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Setting destination for one week ago, in the boss' office.<br> <tt> boo: So, I'm going to be buying a house next week. You wouldn't know of any reasons why I shouldn't, do you? No impending firings or other actions, say?<br> boss: No, absolutely not.<br> boo: So, if I close on the house, would that make your conscience twitch at all? <br> boss: Nope. Enjoy.<br> </tt> Theoretically, if I can find another position within the company, I can stay, but there's less than 20 jobs in my state right now, and half of them are sales exec jobs...<br> If you know of any employment opportunities in Colorado, let me know.<br><nobr> <wbr></nobr>:( boo_radley 2002-06-06T21:25:57+00:00 journal Woo Hoo 2 : Electric Boogaloo I bought a house! I've never been so happily terrified in all my life! <br> <br> Now, if I can only figure out why my wife ripped out the kitchen carpet before we had anything moved in, or any idea on what would be replacing the carpet in there. I have no idea about what flooring will be taking its place, and neither does she, apparently. She called last night to get some quotes, and most contractors/ shops are scheduled into early September... but still<br> <br> I have a house! woo hoo! boo_radley 2002-05-24T13:53:01+00:00 journal More Perl/ UML Goodness short, and sweet.<br> boo_radley 2002-03-10T01:24:17+00:00 journal Furniture and cats The cats are trying to lick and eat the finish off our new table as I sit here programming. I've got plans to go get a small squirt bottle from K-Mart soon... boo_radley 2002-02-21T04:24:27+00:00 journal Furniture. I just bought a brand new kitchen table and 2 chairs to go with it. No more eating at the couch! woo hoo!<br> While we were at the <a href="">store</a>, I also picked up a big CD rack. Now all my CDs have real and proper homes, rather than being stored in a trunk.<br> And, as I suppose is inevitable, they cry out to be cataloged and ripped. While this may be geeky enough for some, I envision this goldbergian (or, if you're british, gormenghastian) contraption made of legos and a barcode scanned that would sort them for me by looking up UPC codes. This device looks vaguely like a library robot in my mind... I have yet to requistion funds from my wife for initial development. boo_radley 2002-02-19T15:55:05+00:00 journal Happy new year! Welcome to the <a href="">year of the black horse.</a> boo_radley 2002-02-13T03:43:09+00:00 journal you've got use! I changed my use profile -- I've listed the pager's e-mail address &amp; enabled messaging. let's see what happens.<p> About what you'd expect, actually. But it works well.</p> boo_radley 2002-02-11T23:14:58+00:00 journal UML Update I've had some people email me &amp; ask me on perlmonks about the UML to code program I mentioned at the start of my journal. Firstly, if you work in languages other than perl, you might like <a href="">dia2code</a>, which handles Ada, C, C++, Java, PHP, Python,and SQL code creation. If you'd like to be somewhat mischevious, and use an existing perl or c++ file to create a UML diagram, <a href="">autodia</a> may be to your liking. (thanks, Briac!)<p> My own efforts will be available soon.</p> boo_radley 2002-02-11T21:46:09+00:00 journal bookstore adventures, continued The <i>real</i> reason why I was posting about the bookstore was that I found <a href="">this OSS listing</a> in convenient dead tree version, for free. I picked it up along with my other purchases, planning to punch a hole in the corner so I could dangle it outside my cube with a little sign reading "<b>Free Thought Leadership!</b>" so as to interest the management in free/ open software.<p> This apparently counted as 'purchasing' an O'Reilly book, and I got a free t-shirt.</p><p> It's a burgandy shirt ( comment from my wife<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:"oh, good. another geeky burgandy shirt. I'll be sure to fold it next to the perlmonks shirt so they can talk with each other") and has the Java tiger on it...</p> boo_radley 2002-02-11T12:33:32+00:00 journal bookstore adventures I found a copy of PTerry's <i> <a href="">The Carpet People</a> </i> while in Borders Books last night. This may not seem much of find to some of you, but finding this in the US has been pretty hard.<p> Whenever I find imported books of his, they're always slightly warped, and the pages have been gently abused along the edges as if someone had applied a cheese grater to portions of them. I know in my mind that these are probably just books that got abused in stores and couldn't be sold (in the UK, anyway), but I like to think the damage they suffered was sustained in transit to America via Valiant Book Smugglers, seeking to bring the works of Terry Pratchett to the unenlightened.</p><p> In other Terry Pratchett news, I found this quote in Strata :</p><blockquote><div><p> <tt> "I'm proud to be human. Make no mistake! As for the other," he said, turning, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean They aren't out to get you." </tt></p></div> </blockquote><p> This book was written in 1981, which makes this the earliest version of the quote I know of -- is this a real live pterryism? </p> boo_radley 2002-02-11T12:19:16+00:00 journal When XML::Twig Attacks ! While plowing my way through Damian Conway's Object Oriented Perl, I read something to the effect that, yes, you can type variables. so rather than <br> <br> <tt> my $foo = Bar::Baz-&gt;new();<br> </tt> <br> a script can define <br> <tt> my Bar::Baz $foo = Bar::Baz-&gt;new();<br> </tt> and $foo's methods will get checked at compile time, rather than run time, shaving precious time off script execution. Intrigued, I decided to benchmark. I couldn't think of anything that I was using that didn't make : <br> <br> <tt> use Benchmark;<br> use XML::Twig;<br> $count=50000;<br> Benchmark::cmpthese($count, {<br> 'typed' =&gt; sub { <br> my XML::Twig $twig=XML::Twig-&gt;new();<br> #$twig-&gt;parsefile( 'c:\test.xml');<br> },<br> 'untyped' =&gt; sub { <br> my $twig=XML::Twig-&gt;new();<br> #$twig-&gt;parsefile( 'c:\test.xml');<br> },<br> });<br> </tt> <br> <br> This brought my memory usage to a little over 800 meg after the benchmark was done. The lesson being "When a module says 'be sure to call dispose after you're done with an object', you do it!". Although, after I corrected the benchmark subs, I still wound up short 20 MB or so after all was said and done. Very mysterious.<br> <br> Oh, the results?<br> <br> <tt> Benchmark: timing 50000 iterations of typed, untyped...<br> typed: 19 wallclock secs (17.56 usr + 0.00 sys = 17.56 CPU) @ 2847.06/s (n=50000)<br> untyped: 20 wallclock secs (19.12 usr + 0.00 sys = 19.12 CPU) @ 2614.38/s (n=50000)<br> Rate untyped typed<br> untyped 2614/s -- -8%<br> typed 2847/s 9% --<br> </tt> <br> <br>I think I need to work up a larger test case. boo_radley 2002-02-04T16:47:55+00:00 journal It's.... a zen experience...<br> Every time I think I've seen everything I need to in perl's documentation, I realize I'm delusional. I spent a good 2 hours fruitlessly debugging a module. After that, I gave up, and started rifling through perldoc... and found documentation that I'd not only seen, but everyone I'd asked about hadn't used or heard of.<br> <br> I feel like I've approached a zen teacher with a particularly stumping question, which is answered out of hand, using concepts and ideas I've never heard discussed. When I ask "Why haven't you taught any of this to me?", the answer is "you've never bothered to ask". boo_radley 2002-02-03T02:40:41+00:00 journal Withdrawl All work and no perlmonks makes boo go crazy. boo_radley 2002-01-30T14:21:20+00:00 journal object oriented perl and UML I've been thinking a lot about OOP in perl; this may be due to some excellent <a href="">Java training</a> I've taken recently, or just as a side effect of some of the apocalypse entries.<br> <br> Part of my explorations of the subject brought me to <a href="">UML</a>, and although it's more used in Java communities, I think it has a role to play when designing OO perl modules and systems. There's a nice GPL'd diagram creation program called <a href="">Dia</a> (now with <a href="">win32 port</a>)which I've grown quite fond of. <br> <br> Of course, once I'd a nice sized UML diagram completed, I wanted to export it out to perl. You can do so for a <a href="">variety</a> of languages (ada?), but perl wasn't in the gameplan, it seems.<br> <br> I grew wroth, and coded. Well, wroth probably isn't the right word, but the end result is a set of packages under the Dia namespace, chiefly <a href="">Dia::UMLDiagram</a>. The module provides a read-only interface into the layers of a Dia diagram which can be manipulated for output. Currently only class objects are supported; but this provides the functionality for generation of a skeletal module.<br> <br>Your feedback is humbly requested, either through comments or email to boo_radley 2002-01-29T15:18:36+00:00 journal