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audreyt (6654)

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Journal of audreyt (6654)

Tuesday July 11, 2006
12:31 PM

Parrot Summary (corrected): 2006-02-13 through 2006-02-28

[ #30252 ]

This is the Perl 6 Internals correction summary, for the weeks of 2006-02-13 through 2006-02-28, by Ann Barcomb.

Summary updates

Thank you to everyone who took the time to point out that I had accidently used February 2003 rather than 2006 for the internals section. This is the actual summary for February 2006.

Due to the comments received on short URLs, I have decided to use the originals, as I also prefer them.

Internals (Parrot-Porters)

This mailing list has been previously called perl6-internals. It is now known as parrot-porters, but the perl6-internals name will remain as an alias for now.

Delayed release

Leopold Toetsch announced the delay of the next release. The German Perl workshop and a hackathon with Audrey Tang were responsible.

Bug: PGE - truncating PIR code generated by p6rule

Allison pushed some code and a test which isolates a failing test in punie so that others could aid in debugging. Joshua Isom reported success on two platforms, but noted other problems he encountered, which Allison recognized as known Parrot::Test bugs. Some debugging took place.

Addressing unowned bugs

Joshua Hoblitt requested that people with RT privileges spend a few minutes on the queue attempting to resolve a few bugs and wondered if RT could be configured to leave bugs marked as 'new' until they are owned.

Request for a clean bailout mechanism

In December, Joshua Hoblitt created a ticket [perl #37930] requesting a clean way for a step to signal a failure. As of February's r11568, all configuration steps were modified.

Param count mismatch errors enabled

Leopold Toetsch posted that param count mismatches now throw exceptions, but result/return count mismatches are still not checked. He included a list of failing tests from r11570 which were affected by this change.

Better gdb support

Leopold Toetsch changed the syntax for registers in r11581.

Punie test failures in set_node method on Solaris/SPARC

Allison Randal passed on a reported failure on Solaris/SPARC [perl #38584].

In another thread, Andy Dougherty looked into the problem and gave his test results.

Trace improvements

Leopold Toetsch gave a summary of some recent trace improvements. They were as follows: trace output runs through a dedicated debug interpreter, the output has been beautified, and tracing in to a file is faster.

Test failures with 'long long' on i386/linux

Andy Dougherty reported that this failure persists if one uses 64-bit opcodes on a 32-bit system. He was not especially concerned about the failure as he had explicitly created the situation in order to test the bug in its original context.

Deprecated PMCs

In January, Leopold Toetsch indicated that FloatvalArray and StringArray would be removed soon. As of r11602, they were removed.

Future JIT compiler improvements

Leopold Toetsch related a short list of desired JIT compiler improvements from [perl #38593].


Leopold Toetsch announced an upcoming release and put a code freeze on feature changes.

Later he started releasing 0.4.2 and blocked all checkins.

And finally, the release was complete.

WRT *BooleanArray

Leopold Toetsch commented that the resizeable variant is broken, and had some comments on what *BooleanArray should support. Matt Fowles agreed with most of the *BooleanArray reductions, while Bob Rogers had some questions. Bernhard Schmalhofer also spoke up. After seeing the support for the methods, Leopold Toetsch decided they should remain.

Configure dependencies fix bug closed

Joshua Hoblitt closed a ticket [perl #31138] which was not addressed and was no longer applicable.

Question on t/pmc/array.t with a negative length to an array

Karl Forner asked a question about list_set_length, which puzzled him by accepting negative sizes. He requested a pointer to documentation describing the behavior of the routine.

Deprecated --expnetwork in

In October, Will Coleda noted that --expnetwork from was an unused option which should probably be removed [perl #37388]. More recently, Joshua Hoblitt requested clarification and Leopold Toetsch agreed with the removal.

Performance-adding profiling build options

Joshua Hoblitt inquired as to whether [perl #31156] was worth implementing. Leopold Toetsch asked how to add CFLAGS from a perl command, and Joshua replied.

Truncating results of factorial test on Parrot examples page

Back in September 2005, James Ghofulpo asked in [perl #31980] if the factorial example was meant to truncate results. Bernhard Schmalhofer confirmed that he got incorrect results running the example. Leopold Toetsch noted that most of the examples are outdated. There was a call to fix the factorials, and in February Joshua Hoblitt asked what had become of the example. Leopold Toetsch replied that it had been removed because it was broken.

undef != undef

As long ago as December 2004, Simon Glover created a ticket [perl #33603] noting that undef != undef. Leopold Toetsch tried to explain why undefs have to be distinct currently. A patch was proposed, but rejected, and in February Joshua Hoblitt asked for some resolution on the issue.

Ways to help

Karl Forner, a mailing list subscriber, expressed interest in helping to develop Perl6 and Parrot and asked what he could do. He was welcomed by Bernhard Schmalhofer, who proposed a starting place. Allison Randal responded to the suggestion of a FAQ for contributors by asking if Karl could start by making one.

Questions with building parrot-0.4.1 on Win32

Sisyphus asked if there was an appropriate place for asking questions relating to building Parrot, and then asked some questions relating to a Win32 build. Jonathan Worthington confirmed that this was the right list and offered suggestions. Nick Glencross also offered advice. versus causes problems on case-insensitive filesystems

Chris Dolan reported [perl #38604] that Mac OS X had a problem with these two files. Bernhard Schmalhofer indicated that this was due to an svn move, which caused problems with svn update on case-insensitive filesystems.

Big steps for Lua

Francois Perrad reported that Lua on Parrot took some large steps forward.

Linking in docs

Karl Forner believed that the documentation created by 'make html' were more useful than the documents on the parrotcode website. He asked a bit about the linking process, and Will Coleda answered.

Input/Output encoding filters

Steve Gunnell recapped that back in December he had a question about UTF-8 I/O. This led to some thoughts and a proposal on encoding filters. Leopold Toetsch and others offered comments.

Subversion server upgrades

Robert Spier announced some downtime for the subversion server.

Question on namespaces and classes

Leopold Toetsch asked for some thoughts on his proposals dealing with namespaces and classes. Jonathan Worthington and Chip Salzenberg replied.


Matt Diephouse posted a much-awaited namespace specification draft and requested comments. He received plenty.

Announcement: Amber for parrot 0.4.2 (Argument)

Roger Browne announced this release.

Applied patches


chromatic recruited me at YAPC::NA 2006, and Jesse Vincent proposed this task. Audrey Tang helped me to get started. She also deserves a belated thank-you for her effort in finishing the previous edition, as does Yuval Kogman.

If you appreciate Perl, consider contributing to the Perl Foundation to help support the development of Perl.

Send complaints and comments about this summary to Ann Barcomb,

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