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ank (5971)

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Journal of ank (5971)

Monday June 14, 2010
03:21 AM

chromatic's real name

[ #40394 ]

What is chromatic's real name?

So far, my assumption has been that his last name was Christopher, since he has published a few books under that name. Now, it's much more likely that this is an alias used just for publishing - and that his real name is Shane Warden.

My evidence?

This is Mr. Warden:

These are some photos of chromatic: [removed] [removed] [removed] [new]

[Update: more to come, he has removed a whole bunch, but I can find them again. I've also ensured there are a few copies of the youtube video; please let me know if it goes down. -- ank]

See for yourself.

Note that I couldn't care less if he uses an alias (although I have to confess I find his one-name alias hilarious); and I actually hesitated until now to divulge this information because I believe in individual freedoms (in this case, the freedom of being called whatever the hell you want.) This changed when he didn't approve many of my comments on his blog - a violent, frightened response to a threat I simply don't pose. All I wanted is coherent discussion on what the Perl 6 group has been doing and how this is bad for the Perl community as a whole. I am now disgusted by the way he has dealt with my criticisms - and his utter lack of even a trace of humility or self-doubt.

I'm just a software developer in Australia, and have a family to feed. I'm much more interested in having my things done at the end of the day so I can play with my son than anything else - and I certainly take no delight in debating pretentious assholes.

I enjoy complex/weird programming languages just like every other nerd, but I would rather use a coherent, time-tested, stable, multithreaded and fast programming language for my daily work. Ultimately, it's no longer up to us which way Perl 6 goes - the damage has already been done.

And who do we have to blame for it? Well, largely, ourselves, for not taking the matter into our own hands. After all, this was based on our own RFCs back in the late 90s, so we are partially responsible for the train-wreck.

But ultimately we do not control what the word "perl" gets glued to - we don't own the name, so we can't just create a new programming language and call it "perl 6" - it doesn't work that way. There is a group of people who can. This is the people that have chosen to turn the Perl 6 logo into a joke. This is the people who think it's okay to have a whole bunch of operators that any smart person will laugh at. This is the people who refuse to see that Perl looks like line noise, even to decade-old Perl programmers. And these same people keep saying that Perl is "like English", even in light of atrocities like twigils.

We don't have to accept the programming language Wall and his circle of friends decide to unleash - we can sail away to cleaner waters. And lots of us have.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way.
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  • First point:

    You don't like Perl 6.

    You did not involve yourself in that project.

    You don't like what others have done.

    You have some weird ideas on how community projects work: you think that there's a cabal that controls the project. Well, you may call it a cabal, but anyone can join. You just have to write some idea in the mailing lists, or talk on the IRC channels, or submit a patch to the code or the documentation.

    If you have an interest in the outcome of the project, you don't ignore it for 12 years and t
    • Shane may be entitled to rejecting my comments, but he is definitely not entitled to editing them. It may be his blog, but it's my content - and my ideas. Misrepresenting my ideas on purpose is a violent act.

      I can tell you are confused. You are asking all the wrong questions. The real question is: why did we let this bunch of crazy people drive perl directly to the garbage? You don't care that it's become a joke? Interesting.

      You, as member of the perl community, are also responsible for it. Take some resp

      • In your original blog post, you said that chromatic had not approved your posts.

        In your comment above, you say he edited them.

        You also said you wanted a coherent conversation. It sounds like, right now, you're really upset and are having problems putting one together.

        If you have a beef with him, why not put together a clear, well-written post with what he did, with links to the topics.

        If, on the other hand, you're just mad and want to get even for him not approving your posts, I think you should chill. No

        • Shane has actually done both - rejecting and editing. Interesting how you didn't reply to any of my other comments.

          As for chilling - you only want me to "chill" (I am in no way upset about this issue) because what I'm saying is somehow insulting to you -- and this is the case only because you still believe the perl mythos - speed is not important, Conway is a great programmer, Wall is smart and a linguist thus perl is awesome, Perl looks like English, Perl 6 "will be done when it's done", Perl is awesome a

        • I believe there also seems to be a larger issue: Perl developers in general are not used to discussion. We are not used to having someone question our community leaders; we are not used to discussion - we are used to incoherent "state of the onion" addresses and absolutely no accountability.

          So, I understand that my comments might come as a shock, but believe me, these guys have been making a mess with what used to be a vibrant community - because we didn't follow them more closely. And every time things se

      • Misrepresenting my ideas on purpose is a violent act

        Bullshit. You are insulting every victim of true violence, ever.

        Why not go all the way and call it rape? chromatic raped you just as much as he was violent to you.

        J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
          • Think about it, kid. Our Perl community leaders have failed us

            That's funny; I don't remember voting for them.

            J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
              • Let me rephrase it: That's funny, I don't remember them dictating anything to me.

                J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
              • Never mind. You have missed every point of subtlety I've ever tried to make, so let me say it straight out: I can follow any leaders I please and ignore any leaders I want to. Your "our Perl community leaders have failed us" comment makes absolutely no sense to me. You and I share exactly zero leaders.

                What you have is some people you want to follow, and they don't want to lead you, and apparently this isn't getting through your head. They are going to Georgia, and you want to go to Massachusetts, and yo

                J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
                  • Contrarianism, basically - someone has to do it.

                    So you're doing it for the good of the community. How kind of you.

                    Is there something we can do to donate this kindness to another community?



            • Yep. The canary died; abandon the coal mine.

              J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • Wow, the more I think about your reply, the more I am amazed. Do they have this kind of hold on you? Look at the logo they pushed. Look at the response Wall and his minions had on that. Look at what they do, look at what they say. Look at the discussions, the sheer insanity of Wall's answers. These are the leaders you want? Wow. Just wow.

      I guess you defend the liberties of kicking people out when you don't like what they have to say, right? One true programming language is much better than a few - and it'

      • Also, do you want to know why Parse:RecDescent is only documented as pod and noone cares? Because he is a sacred cow, everyone assumes that his code MUST be good, and whatever he writes goes straight into stuff that we are supposed to use -- just because he is Doctor Conway, who can code in his sleep.

        Also, since we as perl minions have the delusion that "speed doesn't matter", as long as it works we don't look into it - who cares how fast it is?

        Give me a break. More conformist behavior. I'm tired of it -

      • As for the information on who chromatic is, it's public knowledge (I found it via Google,)....

        I'm not sure what you found, but my driver license reads T******* D****.

        • Great, Shane - then you won't be bothered when I call you Shane Warden.
          • While Mr. Warden (or Mr. Christopher or Mr. Erle or Mr. Nutter or Mr. Carlyle or Mr. Collier, whoever you decide to believe I am next) might, I'm much more interested in that research to which you referred Moritz months ago, or your thoughts on the APL case studies I recommended, or you talking on #perl6 or writing to p6l with constructive suggestions on how to improve learnability and cohesion and language retention.

            In truth, I'm happy to ignore everything except your thoughts on language design.

            • Shane, you've proven that you are very happy to ignore and edit my thoughts on language design as well.

              • Apparently the "Crazy to English" automatic translator plugin I use on MPB isn't perfect. I filed a bug on Movable Type.

    • This really cracks me up: []

      Look at all the perl intelligentsia trying really hard not to get his name in the wiki page. Status quo anyone? What else are they doing for each other behind our backs?

      I am surely happy I have never given money to The Perl Foundation, who knows what they could be up to. Maybe it's time to check on the results of some of their grants?

  • This is completely below the belt.

    qw(Ian Langworth)
    • How so? Please explain.

      Also, what about the actual issues? It doesn't seem that you care much for that, huh? More interested in keeping the status quo than to improve perl?

  • Lookie here! [] Is that our good friend Shane Warne? Yes it is!

    Good there was a copy of that file before he pulled it from public view.