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atcroft (5054)

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Journal of atcroft (5054)

Friday September 18, 2009
06:24 PM

Compacting db in FF from error console

(This is mostly for my own reference, because at one time I had encountered the information, but forgot where I stored it.)

To compact the database used by FireFox 3.x from the Error Console,

  1. Go to Tools -> Error Console
  2. Paste in (as a single line) the following:
    Components.classes[ ";1" ].getService( Components.interfaces.nsPIPlacesDatabase ).DBConnection.executeSimpleSQL( "VACUUM" );

(Many thanks to the folks on #firefox on, and especially to dr|z3d, who was able to quickly offer me with clue in this instance.)

Monday August 07, 2006
01:24 AM

Catching up (25+ months is a lot of ground)....

Well, it has been approximately 2 years and 6 weeks (give or take a few hours) since my last posting, so I thought I should try to bring things up to date.

The short form-moved, changed jobs, had a few losses, a few scares, and a gain or two along the way.

Losses: My paternal grandfather passed suddenly shortly after my last journal entry. A few months before I moved back, my remaining paternal great-aunt also passed (but I was unable to return for that funeral), and I also learned of the passing of one of my former professors. Since moving back my brother's paternal grandmother passed, as did several of my neighbors from childhood, and one of my instructors from high school, whose impact on my path was more than I had realized.

Scares: My dad had knee surgery. My brother was in for a few days after some concern following the results of a test. A cousin shattered his leg in a fall and had to crawl across a good bit of the farm to his house, where he was found by a neighbor the next morning after he didn't show up for work without calling. A good friend fell from the lighting grid in the theater in which he was working, and has been in the hospital a good bit of the past 10-11 months as a result. My sister had surgery a few weeks ago to remove two "spots" they strongly suspect are cancerous.

Gains (I): My sister had a boy last year, about two weeks before my birthday.

Gains (II): A year ago yesterday (06 Aug), my brother remarried. Two good friends of mine planned to marry, but that was put on hold by his accident (see paragraph 4, above). A good friend proposed to his girlfriend, and asked me to be a groomsman at the wedding (currently scheduled for Jan 2008).

Yes, paragraph 2 (above) mentioned that I moved again, and changed jobs. I took a new job about 16 months ago. I got an offer for a job back in my home state of Texas, and for a number of reasons decided to take it. All in all, the experience of living in Georgia was a good one, but most of the time there my heart was still in Texas. I do miss the friends I made while there, though, and hope they are well.

(And yes, for those of you who may remember the saga with the leak in the apartment, I did not forget that on move-out. I had prints of the photos I had taken made, and gave them to the apartment complex, just in case.)

The new job has been... well, a job. I'm now doing both system administration and technical support, so it has its days... and its days. (And yes, what they say is true-some days it isn't even worth chewing through the straps.) I have gotten to do a few things perl-related in it, though, including building a set of spam filters using MimeDefang (including one custom configuration for a particular client, that did some interesting things with forwardings), as well as a chance to do some XML/XSLT processing.

That last part reminds me-I had started working on the idea for a module for a particular application of XML, which I intended to release, but in getting back to it a few months ago, found that I had made a rather nasty error in the design. When I have free time again, I may try to return to it again. I half expect to see someone come out with a similar one before then, though, but we will have to wait and see, I guess. (I may see about putting my thoughts together soon on that idea, so you may see a seperate posting on that sometime soon.)

As to my hobby of photography, I haven't gotten to practice it that much since the last posting. Most noteworthy was probably that I was asked to be the photographer for my brother's wedding. That did a bit of a job on the nerves, trying to make sure I got the shots right for that occasion, but they were happy with the shots I got, which is all that really matters in the end. Otherwise, I haven't had many more opportunities, although I did get to take photographs at a seminar I attended a few weeks ago, which may appear with an article being written for a local magazine about the event.

Anyway, as with my other entries, for those of you who've made it through this far, my thanks, and my appologies for the level of boredom I've probably continued to instill. Until my next attempt to cure your insomnia, take care.

Saturday June 26, 2004
08:52 PM

Ti-i-i-i-i-me ain't on my side, no it ain't.... (the remix)

Well, for those of you who waded through my ramblings from 04 Jun 2004, my surprise and admiration. Perhaps an update should be in order, though, as that certainly was a rather rather bleak first posting. As radioman Paul Harvey said, now for the rest of the story....

My hope for a quiet weekend that I had mentioned was shattered by two or more calls about problems from work each day of the weekend. Ugly, ugly time, but most of those issues appear to have been taken care of since, or appear to have been side-effects of the failure cascade I had mentioned. I won't say things have calmed down yet (I don't want to curse myself), but they have gotten a wee-bit more tolerable in the mean time.

As for the leak I had mentioned, I later found that it had leaked under the carpet into the dining area on the opposite side of the utility room. After a week or two of trying to keep up with the status on what was going to be done, it appears to be done now. A carpet company came out, lifted the carpet, cut out the padding in that area, then later (after forgetting to add me to their list of jobs to return to) replaced the pad. Following that, I had noticed what appeared to be a small leak near the hot water heater, but this week the maintenance crew from the apartment complex replaced the hot water heater, so hopefully that should be the end of such problems for a while.

As to my hobby of photography, I haven't gotten to practice it much since that posting, but hopefully things will calm down a bit and I can do so. I had one recent photograph (from a few months ago, of a Civil War-era cannon at a nearby battle site) blown up to 16"x24" (about 40.6cm-by-60.9cm) and sent to a friend of mine as her present for graduating junior college. We thought it almost lost (it took about two weeks to go across 3 intervening states), but it finally arrived, and to my pleasant surprise she seemed to have liked it a lot.

Anyway, for those of you who've made it through this far, my thanks, and my appologies for the level of boredom I've probably continued to instill. Until my next attempt to cure your insomnia, take care.

Friday June 04, 2004
09:47 PM

Ti-i-i-i-i-me ain't on my side, no it ain't....

Well, my 7th grade English teacher would probably kill me for the title (we argued over the presence of the word "ain't" in the dictionary the entire year), and appologies to the songwriter I adapted the title from (whom I can't recall atm), but it seemed as apt a title as any for my first journal entry.

To be quite honest, I don't even really expect that someone would find what I write interesting enough to repay their time in reading it, but alas, I leave that decision to you. My appologies if I am correct. I'm not even really sure what to write about here....

Is there a particular reason why a short week can seem so long? This week in the United States, where I reside, this week began with Memorial Day, a holiday to remember those who have served in the wars and actions of the United States' past. It also began with a leak of the heating/cooling unit in my apartment. It is a very unpleasant thing to find such a leak when walking thru the hallway of your apartment because the carpet goes "squish." Then, there was work, which took most of the rest of the week, although back to this issue again in a bit.

Later that evening (after 03:00 localtime-all times herein are localtime unless otherwise stated, by the way), I had to do maintainence for work (I heard later than at least one other department delayed their maintainence window from early Tuesday morning to early Wednesday morning. Slackers!). Tuesday when I made it into work (after maintainence from the apartment seemed to have fixed the leak), I found that a site had had not one but two switches fail in the same day-a fact that completely startled me. Suffice to say, I didn't leave the office because of that issue until after 21:00. Next day, I came in, and a cascade of issues resulted in a server I work with going down, having to fail over to its secondary, and another evening of not getting out of the office until after 20:00 (I think maybe I cursed myself in this, because I tried to leave a little after 17:00). Thursday morning started with a call at 05:00 regarding another issue, which I wrapped up around 09:00 or so, but with the promise of working on it again after midnight. Well, midnight came, midnight went, and yet another problem to work on from shortly after midnight until about 03:30 or so. Grrrrr....

Well, today (Friday, if you're keeping count) was supposed to have a meeting to do a post-mortem of the timeline for the failure cascade from Wednesday. While getting ready for work, guess what... yes, you guessed it, the return of the leak. Grrrr.... So, a call to the apartment office to discuss it with them, then in to the office. *shrug* The meeting was long, and I suspect that most people in the meeting had an idea of what caused the cascade, but alas, I guess they want a formal process.

Survived the rest of the day, and at about 22:00, I'm rather hoping maybe it will be a quiet weekend. *knocks on side of head* (I was told quite a few times growing up that I either had a wooden head, or a thick one.)

Hopefully, sometime soon, I can get back to my current hobby (photography). Took pictures of flowers that a coworker received for her birthday yesterday (she wanted her mother, who sent them, to see what they looked like), and found that I seem to have gotten worse from lack of practice recently. It took me a few times before I realized that I had the camera set for an external flash unit (another *doh* moment in a week of them), then two of the three I finally kept (of the flowers themselves) seemed a bit blurry (I don't know for sure why), and the one I took of my coworker holding the flowers, I didn't realize she was standing directly under a fluorescent light, resulting in shadows that were not as flattering as they could be. *shrug* Oh well-maybe by the time I have time to work on it, I'll actually have some idea of what to try to take photos of then (always one of my weak points when it comes to photography).

Anyway, my thanks if you've made it through this far, and my appologies for the level of boredom I've probably instilled (and if it cured your case of insomnia, you are welcome).