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Journal of barbie (2653)

Friday February 16, 2007
11:48 AM

CPAN fails to self install :(

[ #32425 ]

It seems this is not a new bug for on Windows. I have been quite happy with the version of I'd been using, but it was now a few versions behind, so finally decided to 'install CPAN' from within the 'cpan' shell. It downloads and tests fine, but then falls over trying to install over a file that is being used ... by This is either a flaw or feature of Windows, depending how you look at it, but it does regularly seem to catch people out. Installing it through the 4 stage command line route worked fine, so it is now installed, but it did make me wonder why it has to be this way.

Whatever complaints you might throw at Windows, most application installations work really nicely, even the various Perl binary installations are all point and click. It's a pity we have to get so low level for the individual libraries.

I'm even tempted to offer someone a metre of beer (as is Adam's fashionable wager) to see if they can write a binary installer (that could potentially run on Win32, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc) that hides all the CPAN/CPANPLUS/MakeMaker/Module::Build gubbins from the user and just installs by the use of a file extension association.

The .ppd (Perl Packaged Distribution) extension used by ActiveState is a good start, but would probably need a different type of XML or other markup to work well cross platform/perl.

The problem has been mentioned several times before, but I don't believe anyone has figured out a suitable way of solving the problem. To some it might not be seen as a problem, but when other libraries have cross platform point and click installations, I'm wondering whether this is another reason why the take up of Perl hasn't been so good in recent years as it has with other languages.

Or maybe it's just down to having a more complete binary package repository, that has a wealth of CPAN distributions packaged for several platforms. There are already several PPM and RPM repositories, which potentially could be combined.

Or maybe a GUI, like Synaptic, is needed that can do the searching, pointing and clicking and then hide all the nasty IO between the actual installers, except were necessary or requested of course. In fact I like that one better. It could even be written in Perl (with Tk?) and packaged with PAR as an executable.

I'm tempted to offer a metre of beer, but I'm also tempted to try this one myself. However, I still have plenty of other projects on the go and starting another is probably not a good idea. Perhaps I should finish those other projects first :)

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  • Um... PPM _is_ cross platform. The problem facing doing a large binary build is making sure that it'll work on each OS, OS version, architecture combination. There's a _whole_ bunch of work involved there along with the problems around needing to package up underlying libraries (libgd, etc). Not impossible, but tricky.
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    • I know PPM is cross platform, but it isn't point and click and isn't a GUI that allows you to search and select installs. It also shows you all the installation text instead of to a log or similar, when the user only needs to know errors and necessary interaction questions.
      • The newest PPM (version 4) that comes with AS Perl has a GUI. It will not be available outside AS Perl, however.
  • demerphq fixed this already in ExtUtils::Install. Of course, you need to find a way to get that installed, too.

    Strawberry Perl includes it by default on Win32, even though it's more advanced than the version in core 5.8.8. Whenever ActiveState does as well, it should be possible for to upgrade itself or any other core module there, too.

    That doesn't address the "double-click to install" idea, but that's probably not more than a hackathon away with either PPD or PAR.

    • Strawberry Perl includes it by default on Win32

      In that case you have a bug, as I'm using Strawberry Perl :)

      .. but that's probably not more than a hackathon away

      What a good idea, I might have to suggest that for's big thing in the summer. Personally I'd love to have something like Synaptic that can search 02packages.details.txt and install through the normal mechanisms, with a preferences option to automatically send to cpan-testers ;)

      • In that case you have a bug, as I'm using Strawberry Perl :)

        Ouch. Could you please open up a bug on rt for Perl-Dist-Strawberry [] with more details? It "works for me" so I'd like to know specifics about your setup.

        One standard Windows suggestion -- have you tried it after a reboot? ExtUtils::Install knows when a reboot will be necessary after an install, but there is currently no communication back to the user about it.

        • I hang my head in shame for casting aspersions. I wasn't paying attention and I wasn't using Strawberry Perl at all. I've just tried the Strawberry Perl upgrade and it all seems to work quite nicely. I think I now owe you beer (maybe even a metre if the glass is thin enough ;)) for causing untold stress over the weekend :)

          ExtUtils::Install knows when a reboot will be necessary after an install, but there is currently no communication back to the user about it.

          That suprises me, as looking through the code, I would have assumed it did announce a reboot is required during _do_cleanup() called from install(). It certainly didn't say a reboot was

          • I forgive you. I hope to have a chance to collect the beer at a conference or hackathon one of these days.

            The ExtUtils::Install is tricky -- it would be nice if it could communicate back to CPAN, but it's run in a subprocess of a subprocess, etc. so it can't. Maybe CPAN could set an ENVIRONMENT variable if it wants ExtUtils::Install to pop up an alert box or something. I need to remember to bug Andreas and Yves about coming up with something more user friendly.

            • I may have been a little too excited too soon. It seems the upgrade has trashed my registry :( I keep getting ribbed about running Windows when I talk at LUGs, maybe I should finally get round to dual booting at last :)
              • Please come bounce issues off people on #win32 -- perhaps we can figure out what the issue is.
  • You're not the first one to wonder about why there aren't better end-user tools for installation of Perl packages. Adam Kennedy, David Golden and myself banged about various ideas in that regard for quite some time on IRC, via mail, and the wiki. Adam is tackling the problem from a conceptual pov. now.

    It turns out that this is a major effort - writing a package manager would be hard enough, but possible. What's incredibly difficult is extracting all the necessary meta data and providing a rep
  • As far as I'm away the problem you report does not exist anymore and was fixed a while back. If it's regressed I'd like to know how it has done so.

    Do you have multiple Perls installed (could be problems hiding there).

    Can I suggest you drop in on #win32 in and let us help you?

    The only pending bootstrap fix I'm aware of is the whole forced/auto-upgrade thing, but that's going to have to wait for 5.10.1 since the fix needs to exist on initial installation.

    NOW, as for a GUI, that's been an idea I'v
    • Do you have multiple Perls installed

      That was the problem, I'd previously been switching between Strawberry and AS, and thought I was still in Strawberry.

      Can I suggest you drop in on #win32 in

      Unfortunately I'm not good at IRC, as I usually find it too distracting. The only time I usually use it is during a YAPC to figure out what talk I should be in :)

      have a look at pip.

      That's certainly along the lines of what I was thinking for a point and click install file, and there should be no reason why a GUI application couldn't be associated with that file type and run the command line installer interac