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atcroft (5054)

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Journal of atcroft (5054)

Friday June 04, 2004
09:47 PM

Ti-i-i-i-i-me ain't on my side, no it ain't....

[ #19097 ]

Well, my 7th grade English teacher would probably kill me for the title (we argued over the presence of the word "ain't" in the dictionary the entire year), and appologies to the songwriter I adapted the title from (whom I can't recall atm), but it seemed as apt a title as any for my first journal entry.

To be quite honest, I don't even really expect that someone would find what I write interesting enough to repay their time in reading it, but alas, I leave that decision to you. My appologies if I am correct. I'm not even really sure what to write about here....

Is there a particular reason why a short week can seem so long? This week in the United States, where I reside, this week began with Memorial Day, a holiday to remember those who have served in the wars and actions of the United States' past. It also began with a leak of the heating/cooling unit in my apartment. It is a very unpleasant thing to find such a leak when walking thru the hallway of your apartment because the carpet goes "squish." Then, there was work, which took most of the rest of the week, although back to this issue again in a bit.

Later that evening (after 03:00 localtime-all times herein are localtime unless otherwise stated, by the way), I had to do maintainence for work (I heard later than at least one other department delayed their maintainence window from early Tuesday morning to early Wednesday morning. Slackers!). Tuesday when I made it into work (after maintainence from the apartment seemed to have fixed the leak), I found that a site had had not one but two switches fail in the same day-a fact that completely startled me. Suffice to say, I didn't leave the office because of that issue until after 21:00. Next day, I came in, and a cascade of issues resulted in a server I work with going down, having to fail over to its secondary, and another evening of not getting out of the office until after 20:00 (I think maybe I cursed myself in this, because I tried to leave a little after 17:00). Thursday morning started with a call at 05:00 regarding another issue, which I wrapped up around 09:00 or so, but with the promise of working on it again after midnight. Well, midnight came, midnight went, and yet another problem to work on from shortly after midnight until about 03:30 or so. Grrrrr....

Well, today (Friday, if you're keeping count) was supposed to have a meeting to do a post-mortem of the timeline for the failure cascade from Wednesday. While getting ready for work, guess what... yes, you guessed it, the return of the leak. Grrrr.... So, a call to the apartment office to discuss it with them, then in to the office. *shrug* The meeting was long, and I suspect that most people in the meeting had an idea of what caused the cascade, but alas, I guess they want a formal process.

Survived the rest of the day, and at about 22:00, I'm rather hoping maybe it will be a quiet weekend. *knocks on side of head* (I was told quite a few times growing up that I either had a wooden head, or a thick one.)

Hopefully, sometime soon, I can get back to my current hobby (photography). Took pictures of flowers that a coworker received for her birthday yesterday (she wanted her mother, who sent them, to see what they looked like), and found that I seem to have gotten worse from lack of practice recently. It took me a few times before I realized that I had the camera set for an external flash unit (another *doh* moment in a week of them), then two of the three I finally kept (of the flowers themselves) seemed a bit blurry (I don't know for sure why), and the one I took of my coworker holding the flowers, I didn't realize she was standing directly under a fluorescent light, resulting in shadows that were not as flattering as they could be. *shrug* Oh well-maybe by the time I have time to work on it, I'll actually have some idea of what to try to take photos of then (always one of my weak points when it comes to photography).

Anyway, my thanks if you've made it through this far, and my appologies for the level of boredom I've probably instilled (and if it cured your case of insomnia, you are welcome).

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  • INXS, my foot!   You whippersnappers... young pups... wet behind the ears... just fell off the turnip cart... sputter, cough...


    I recognize that as a Rolling Stones lick.   A wee bit o'googling turns it up as from the song "Time is on my side", first released on their second album in 1965.   I'm not a 'Stones fan at all, mind you, that's just an "ear-whig" kinda song - hard to get out of your head once you hear it.

    • Yes, Rolling Stones. And similarly, while not so much a fan, it does get stuck in the empty spaces between my ears, reverberating....

      And, to be honest, I think I actually used it because I had just seen Fallen [] shortly before having posted that.