but I haven't figured out Kenmore yet.

      There are an amazing number of household names that come out of Chicago though. This month's Chicago magazine goes through most of the roster. :)
  • Actually the photo of a camel that came with's Camel Adoption Pack was just a random camel. It wasn't a picture of the camel that we adopted.
  • Instances of the string "Perl" in everyday life. I remember seeing an image of a European road sign pointing to "Perl". I think it was German, but I can't find it.

    I can't help you with the road-sign (although I didn't look too closely), but a little wine village on the banks of the river Mosel is called Perl. They even have a website [] with a pretty emblem.
    • Curious font on that page. Where have I seen that before :)
    • I once got a bottle of wine from "Perl" as a price for an obfuscation at the German Perl Workshop 2002. Unfourtunatly, I have neither the bottle nor an image of it. But maybe somebody from the GPW orgas can help..., I'll ask them..
    • I looked closer, but even some quality time with Google didn't bring up anything. I wonder what the look on the receptionist's face will be if I call the town hall and ask them if someone has a photo of the road sign.
  • I have an ugly scan of a receipt from Café Perl, in Lyon (where meets). The receipt itself was given to me in 2000 (before even existed) by a friend who knew I was interested in Perl and kept it for me. Note that the prices are in FRF, not EUR. I scanned it only a while later, which explains why it looks so... old.

    Grab the shot at [].

  • Good thing Tim Bunce didn't decide to actually call it "GDI", as that acronym is taken [], as the name for the group of drawing functions in the Windows API.

    But which was first? Windows' GDI probably already had that name in Windows 3.0 (1990 []) or Windows 3.1 (1992 []). I thought DBI's roots lie in 1994 which is definitely not as old as Windows.

  • I have a picture of the road sign "Rue de la Perle", in Paris, taken at YAPC::EU. Of course it's on my website at home, which is down while I am away. I'll send it to you next week.

  • I'm currently tending to Amelia so I'll try and get a photo of her sometime soon. I can also supply photos of the front and back of the original Perl is my Bitch tshirts, the sticker (which I thought I was given by Dave Adler at OSCon 2001 but memory may fail). I've also got examples of the last tshirts (which had logos for,,, and as seen Also - The first ever meeting htt
  • in the original first few TPJs. I don't think it was until they went to glossy format that the dreaded cards that fall everywhere began. I've got a picture of MJD's hairy ass from YAPC EU :)
  • lish=Y&subjectid=7019688 Perl Island, almost as if somone in the USGS knew....
  • I have one of those berets if you still want an image ...