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Monday August 09, 2010
06:29 AM

Some after-thoughts from YAPC::Europe in Pisa #yapceu2010

Yesterday evening I was so happy to return home from Italy. No, Italy is great, my fear was my palm tree I bought last month which was standing at the door of my house without water. I am so happy to say it survived well.

The weather in Italy was amazing — nothing to do with neither Amsterdam with its moderate climate nor Moscow's fires and smog my friends suffer from.

Although Italians may be very unpleasant when they do have their critical days having to serve foreigners in bars, the general impression is definitely positive. And I was happy as a child when (yeah, after some drinks) was able to use my Italian (which is obviously much much better than my Dutch or Latvian :-) for short communications asking for directions or at cafes/airport/taxi/hotel. Really, I did not expect it from myself as I have only passed basic Italian course living in Moscow more than a half year ago, and had no experience after that.

OK, being a crazy one (in a terminology of Cog), conferences for me is not only talks or travel fun, but also a keep-my-eye-on behaviour how all is going on from the point of view of the organizers.

Have to say that the conference was organized pretty well. There were a couple of things I'd like to improve, but that was not too important for the conference itself as well for most of the attendees.

First, there were no printed schedule in the morning of the first day. Even if everyone seems to bring their laptop, online schedule is not the one I prefer personally. Like with books, paper is preferable for human.

The second thing was lack of information of what and where goes on beyond the conference. Namely, I missed Night Pisa tour, and lots of us had difficulties with figuring out where the post-conference meeting takes place (and later, finding the way to it). Not to say that the bar selected for that was awful even if the personnel spoke English (I'd prefer much more entertaining Italian speaker than the one speaking English and hating foreigners).

As for talks, I can't say I fully enjoyed the programme, as being a person driven by ideas I can't attend talks with lots of Moose/Catalyst/internals/DB boring stuff :-) Opposite, every Perl 6 talk I attended was amazing (although I missed two and a half of them due to some collisions in my personal schedule). Hope one day to see talk recordings online (and would like to update as well). My personal grand prix goes to the talk on NQP by Patrick. It was a good introduction into a sublanguage I never considered worth to explore.

And I'like to say that I am looking forward to Perl 6 hackathon we would like to organize in Moscow on the day before YAPC::Russia, namely on 13th of May 2011. I'll find the venue for that.

And not to forget, we won the contest and (ha-ha, have to) are hosting the next YAPC::Europe in Riga, 15-17 August of 2011.


Monday May 10, 2010
12:52 PM

Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia 12-14 June

Very soon, in a month, there will happen joint conference "Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia".

Dates: 12-14 June 2010.
Place: Kiev, Ukraine.

It is the third Perl Mova (Ukrainian Perl workshop) and the third YAPC::Russia, which moves this year to Ukraine.

We will have three days, each for different things.

* 12 June. Hack meet.
* 13 June. Talks day.
* 14 June. River trip.

While the first two days contain more or less standard Perl activities, hacking and speaking, on the third day we plan extraordinal Dnipro River Trip.

I've already hired the ship: We will pass along Kiev riverside (which includes beautiful sightseeing of the right side of Kiev, including world-wide known domes of Lavra), and then go to the island somewhere in so called "Kiev sea". Trip continues from 10 am to 6 pm on Monday, 14th of June.

You may still join if not the conference (which will be mostly in Russian, not counting Jonathan Worthington's contribution), but at least the river trip day. Conference's site is It will be cool, and you may also feel of what we are going to propose for YAPC::Europe in 2011.

P. S. I am now in Kiev for a week holidays, and it is so nice here that I'd like to stay longer, until the conference.

Monday May 03, 2010
11:43 AM

“Communism and Perl 6” (quote)

“That is why I state that Perl 6 and communism are in close relation! The proof is easy: the latest Rakudo release was named after in the 140th birthday of V. I. Lenin, 22th of April! And there's more: version number #28, multiplied by 5 (number of beams in a star) gives 140!” (Russian)

Friday March 26, 2010
05:21 PM

Understanding world Perl blogging

Short version: site launched. It provides English translations of Perl posts from around the world.

Long version:

Iron Man and demonstrated that there are lots of Perl folks who write about Perl and you never heard of them.

Even more, on Iron Man we see lots of non-English posts, and those of us with non-native English usually can read only their native language and English. For example, lots of Japanese posts appear, and I can only see pieces of Perl code understandable there.

Copy-pasting post URLs into Google Translate on a daily basis is quite annoying. I catched myself at starting reading recent Italian posts about the forthcoming YAPC::Europe, and then switching to Google Translate, as I can't read much Italian yet. The same is with German. Both of them are more easily understandable than Japanese though :-)

Today I launched site which is a blog posts aggregator combined with automatic translator into English.

All posts, not depending on their original language, appear on in English, thus I can now read all of them, including Japanese, Farsi and Chinese!

Of course, automatic translation is not yet perfect, but thanks to Google, it gives fast and suitable results, especially when the target is English.

To demonstrate advantages of, compare these two posts, original and translated: The word "Rakvdv", which looks as it would be written by ancient Romans, is clearly understandable now.

I will try to fix some issues and add more functionality to the site during the following weeks.

As for technical details, I only wish to mention yet another problem with handling Unicode. It happened with WebService::Google::Language. Such errors are one of the most common issues with Perl modules today (remember, for example, another issue with Unicode arose when Alex was coding

Start using right now!

Tuesday January 19, 2010
02:40 AM

On MSN bot

Cpantesters block MSN bot from accessing cpantesters site. It is said on that "Microsoft in their incompetent wisdom decided to unleash 20-30 bots every few seconds". Maybe it is, but closing access to a search engine is another side of incompetence, and I'd say hysterics and psychosis.

Aren't we wise enough to launch Ironman contest so that world search engines index blogging on Perl and not allow one of them to access the other Perl site? Restrictions should be smart; "mustdie" and blocking the whole range /^65.55.(106|107|207)/ are not the arguments at all.

Don't they think that by blocking MSN bot you block the site from indexing and later displaying in one of the search engines, thus by yourself and manually reduce the area where Perl-related stuff can be found?

P. S. And I can't comment on, as the site does not allow me either to register or to login.

Friday January 15, 2010
10:47 AM

Perlburg Workshop

In a month and a week, 20 February 2010, there will be our next Russian Perl Workshop, "Perlburg" in Ekaterinburg.

Welcome! :-)

Sunday December 20, 2009
02:13 PM

Saint Perl workshop went well

Last Friday there was the forth Russian Perl Workshop "Saint Perl 2009" which happened in Saint Petersburg, Northen capital of Russia.

We were happy to occupy the venue offered by Saint Petersburg University, although in the campus 50 minutes away from the city itself.

I am happy to say that full organization process was done by local organizer, the leader of, Alex Kotov, who started the event and brought it to complete success :-)

Usual (sad) practice was to see only 50-60 % of registered attendees, but instead we had brilliant talks, including the series given by students and teachers of Ural State University. My favourite talks at the workshop were the one about new things in Perl 5.12 and the one I'd entitle "How to make Google Wave at home" :-)

Among that, I've "tested" new fast train between Saint Petersburg and Moscow; it only started connecting the two capitals the day before the workshop.

Wednesday December 09, 2009
09:24 AM

2nd Bulgarian Perl workshop soon

On 30th of January 2010 there will be the second Bulgarian Perl workshop.

It will happen in Sofia in the same venue where it was a year ago.

The workshop is organized by Bulgarian OpenFest conferences and Russian DeepText company.


Monday November 02, 2009
04:35 PM

Saint Perl Workshop soon

I am to unveil the event we have been organizing on 18th December. We will held the Nth Russian Perl Workshop in Saint-Petersburg, North-West Russia. It happens in the Mth birthday of Perl, look at the calendar :-)

Join us at!

Saint Perl Workshop is the 14th event that our international team organizes.

Saturday October 31, 2009
03:19 PM

Exchage rates in Act

I've updated the website of Baltic Perl Workshop and added a small sexy block with currency exchange rates.

We have attendees from 10 countries and most of them use their own currency. I think the block will make the event more attractive :-)

If it would be a part of Act, I'd avoid difficulties with embedding external data and updating the list of currencies.