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Anyone used it yet?</p> ajtaylor 2005-05-05T15:25:34+00:00 journal Why won't use.perl remember me? http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/24032?from=rss This is really, really annoying. For some time now (2-3 weeks at least), use.perl.org doesn't remember who I am for long. I'll log in OK, and then a day later it won't know who I am. This is particularly annoying when opening up a bunch of journal entries from bloglines.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-( I'm using FireFox on OS X if that matters. ajtaylor 2005-04-05T23:37:56+00:00 journal HTML spam w/ embedded images http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/14004?from=rss <p>I've started getting HTML spam where the images are embedded as separate MIME attachments within the message. The image links look like . I have the option in my mail software (Thunderbird) to not load images in HTML mail, but this method allows them through anyway. It really got my attention today when a spam for a German porn site came up w/ an image of a nude woman. The bad part is that I was in my office at work! No harm done but it could have been embarrasing to say the least...</p><p>Anyone know of workarounds for not displaying these sort of messages/images? Should I just turn off HTML mail all together? I just want to avoid throwing out the baby w/ the bath water. And I'd like to note that I send email in text format, not HTML.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2003-08-08T19:36:25+00:00 journal opnames.h - where are you? http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/13062?from=rss <p>I had an interesting problem today when installing HTML::Parser. On my dev server it compiled fine, with no problems. But trying to install it on the production machine gave me an error during make along the lines of "can't find<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/usr/lib/perl5/5.005003/i386-linux/CORE/opnames.h". And it refused to continue. </p><p>After a bit of googling, I found instructions at <a href="http://www.qitc.net/support/mailscanner/">http://www.qitc.net/support/mailscanner/</a> which explained that I needed to touch a few files and perl would be fine. I did and everything went smoothly from there.</p><p>Now my questions are: why did I get the error on one machine and not the other? And what is this opnames.h file and why is it needed? Terminally curious minds want to know...</p> ajtaylor 2003-06-25T18:34:55+00:00 journal Advanced CVS usage http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/12504?from=rss <p>I've posted a <a href="http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=261582">meditation</a> on perlmonks about more fully using all the features CVS has to offer, namely branches (which I've rarely used). I want to "Take it to the next level" so to speak. </p><p> The gist of it is that we'll use the trunk for "stable" releases, and create branches for each new project/bugfix. Each branch will eventually be merged back into the trunk, and a new release tagged on the trunk. I would appreciate any tips the community here has to offer, especially in the way of managing a complex CVS tree. </p> ajtaylor 2003-05-29T16:53:20+00:00 journal To OSCon or not to OSCon http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/11557?from=rss I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost me to go to OSCon. I don't need to stay at the Marriott for $129/night, so I'm wondering what are some good alternatives. Important considerations: transportation to conference (may or may not rent a car), cost, food, and amenities. I don't need anything fancy, just a decent place to sleep. <p> Also, I would be going alone so I'd also be interested in a roommate. I noticed on the OSCon page there is a roommate list, so perhaps I'll subscribe to that as well. Any one going that wants to bunk w/ a boring non-smoker/drinker like me? (I'm really not boring, I just abstain from a lot of things.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p><p> Also, I know I'm going to be hitting Powell's Books. What other attractions are "Must See" in Portland? How much spending money will I need? I'm planning on $50-100 for the bookstores (my wife will kill me)...</p> ajtaylor 2003-04-09T21:49:32+00:00 journal more funny spam http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/10911?from=rss This is one of the funniest spams I've received in a while. Note the patriotic theme while trying to fix your septic system.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)<blockquote><div><p>Death to Saddam Hussein<br> <br> Do you have a Septic <br> Tank?<br> <br> Free and Important <br> Information.</p></div> </blockquote> ajtaylor 2003-03-05T18:56:34+00:00 journal Nerds http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/10910?from=rss I just read Paul Graham's essay on <a href="http://www.paulgraham.com/nerds.html">nerds</a>. Apparently it was on DayPop a while back, but I'm not an addict yet. It was very interesting just how much his essay resonated with me. HS was a joke, and I was definitely NOT in the popular category. I wasn't a D, but maybe more like a C. <p> I think this is one reason I was a band geek. At least in band there were more people like me. That's not to say everyone was smart or popular (there were all combinations), but we were a group. We stuck up for each other. We also made fun of each other, but that helped make us closer. It wasn't like the biting putdowns I received from the "popular" kids. I wasn't Mr. Popularity with the rest of the population, but by the time I was a senior the back seat on the bus for away games was always mine. For our band, that was how we measured rank/influence/whatever. It was nice to be there. </p><p> I remember hardly ever having to study. And that bit me real hard when I went to college because I didn't have a good idea of how to study. So my coasting I called High School was really a detriment when I graduated. I didn't feel challenged, with a few exceptions. I remember my World History teacher (Mrs Russo - hi!) who made history fun &amp; interesting. It was much more than just memorizing dates &amp; names &amp; places. It was about learning _history_ rather than learning facts. I give her most of the credit for my current enjoyment of the History Channel. </p><p> So for those who have not read the essay, I highly recommend it. And if you're still in HS, just remember that it will be over soon. And it is NOT the real world, so don't confuse it for the real thing. Keep on plugging and you'll come out ahead.</p> ajtaylor 2003-03-05T18:15:10+00:00 journal Tricky spam http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/10529?from=rss I'm still not 100% sure this is spam, but from the checking I did I think it is. Anyone else get this recently? The address it was sent to has never been used outside some private family emails, and certainly never for work purposes. I guess I must have gotten the smart spammers.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)<blockquote><div><p>Received: (qmail 58622 invoked from network); 11 Feb 2003 21:08:25 -0000<br> Received: from ftp.canyonplumbing.com (HELO cgyho?inetsrvcs.teamwestco.com) ( by lauta.pair.com with SMTP; 11 Feb 2003 21:08:25 -0000<br> Received: from scgyho_2k1.wssc.westco.com ([]) by gyho_inetsrvcs.teamwestco.com with SMTP (Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service Version 5.5.2653.13) id DXTYDC62; Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:08:50 -0700<br> Received: from adsl-64-163-243-56.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net [] by SCGYHO_2K1.wssc.westco.com with XWall v3.24 ; Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:08:20 -0700<br> Message-ID: &lt;000801c2d212$6d418550$6401a8c0@westco1&gt;<br> From: "Lisa Skidmore"<br> To: &lt;changed_to_protect_me@drewtaylor.com&gt;<br> Subject: W2 earnings summary<br> Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 13:13:25 -0800<br> MIME-Version: 1.0<br> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;<br> boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0005_01C2D1CF.5C1AA240"<br> X-Priority: 3<br> X-MSMail-Priority: Normal<br> X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000<br> X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000<br> X-UID: 6159<br> <br> Hey Drew, hope this is the proper person. Your tax forms came into our office today if you're interested in getting them.</p></div> </blockquote> ajtaylor 2003-02-11T21:39:56+00:00 journal Class::DBI rocks! http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/9536?from=rss I just started using <a href="http://search.cpan.org/author/TMTM/Class-DBI-0.90/">Class::DBI </a>on a project at $work and it is by far the coolest thing since sliced bread! When you can write a whole data model class in a half dozen lines of code, you better realize you're onto a good thing. It let me beat my own estimate (sometimes notoriously bad even with padding!) for Milestone 1 on this project by 2 days! Many thanks go out to Tony Bowden and all the others who have hacked on Class::DBI. <p> That said, I'm having a problem where I can't use it like I want.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) I've gotten a workaround, but it's a total hack. Thus deserving of a <i>good</i> solution. My previous data models could handle having an id of 0 passed to them. It meant, create an empty object. Unfortunately, I can't use<br> <code> Class-&gt;retrieve(0); </code> since I get undef in return. How can I work around this? Would calling create() with a minimal hashref and not calling commit() do the trick? ie. not write a database entry? Any ideas welcome. And yes, I posted to the mailing list but have not yet gotten the answer I want.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-12-18T23:12:41+00:00 journal New journal interface http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/8443?from=rss I like the look of these new tabs (they actually look like tabs!), but it doesn't quite feel right. I'm sure pudge is still working on the final layout, so here's my thoughts:<ol> <li>My chief complaint is that when I'm in someone's journal it's not obvious whose it is. How about "user's journal (Friend of a Friend) in the blue bar? I really don't want to have to look at the tab or window title to figure out which journal I'm reading.</li> <li>The "Logout...username" tabs should consistently stay on one side or the other. But I definitely like having them.</li> <li>The journal links "user's journal...Friend's journals" should be above the dark blue line, not below. It's too easy to lose track of it in the current position. Perhaps a 2nd line below the links for "FAQ...Logout". Speaking of which, don't the new tabs make some of said links redundant now?</li> </ol><p> OK, I think that's all my gripes for now. But I still like being a guinea pig!<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-10-18T14:05:55+00:00 journal Users aren't stupid http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/8007?from=rss James said it best in <a href="http://use.perl.org/~james/journal/7967">the slides</a> he just posted: "Users aren't stupid. They're ignorant. That's largely our fault". There have been many times I wanted to just say "Stupid user, I can't do that. Don't you know that?" When, of course, they couldn't possibly know because I had never told them so before. <p> That reminds me of a project I worked on earlier this year. It was a relatively simple web application. Just some forms and a bit of logic to display/save data. But the users were completely amazed at what I could do, and how fast I could do it. To me, it was all simple things. Like throwing some more data on the page, or massaging a SQL query, or having a "printable" report format. But I guess they were used to other people's code, which apparently was not very flexible or easy to change. </p><p> I tried to educate them as we went along as to what was possible and what was not. They learned quite fast, especially considering they were very non-technical folks. So really it's up to us, the programmers and technical folks, to set the expectations of our users. All we have to do is bang the limits/possibilities into their heads and we will all be so much happier. Of course, that's the tricky part.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-09-25T18:12:54+00:00 journal How do I live like this? http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/7566?from=rss This is a quote from the NYTimes about Jack Welch Jr's "standard of living". What I want to know is how can I spend $420,000/yr, much less $1.5 million a year? That's a <b>lot</b> of toys &amp; swanky apartments.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)<blockquote><div><p>Mrs. Welch was seeking additional support because her husband had canceled their joint credit cards and had provided her with support of $35,000 a month, which she accepted under protest and said was far below their previous standard of living. </p><p> Though Mrs. Welch describes $126,820 a month in costs incurred by the couple to maintain their lifestyle... </p><p> <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2002/09/06/business/06CHIE.html">http://www.nytimes.com/2002/09/06/business/06CHIE.html</a></p></div> </blockquote> ajtaylor 2002-09-06T14:29:44+00:00 journal Journals (and perl) rock http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/7117?from=rss First, I have to say just how much I love reading journals here on use.perl. For some reason I find it facinating to watch other's lives from a distance. And even better, I've learned a whole lot from people much better/experienced than myself. Conferences are also very cool for learning as well. I had an excellent first time experience at YAPC this year and plan to keep attending in the future. Hearing that YAPC was actually more technically advanced helped dull the pain at not being able to go to TPC one more year. <p> For instance, gav mentioned the Burner idea in a journal, which he stole from Bricolage. I had started to do something similar here at work, but had not considered creating a seperate object for it. So I finished hacking and polishing it yesterday and I'm very happy with the results. I still have my TT support, and my boss has HTML::Template support. And since he's the boss and I'm the employee, his choice wins the coin toss. But I don't (yet) have to convert any of my old programs that are using TT since I still have that support. </p><p> And due to my forward thinking, it was very easy to retrofit the existing code I had done to use the new Burner object. MVC to the rescue! Perl made it all very easy and provided me with the multiple excellent templating systems I can use. So here's to perl (and the community members)!</p> ajtaylor 2002-08-15T19:49:51+00:00 journal YAPC Day 1 http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/5984?from=rss Well, here I am at YAPC with all my fellow perl mongers. And from the number of folks w/ laptops &amp; wireless connections I have to say I feel a bit like a fish out of water. But hey, at least I'm here. We got in late this morning and missed Larry's opener. I'm hoping that Gnat videotaped the whole thing and not just the darkness when Larry turned off the projector.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) <p> I learned a bit about Mason this morning, and then I went to Damian's Perl 6 talk. They both were very informative and interesting. I look forward to playing with Mason in the future. Now if I could just bolt on the user/authentication/groups features of OI with the excellent component goodness that is Mason I would be in hog heaven. </p><p> Tomorrow looks quite interesting as well with lots of short talks. I'm glad I'm here w/ a co-worker so we can split up and share notes later. Next year I'm resolving to have a personal laptop to bring. Oh, and it must have lots of stickers on it as well. I particularly like the "Coding is not a crime".</p> ajtaylor 2002-06-27T01:14:56+00:00 journal Getting to St Louis late http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/5934?from=rss It's been a long time since my last journal entry. I'm going to YAPC (yay!) so I'm very much looking forward to meeting all the people I know only by nicknames in person. Unfortunately we're flying in Wed morning for various reasons &amp; will miss Larry's opening speech &amp; probably the first round of classes. So I'm wondering if there will be audio/video recordings of the opener and/or the RT &amp; POE &amp; Mason classes. I'm truly bummed i'll be missing them as those are three of the things I've wanted to learn more about for a long time. POE because it is just so darn cool, and Mason because lots of FT positions want experience with it. I want to implement RT here at work for bug &amp; feature tracking. Slides are great, but you miss a LOT if that is all you have. Hopefully I can at least get any handouts that Jos, Jesse, and Dave will be handing out. <p> But either way I'm quite psyched to be going, even if the timing sucks. How's this for a schedule? YAPC wed-fri, moving into boston sat/sun, picking up my wife from school wed, then vacation for 1.5 weeks. Did I say how these next few weeks are going to fly by?</p> ajtaylor 2002-06-25T16:07:15+00:00 journal Arrogance of carriers http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/3645?from=rss Here's my favorite quote of the day. It's from a NY Times article about number portability for cell phones. (<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/18/technology/ebusiness/18NECO.html">http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/18/technology/ebusiness/18NECO.html</a>)<blockquote><div><p> <i> Asked whether the customers' perspective had become lost in this debate, Ms. Hoskins of Verizon said, "Carriers are in the best position of figuring out what consumers want." </i></p></div> </blockquote><p> Need I say more? Is it any wonder why competition benefits consumers so much with the incumbent carriers thinking they know everything? The paragraphs immediately following are just as good:</p><blockquote><div><p> <i> Yet one Verizon customer who filed a comment with the F.C.C. said he was reluctant to switch providers because of the cost and trouble involved &#8212; even though another carrier offered a feature he would like that was not available through Verizon. </i></p><p><i> "Being a Verizon customer," he wrote, "I find it hypocritical that they fought so hard to prove they were competitive when it came to their being allowed to enter the long-distance telephone market and now they are fighting just as hard to reduce the competitiveness of the wireless industry." </i></p></div> </blockquote> ajtaylor 2002-03-19T18:14:34+00:00 journal I got a job! http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/3357?from=rss Woohoo! I finally got a real job. Looks like I'll start on Monday. I was laid off Sep 6, so yesterday was my 6 month mark. Holy cow, has it really been that long? wow... <p> Boy, it's amazing how that time has just flown by. I watched Sep 11 live (luckily not in person). I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all without a full-time job. Thank goodness I have some freelance work that has been helping me stay afloat. I really couldn't have survived with out it. </p><p> And for those who care and have read this far, thanks for your kind words &amp; thoughts. I can truly understand how others in my situation feel. Until you've walked a few miles in their shoes, you don't really know what it's like. </p><p> While this is not my dream job, it will be a good one for me. The pay is not as good as I had hoped, but I'll get a nice raise after 3 months. And I'll be 2nd in command of the technology side of things. Lots of chances to prove and stretch myself. I've found that's important if you want to, to quote a famous slogan, "Be all that you can be.".<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p><p> I wish all those still looking for work the best of luck. And I hope it won't take 6 months for you to get off the unemployment dole.</p> ajtaylor 2002-03-07T19:43:51+00:00 journal DSL upgrades http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/3118?from=rss This weekend I was looking through Speakeasy's site and noticed that the difference between the 608/128 package I have now, and the 1.5/128 is only $10/mo! Why I hadn't had this all along I don't know. So I called, waited on hold for &lt; 5 min (much better speakeasy!) &amp; the friendly, clueful tech put in the order to upgrade my line. After a little waiting, I tried the ever popular and ubiquitous speedtest java applet at bos.speakeasy.net. To my surprise, not only did they increase my DL speed (as I wanted), they upped my UL speed too! <p> Now, being the paranoid and cheap person that I am, I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting charged too much. So I logged into the TAC to see what they had me listed under. With a impish giggle, I saw:<br> 1.5/128 RADSL LineShare </p><p> Hehehe! More speed! Am I bad to graciously take the extra 260kbs difference and not tell them? After all, it's not my mistake. Why shouldn't I use it while I can? It's kind of like my former dotcom employer continuing my COBRA coverage for 3 months after I told them to stop it... </p><p> Gotta take advantage of it while you can. Now it's time to download some ISO's or something.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-02-25T21:53:25+00:00 journal Modules and tests and freelance work, oh my! http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/2632?from=rss Tonight I needed a module to read a simple config file. Right now I have a config hash in the cgi scripts which is passed on to the module constructor. But this means I have to change code to go from development to production. This is not a good thing, and it makes using CVS really hard. A separate config file is perfect for this situation. So I looked at AppConfig by the amazing Mr Wardley. It almost fit, except that I didn't like how it handled blocks (it prepends 'blockname_' to block variables). And I definitely needed access to the individual blocks, which AppConfig doesn't do since it flattens blocks. I suppose I could have subclassed it, but it was simple and easy enough I wanted to write my own. It's not like I'm creating another templating system... <p> So I wrote my own parser from scratch, with the exception of the hairy regexp in AppConfig::File::parse(). <i>(I hope you don't mind Andy!)</i> It's very simple, with methods to set the filename, parse it, and get/set values. It also uses AUTOLOAD to automagically support method calls like $cfg-&gt;variable(). And I figured out how to do method chaining so I could do $cfg-&gt;block()-&gt;variable(). It's pretty simple and it works nicely. </p><p> Now it was time for tests! Hooray, I'm going to write a <b>test suite</b>. I used Test::More, and I must say it was quite easy. <i>(Thanks Schwern!)</i> I wrote enough of the module to have something to test, and then I wrote my tests. Of course, I found a few bugs and promptly fixed them. It also helped me to flesh out the implementation. And best of all, I now have a set of comprehensive tests that I can run at any time to see if I've broken anything. I think I'll definitely be taking the time to write tests from now on for anything major. <b>Tests are cool!</b> </p><p> And now for the motivation for doing all this work tonight. I've decided that the market is going to suck for me for a while still so I'm going to focus on my existing freelance work, while developing new customers here in MA. This last fall I rewrote an application I had developed over the last year with the express intention of selling it to other printers. It takes business card orders online, and does some neat stuff w/ PDFs to save on human layout time. Oh, and it does the requisite reports as well.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p><p> Of course, I need to get more organized if I want to have this software running for multiple customers, which mostly entails getting it under CVS and setting up development environments / backup strategys. It's been fun, and I've already found some areas I need to tackle to make it more commercially viable. Nothing terribly difficult as it's primarily in automating setup of objects in the system. </p><p> I've decided that if the good commonwealth of MA is paying me to be 'idle', I might as well make the best use of that time. I already feel much better about life &amp; work because I've been busy. Last week was good for me freelance work wise, and I also remembered about some time I had forgotten to bill a client! It seems that no one else can help me, so I just have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and do it myself. Besides, I REALLY want to go to one of the perl conferences this year and to do that I'll have to pay for myself. Can't make it to TPC, much less YAPC on unemployment wages. </p><p> Finally, I would welcome any tips on how to approach businesses w/ my product and/or programming/networking services. I'll have a demo site setup where they can see it in action. I'll have business cards and hopefully a one page "fact sheet". I have all the tools for networking. I'm not very good at cold calls, but I can make a good impression. I am happy to listen to any proven sales techniques that would get me a few minutes w/ the owner/manager. </p><p> If you got this far, thanks for reading my ramblings. I do hope I made sense at least some of the time.</p> ajtaylor 2002-02-04T08:38:07+00:00 journal Friends &amp; foes http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/2521?from=rss Short entry that's really a question to The Powers That Be. <p> I like the friends/foe thing. When I'm adding a friend it says "This information is not private". OK, so where can I see who my two friends are? (Hi friends!)</p> ajtaylor 2002-01-30T08:02:47+00:00 journal More RAM http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/2351?from=rss OK, this isn't directly perl related, but I do mention mod_perl towards the end... <p> I have an old PowerEdge 2200 server and wanted to add more RAM as it currently only has 64MB. But it uses 168 pin buffered ECC EDO DIMMS, which are more expensive than SDRAM. Crucial has at times wanted as much as $90 for 128MB, which I wasn't prepared to pay. </p><p> Enter Pricewatch. For those who don't know, pricewatch is your friend.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) A quick search for my RAM type turned up Memory4Less.com (which does more than memory - go figure). They only wanted $47 for 128MB, so they got it. </p><p> Once it's in, perhaps I can run multiple instances of mod_perl, along w/ Mysql, &amp; PostgreSQL without swapping. It kind of sucks when you run into swap even when the bare minimum httpd processes (1 parent, 1 start, &amp; 1 spare) are running. I tried having 0 spares, but apache complained &amp; said it was setting it to 1 because surely that's what I meant. No it wasn't... </p><p> One last thing. I setup <a href="http://bricolage.thepirtgroup.com/">Bricolage</a> as mentioned on the front page and it's pretty cool. From my cursory glance it's quite comprehensive. And when I wanted to run it on a high port and/or virtual host, the developers saw the utility of my request &amp; the feature is now in CVS. Isn't open source great!</p> ajtaylor 2002-01-23T17:33:42+00:00 journal Journal comments http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/2349?from=rss OK, I've gotten addicted to reading other people's journals. It's cool, thanks Pudge! However I do have a rant: Just how the heck do I post an original comment on someone else's jounal entry? <p> For instance, I wanted to tell <a href="http://use.perl.org/~hfb/">hfb</a> just how hilarious the link to "Harvey the Mouse must die" is! I was laughing so hard at times I almost peed my pants. Luckily no one was around to hear my tortured cackles... But I digress. I wanted to contribute to the community, but I couldn't. I know how to reply to existing comments - there is a "Reply to This" link! But just how do I make an original reply to a journal entry? There just seems to be no link. </p><p> Please help me! I'm confused, and I don't know where to turn. </p><p> <b>PS</b>: Being unemployed still sucks, but I've started to find things to do. It definitely helps.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-01-23T17:22:34+00:00 journal Unemployment blues http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/2030?from=rss Get strapped in folks, I'm in a rambling mood and this might get long... <p> I'm sure I'm not the only one but I've got the unemployment blues. I had the unfortunate luck to be laid off <b>twice</b> last year.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-( At least the second time I saw it coming because I was not doing anything while drawing a paycheck. But it sucks all the same. </p><p> It gets worse too. This fall, after the second layoff, I thought I had a job with a division of a major PDA company (no names to protect the [innocent|guilty]). After the interviews and lots of waiting, I was told that they would like to give me the job but that management didn't approve it, sorry. I guess it was for the best because not long after, the CEO resigned and more layoffs at the company were announced. Needless to say I was kinda happy not to be working for said company, but even one paycheck would have been nice. </p><p> So then after much more waiting (did I mention the job market this fall kinda sucked?) I finally got an interview w/ another company. After making it to the second round and doing some more waiting, I found out I didn't get this one either. So now I'm back to square one. No more leads. This is <b>bad</b>. BTW, why is it companies don't feel the need to get back to you in a timely way? The waiting is <b>by far</b> the worst part about the interview process. </p><p> Now for the blues part. With each passing day, I feel myself becoming just a little more depressed. I believe (with good reason) I'm a good programmer, and I have a good understanding of and dig the planning part of software engineering. Proper design, patterns, and planning are something I've been using to try and set myself apart from the crowd. I'm no Damian, but I think can hold my own. However I can't seem get a job to save my life. </p><p> My brain is stagnating. I can feel it deep down inside of me. I need an itch to scratch. I need <b>something</b> productive to do. After a conversation w/ a friend this week, I think I've found a couple itches - but it's not a job. Hopefully it will tide me over to the next lead. It's truly amazing what sitting around on your butt all day does to the psyche. I find myself staying up late, sleeping in way too long, and generally getting nothing done. IMHO, people have a deep need to feel useful and worthwhile. I know I certainly do. When I'm bringing home a paycheck, I have much more of a sense of purpose, a raison d'etre, a reason to get up in the morning. Something I'm sorely lacking now. Thank goodness for my wife, otherwise I probably would have gone crazy by now. She's the best thing that's happened to me. </p><p> What I really need is a routine, but it's tough to pull yourself up by the boot straps when your face is in the mud. I've begun to seriously contemplate going back to school (finish the old bachelors degree) or going for a state govenment job (meager pay, generally decent benefits, more job stability). I'd love to continue programming, but the landlord doesn't care where my rent comes from. He just wants it yesterday. </p><p> OK, I think I've gone on long enough. Assuming you made it this far, thanks for reading. And of course, if you have any job leads, I'd love to know!<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> ajtaylor 2002-01-10T05:54:23+00:00 journal April 11, 2001 http://use.perl.org/~ajtaylor/journal/20?from=rss <b>Looking for a job</b> <p> This is my first weblog, so who knows where it will end up. Maybe it will just ramble on and not say anything. That does seem to happen to me occasionally... </p><p> Almost three weeks ago the startup I worked for laid me and several others off very unexpectedly. It really sucked, because there was <b>no</b> warning. We were told we "had enough to make it through the end of the year". I'm guessing now that they meant they had enough after letting some folks go. And this week, a few more people were let go as well. </p><p> I knew it could happen, this was a startup after all, but I never expected it to happen to me. I was in engineering after all, part of the <i>important</i> people. Well, that's the chance you take working for a startup.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) </p><p> I'm doing some freelance work right now, which along with my severance will hopefully get me though June. If you have a perl developer position open, or know someone who does, please let me know. My resume and experience is at <a href="http://www.drewtaylor.com/">drewtaylor.com</a>. </p><p> I think I've rambled enough for now. Perhaps I'll be back. Hopefully I'll get at least an interview soon...</p> ajtaylor 2001-04-11T05:19:17+00:00 journal