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autrijus (1505)

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Journal of autrijus (1505)

Thursday September 01, 2005
03:00 PM

Day 207 (r6638): More backlogging.

[ #26561 ]
Continuing yesterday's coverage, here are summaries of what the lambdacamels have been working on, in addition to the PIL2JS (JavaScript) and PIL-Run (Perl5) runtimes:


  • Beginning of JavaScript-FrontEnd, a JavaScript-to-Perl6 parser, compiler and runtime written in Perl6.
  • Interactive shell for Perl5 runtime ( now supports timeouts, multiple input files, and a verbose mode with nice YAML dumps.
  • Definition of PIL nodes in Perl6 as, a step toward writing Perl6 compiler backends in Perl6.
  • Namespace declarators like package and module now kluged into PIL statements. For example, module M {...} will emit &Module::_create("M"). PIL2 is expected to solve this by binding ::M to an object literal instead.
  • pugs -CPerl5 now emits Perl6-compatible PIL dumps, provided that a suitable &bless is in scope.


  • Massive tests review and new tests in light of recent p6l discussions.
  • A thorough review of binding and Ref semantics, sparking various P6L threads: 22915, 22923, 22925, 22959, 22970
  • Updated documentation in evalbot's README.pod.
  • Updated documentation for Net::IRC-OO.


  • Perl6-MetaModel2.0 in Perl5 reached bootstrapping. It's not yet used by the Perl5 runtime.
  • Multimethod support, using luqui's Class-Multimethods-Pure module on CPAN.
  • Various tests ported over from the previous metamodel.
  • Also, 10_Point.t is lifted from A12.


  • Unified Parser.hs code for loading JSAN and Perl packages.
  • Refactored away lots of duplicate code in Parser.hs into ruleDelimitedIdentifier.
  • More Haddock documentations for Lexer.hs, Parser.hs and Parser/Types.hs.


  • sub { 1 }.pairs no longer causes an infinite loop.
  • hash() now warns for odd number of elements, using the new runWarn function for runtime warnings in the Haskell runcore.
  • { f() } should evaluate &f in slurpy, not item, context.


  • Clarified and tested that slurpy parameters cannot be bound to named arguments.
  • Added tests for overlapping my() declaration, chained method calls, object attributes, and indirect object notation.


  • New example: hop6, a port of the stream parser from MJD's Higher Order Perl.
  • Added temp() test for package variables.


  • Clarified comments on top of
  • Update, extend, and cleaned up Pugs's STATUS document.


  • Updated several nested_loops example entries to use up-to-date Perl6 syntax.
  • Changed pipeopen to Pipe::open in pipe_open.p6.



  • Use proper Tibetan characters in unicode.t; also added tests for Russian identifiers.
  • Uncommented PGE parsefails in rules.t to use correct Rules syntax.


  • Unbreak ipw-japh.p6 to use for @a {...} instead of for @a -> {...} which does not set $_ as topic anymore. Thus the T-Shirt is outdated by relentless progress...


  • It's now possible to skip tests when building the Debian package.


  • New design document: GC.pod, covering the proposed interface to the runtime garbage collector.


  • Two new tips in porting_howto: Perl6's split() can takes string as the delimiter, and =$fh can be used as synonym for $fh.readline.


  • Nested data structures, such as [ [ 1,2,3 ] ], used to make the inner container read-only. Fixing it made 200 TODO tests pass.
  • One-liner support for the Perl5 runtime: perl perl5/PIL-Run/ -e 'say 123'
  • Multiple sub definitions with the same name is no longer silently treated as multi.
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