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belg4mit (967)

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Journal of belg4mit (967)

Thursday April 22, 2010
05:57 PM

Top-level namespace pollution is evil

Why's it evil? Because not everyone hunts for modules by using a search engine. Because you're less likely to see that you're needlessly reinventing the wheel. et cetera et cetera

People need to read perlmodstyle and think before they upload. Indeed, PAUSE should exact a pound of flesh or some other substitute before accepting top-level modules.

While we're at it, maybe we can thunk people with a clue-by-four who don't include a module description, etc.

Wednesday January 06, 2010
09:24 AM

CPAN bug tracker update

Hooray! CPAN's RT has been upgraded to the modern 3.8 series.

Wednesday October 14, 2009
02:14 PM

Namespace pollution

Arggh! Enough with the bloody vanity pseudo-pragmas and other modules to enable some combination of features-you-love-and-so-should-everyone-else sprinkled all-over CPAN. Create a bloody ToolSet or ToolSet::Bundle. That's what they're for, and it keeps all of that crud^Wbeauty collected together for ready comparison and retrieval.

Friday November 28, 2008
06:15 PM

Perl Advent Calendar 2008

Is currently lagging, and may not be up at the turn of the page without some help. I've got term papers galore, and cannot contribute until nearly mid-month. If you're interested in participating, see

P.S. Don't worry about ideas. If you have some, they're welcome, but we've got a list of candidates too.

Friday August 22, 2008
11:42 AM


As I've been installing/customizing RT at work, I've taken a renewed interest in as
I've reported various issues. I've been "familiarizing myself" with RT to better help the local
users, a.k.a goofing around), and have customized my front page. I've tweaked "Bugs in My Distro"
a bit (to do so you have to duplicate the search, since it's a globally shared resource), but
mostly just the sort order, etc. More interesting I think, is this second box I've added to the body,
"My Issues." It uses the same layout and display options as "Bugs," but instead shows you all the
outstanding tickets you've reported elsewhere. = '__CurrentUser__' AND != '__CurrentUser__' AND
(Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' OR Status = 'stalled')

The upshot of this is that you might then not feel so bad about having a few open bugs yourself,
or be so incensed that you supply patches :-P

Wednesday December 12, 2007
11:08 PM

Advent Calendar needs help

Please contact us about contributing!

Friday November 23, 2007
02:38 PM

This is the final countdown

One week left until December, we're still looking for volunteers/contributions for the perl advent calendar; details.

Tuesday October 30, 2007
01:29 PM

Happy accident

While idly searching* I came across a rather funny result.

*I was wondering if somebody had created some sort of perl module pertaining to and dubbed solipsism, or a variant thereof.

Sunday September 30, 2007
03:15 PM

Perl Advent '07

I've finally managed to transfer from Mark Fowler, so historic links should work (soon). However, the modern monger address will continue to work as well. While it may seem a little early to begin thinking about the calendar, it's very stressful to write & edit things Just In Time, so I'm putting the call out for contributors and assistant editors. I just entered a graduate program and will not be able to devote much time to the calendar until the third week of December; this also means I can't really write things in advance. If you're interested, please see the FAQ s and contact me ASAP. Do not worry if you have no ideas of what to write, we've got a fairly large backlog of possibilities, although we certainly welcome other suggestions. In addition, we need some artwork for the calendar splash page in keeping with general perlish and X-mas themes. Prod artsy coworkers, submit your own open-licensed masterpieces, or request clarification and inspiring suggestions. Finally, keep in mind that the more people who participate, the less stress and effort each must bear ;-)

Saturday June 02, 2007
10:43 AM

OT: Super TB fucktard

Is anyone else as outraged about this as I am? I seriously hope they press criminal charges (compare willfully spreading the significantly less communicable HIV) against this guy, perhaps in all 4+ jurisdictions even. What a dumbass. His attempts at apoligizing and justification are infuriataingly pathetic too. "I was told if I was anyplace but Denver I'd be dead." Bullshit. The fucking told you go check into the hospital. No soup for you. Go to jail (once cured). Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.