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bennymack (7469)

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  Comment: Re:Ironman vs. Iron Man (Score 1) on 2009.04.29 20:31

by bennymack on 2009.04.29 20:31 (#68356)
Attached to: Not an Iron woMan

First of all, my apologies to jarich for hijacking your journal comments. This will most certainly be my last response as, well, I simply don't care enough to continue. A zebra cannot change its stripes and I've seen MST's true colors.

@MST: You truly believe you're correct and by posting an out of context snippet you've coolly proved to everyone your correctness. The thing is, I didn't go into why I'm not happy and regardless of that no amount of arguing on your part is going to change the fact that I am. Quite the contrary in fact.

My "basic research" involved reading the POD for and the pertinent code for the DBIC Result, ResultSet, and ResultSource loading code for 3 FREAKING HOURS before posing my question. Not only that but it was the only question I had asked in days, maybe weeks. I get the impression that part of my problem is that my questions ARE well researched and generally result of running up against a brick wall in the capabilities of the software I'm asking about and the support experts whose advice I solicit become a little stumped IMO and they tend to react negatively to this in many cases but it varies almost entirely by individual.

I've have contributed bug reports and tests to various sub projects of Catalyst, DBIC, and Moose. I don't really see which of the points in the link you posted apply to me. I have spent a day and a half battling the crufty (yes, I'm going there) loading code to devise my own solution as there is no native way or CPAN package that provides the ability to do what I want to do. Will it or any of the other contributions that I and my $coworkers work on get sent back to the community? Most likely, not. And it's 100% thanks to you. I can't speak for them but as the only vocal proponent of the Perl community at my $job you can rest assured that if I do not, no one will. And now, since we can't expect to receive basic human courtesy for a software package our business relies on, it officially becomes a liability. But you appear to be comfortable with that. After viewing your behavior on IRC for some time I'm willing to guess that it's also partly your problem. But hey you've got like 75 applicants to your Iron Man thing so it's cool.

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  Comment: Ironman vs. Iron Man (Score 1) on 2009.04.29 11:12

by bennymack on 2009.04.29 11:12 (#68348)
Attached to: Not an Iron woMan

I guess since the term has a space in it then it refers to the super hero Iron Man but if it was all one word it would refer to the full distance triathlon which is how I initial read it. I'm surprised that no one else has pointed this out. It makes more as a sort of long-term blogging marathon.

I'd bring this up with MST personally but I'm currently not very happy with his inter-person behavior... The Perl community shall receive no blogs from me for a while thanks to him.

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