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ajt (2546)

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UK based. Perl, XML/HTTP, SAP, Debian hacker.

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Journal of ajt (2546)

Saturday December 13, 2003
01:25 PM

Sad But True

[ #16321 ]

This is sad, but it is true...

Last week one of our R&D engineers came up to us lowly minions in the marketing department*, and asked to use our CVS server because it is running on a sane operating system (Linux).

For reasons of history and silly office politics that I don't understand or even wish to understand our R&D people are forced to use Windows as their development environment. They have applied Cygwin to it, to gain some semblance of normality, but it's only a thin skin, and as Windows is broken in so many ways, Cygwin can't cover every wart.

Anyhow because I was given a free choice of OS when I was installed as "Web Master", and as I had used iPlanet Enterprise, Apache and IIS in the past, we have Linux boxen running Apache/mod_Perl.

So along came an experience R&D engieer, making what I belive will be one of our best products ever, to borrow space on a marketing CVS server, because the R&D CVS server is on a Windows box, and it just "don't work!"

* Because the web is seen as a marketing function, those of us who look after the server, do the scripting and build the web sites are seen as part of marketing, even though we really don't belong... but that's another story.

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  • Do the suits make you run MSexchange? Are people asking you to set up {exim|postfix|qmail} on your machines, too? :)
    • Re:MSexchange? (Score:3, Informative)

      We do run MS Sexchange and MS Lookout. These two products are the product of a mind of pure evil. Nothing can describe my loathing of these products, but it's what we have to have....

      Even though at my current job and my previous job, we had serious out breaks of Windows/IE/Outlook viruses, mangelment seems to be convinced with this pile of sh*t. At my last job I *refused* to use or support Outlook, and I never had any problems with the machines I ran, the same could not be said of head office.

      At the mom

      -- "It's not magic, it's work..."
      • Sounds familiar. I imagine similar situations are happening all over Corporate America. But don't disturb economists with the facts -- they're all too busy using convoluted math to prove that rich people should be allowed to control the world.

        Authoritarian organizations are horribly inefficient. Cooperative organizations are the way to go, yo.
        • Re:MSexchange? (Score:3, Insightful)

          From what I can gather MS Exchange is constantly ranked bottom by users and in objective reviews. A simple POP/SMTP/IMAP server with any client works best when you just want email, and Lotus Notes is supposed to work well if you want a real collaboration tool.

          At our place of work Exchange is a poor choice, because:

          • We have many offices connected over slow/narrow links - so we need many local exchange servers
          • We have many field based staff on slow GSM/modem links - they have constant problems sycronising
          -- "It's not magic, it's work..."
          • At my job, my NetBSD system runs fetchmail, polling MSexchange every 30 seconds
            and delivering to local postfix-procmail-(homedir)-mutt. I used to use
            MSexchange for relaying out, but had problems (bogus loop detection in
            MSexchange) so now postfix sends out directly.

            Unfortunately, this doesn't protect me from horrible brokenness -- like the
            absence of threading info in MSoutlook-authored mail, or the wacky "MSexchange
            didn't understand the encoding of this mail, so decided to trash it and send you
            this notific
            • Interesting. I know which Exchange machine is the SMTP relay, but I don't if the nearest Exchange Server is running POP3 or IMAP, as well as it's broken Exchange protocol (a version of IMAP I think).

              The profusion of machines is horribly wasteful!

              -- "It's not magic, it's work..."