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agent (5836)


Agent Zhang (章亦春) is a happy Yahoo! China guy who loves Perl more than anything else.

Journal of agent (5836)

Tuesday October 17, 2006
08:42 AM

Notes for this fortnight (2006-10-01 ~ 2006-10-16)

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Oct 1 (to Sun Xin~)

Please check out your mailbox. i sent one journal and 107 slides to you for proofreading yesterday. remember that i've said i would try my best to keep you relatively busy? :)

Oct 4 (to Sal Zhang~)

I've rewritten your Win32::xul2ppt_mec module using Win32::OLE and stevan's excellent Moose module. Now it's named XUL::Image::PPT and the xul2ppt utility has been divided into two separate tools, and Please check out for the source code. :)

Regarding the new xul2img utility, the --count and --title options are required. use --help to see the usage. because the XUL => image part is still based on Win32::GuiTest, the user interface is somewhat fragile and cannot be as nice as that of img2ppt. it's still the user's responsibility to open .xul with firefox and not to enter the full view mode (via F11) before running the xul2img tool.

Delay settings like 0.5 sec should also work now since i've switched to Time::HiRes's sleep function. btw, Moose is so cool that writing perl 5 OO code has been exceedingly enjoyable. you know, perl 5's OO was ever a weak or even boring part in the past. Moose has brought me the feeling of using Perl 6 *today*. So don't hesitate and give it a shot! Enjoy~

(agentzh mooses.)

Oct 5 (to Sun Xin~)

Currently i am making slides for my XML talk. the topic is ``XML in the real world''. will send the slides to you for review once they're ready. :)

Oct 6 (to Cherry Chu~)

I will send you a message when i get up tomorrow morning. please keep your phone on, OK? if you get up earlier than i, would you please inform me via a message? thank you. :)

Oct 6 (to Jack Shen~)

The slides for my XML talk are ready now. please check out your mailbox for details. the slides contain a lot of pretty pictures. i've covered hot topics like RSS and AJAX using Google Reader, the Qzone site, and my GetQzone utility as study cases. these topics are extremely exciting! comments on my slides will be appreciated. :) i hope miss zheng will be kind enough to give me more time to explain everything in my slides...hehe.

Oct 7 (to Cherry Chu~)

cherry: moose. :)

cherry: elk! :D

I'm now heading out. :) 7:15 AM. don't be late, cherry.

...yay! cherry++ i'm already waiting for you. :)

...i am home now, cherry! yay! ...I was walking pretty fast. hehe. have a good rest. hopefully you will regain your strength soon. :)

Take care and sleep early, cherry. gotta run to shower and sleep myself. G'night &

Oct 8 (to Sun Xin~)

Cherry and i rode to the yangzhou city yesterday. we favored small roads in the fields over big ones. as a result, we were often followed by barking dogs and blocked by rivers and fields in our way. it was frustrating but also fun. she was amazingly vigorous and charming yesterday...we talked very happily and laughed a lot. you know, it was quite amusing to see she also talked and laughed very loudly, just like me! yay! hooray for cherry's beauty and the enormous parallels between us! hehe.

we've decided to ride to other cities in the next few times. but it's still undecided which city to go first. what's your opinion, man? ;-)

Oct 8 (to Cherry Chu~)

how are you today? i am still a bit tired. sigh., nice to hear that. btw, i'm happy to see my friend laye has replied to your journal. he's a talented programmer and now studying in the Fudan university. :) And your ``journal of 70 kilometers'' post reads very well! :)

...nod nod. he was in ujs when he was an undergraduate student. sadly we have never met in person. :(

Oct 9 (to Sal Zhang and Jack Shen~)

Yay! now i can do Java Swing programming in pure perl 5! furthermore, my perl interpreter can now learn new Java libraries all by itself. so i can manipulate *any* Java classes and objects as if they were implemented directly in perl 5. thanks to Inline::Java and Java::Swing. now i'm trying to get them work with pugs (i.e. perl 6). unfortunately, pugs doesn't do auto-importing for perl 5 modules. sigh. maybe i need to write some perl 5 wrappers and glue code there. oh, well...

Oct 9 (to Sal Zhong~)

huh! google++

i will definitely look into its shiny source code search engine the other day. thanks for the info. :)

Oct 9 (to Sun Xin~)

man, i'll (selectively) translate these notes myself because i don't want to occupy too much of your spare time. anyway, i can do the translation work more easily and more accurately. would you please proofread both my english and chinese transcripts for me? i'll be very grateful to your review! ;)

Oct 10 (to Jack Shen~)

I've nailed down the basic syntax of the SXML language. it looks pretty neat. i'll implement converters for XML <=> SXML and HTML <=> SXML. i believe it's important enough for both XML's human reading and human writing.

Oct 10 (to Cherry Chu~)

Moose. will you come to my class this friday evening? :)

Oct 16 (to Sal Zhong~)

jerry gay (the guy also known as particle) is rewriting my using Moose . it's really wonderful! he will commit the code to the parrot repos. He said he would introduce smartlinks to the parrot test suite and link the tests to both the Perl 6 Spec and the parrot PDDs. not sure if he still has the crazy plan to port to PIR. anyway, as christopher said, the idea of smartlinking has inspired several add-on hacks. hooray!

btw, pugs 6.2.13 is going to release tomorrow. larry is using pugs for his $work! sweet...

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