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arhuman (1672)

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Journal of arhuman (1672)

Saturday August 31, 2002
05:28 PM

Coding frenzy

Sometimes I really want (need) to code.
Sometimes I even have enough free time to do it...
And I love when it happens !

Furthermore next week as my little family will travel to london leaving me alone at home, I could go on even further and mutate to a 'code zombie' without any shame :-)
So for now :
  • Devel::StealthDebug 1.006
  • A patch to ExtUtils::ModuleMaker (Great Module !) that I hope will be applied
  • Several in-house modules which could be released in the coming months

But I'm still planning to reserve some time to work on AI::Perlog...

Tuesday July 30, 2002
10:06 AM

Nothing really new...

It's been a long time, since my last entry,
so it's maybe the right moment for some news.

Professionnally things are going better, nothing sure,
but some opportunies seem to become more and more precise.
(more on this later).

To my great shame I've not been as much into Perl as I'd wanted.
I can't stay on anymore
(dial-up access costs me really to much for such activity...)
but I try to stay informed about what's hapenning in the Perl community anyway.

The French "Mongueurs" really help me to keep in touch
(especially Mirod and Echo with their TPC's reports).
These reports are REALLY excellents !
I really hope they'll put them online for all french speaking Perl lovers.

I (Finally) uploaded Devel::StealthDebug (final name, that's also another story)
to CPAN.
Please don't hesitate to play with it, make comments, report bugs...

Ok, I have to go, It's time to work...
Friday February 22, 2002
02:18 PM

How to edit my own posts ?

Damn !

Will someone explain me how to edit my comments ?
It seems that I goofed with the <code&gt tags,
and I can't correct my post :-(
06:11 AM

Just another day...

And one another day where I'm kept out out of the monastery (

I suppose, it's a sign I should write more here ;-)

So for the news :
  • I managed to screw my debian laptop
    (I REALLY broke the pcmcia part and thus the networking part...)
  • I go on participating to the 'CPAN testing crusade'
    (I really like this picture :-)
    I have several ongoing projects about it...
    Probably more on this soon (I hope)
  • I'm working on a module with a quite unusual interface (using filter) to assist debugging

I know I should ask to the CPAN mailing list, but maybe some of you have an Idea :
What name should I use for a module helping in the Debug Process,
the uncommon aspect is that all the provided functions are called through comments !

For example :
my $a; #!watch($a)!

will trigger a monitoring on $a telling me each time $a is accessed
Most of you have already recognized the monitor's idea
described in 'Advanced programming in Perl' from Sriram Srinivasan.
I also have an assert() function (I know there is a Carp::Assert) called the same way through comments.
A wait(<var>,<cond>) which will wait that <var> match the <cond> to carp/croak a message.
and of course a print() function.

As nothing is new you may wonder why I code already existing things.
Well, I thought that the non-intrusive module idea could be interesting :
As the functions are called through comments,
all you have to do to trigger on/off the debugging is to comment the 'use <yet-undefined-module-name>;' line...
There will be no remaining debugging code, not even a $DEBUG var...
Furthermore the filter approach helps me (I hope) to hide some unnecessary technical difficulties
(about the watch() feature for example...)

But may be I'm just plain wrong about the whole thing, so any advice (about what to add, the name...
and/or any opinion (about its usefulness, its interface) will be really welcome...

Monday February 04, 2002
01:46 PM

So many projects

I must admit that this kind of writing (journal) is quite unusual to me.
I'm most used to technical forum...

But on the whole, I start to like it.
Mainly beccause the Perl community is (by far) one of the most interesting I've ever seen.

Even if I forget (for 10 sec) our lovely language to focus on people :
I see amazing people like Ben Tilly, BooK, The Damian, Merlyn...
(Ok let's just forget this sentence otherwise I'll have to mention too many people ;-)
In this community I find smart guys, with a real personality and above all they're kind, willing to communicate
It's REALLY pleasant to learn among them...

Every month I get excited by a new project !
This month between cpan-testing and the Perl Review I got more than I could expected.
This enhances even more my will to contribute.

I really feel the need to say thanks for all of this.

Write you soon.
Wednesday January 16, 2002
06:31 AM

It's a new start.

I'm being laid off (It's a quite long process (3 months) here in France) for economical reasons.
I've tons of projects, and a HUGE desire to contribute.
(Mostly to the Perl's world but also to the <duck>Ruby's world</duck>...)

So I take it as a new start.

Let's see if I manage to write useful things here...