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  Comment: Template Toolkit for Mojo (Score 1) on 2010.04.21 0:54

by ask on 2010.04.21 0:54 (#71906)
Attached to: Mojo vs Dancer Week 2 - Templates and Images

I'm not sure what your rules are for installing extensions for the framework, but there's a TT renderer for Mojo:

(Install it, add the lines from the synopsis to your startup() method and name your templates

With Mojolicious::Lite I think it'd be something like

              use MojoX::Renderer::TT;
              my $tt = MojoX::Renderer::TT->build(
                        mojo => app,

              app->renderer->add_handler( tt => $tt );

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  Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) on 2009.08.03 18:02

by ask on 2009.08.03 18:02 (#69851)
Attached to: Mojolicious::Lite

Most of the "reinventing" is very thoughtfully done - and in surprisingly little code.

The template thing is indeed a little silly; but it's a very simple template module and Mojolicious has extensive support for plugging in other "renderers" (a bunch already exist on CPAN).

It's all trade-offs (of course).

With Catalyst there's a good deal of "having to learn the underlying bits" to really understand what's going on. In Mojo there's less code and it's more internally consistent.

(That being said, I do think it'd be nicer if Mojo used Moose instead of its own very basic base class).

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  Comment: Re:More Sinatra's offsprings in Perl? (Score 1) on 2009.08.03 17:57

by ask on 2009.08.03 17:57 (#69850)
Attached to: Mojolicious::Lite

Uh, that's a little unfair. I've been using Mojo since November last year and it from the git log you only put Dancer on github a few weeks ago.

Mojolicious::Lite is just a variant on the Mojolicious code to allow you to have apps in one file, like you have in Dancer. It's not a fork.

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