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acme (189)

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Leon Brocard (aka acme) is an orange-loving Perl eurohacker with many varied contributions to the Perl community, including the GraphViz module on the CPAN. YAPC::Europe was all his fault. He is still looking for a Perl Monger group he can start which begins with the letter 'D'.

Journal of acme (189)

Sunday March 09, 2003
05:34 AM

Missing Makefile.PL

[ #10955 ]
Continuing on my stats gathering, 168 distributions on CPAN are missing a Makefile.PL in their top directory[1]:

AlarmCall-1.1, Batch-Batchrun-1.03, Bioinf_V2.0, Brasil-Checar-CGC-1.01a, Brasil-Checar-CPF-1.01a, Bundle-Interchange-0.07, Business-DE-Konto-0.1, CECALA, CGISession, CORBA-IDLtree-1.3, CallerItem-1.0, Chemistry-MolecularMass-0.1, Class-Eroot-19960603, Class-Holon-0.03, ConfigReader-0.5, CookBookA-19960430, CookBookB-19960430, DBD-NET-0.1, DBIx-DataLookup-0.02, DBIx-DataLookup-0.03, DNS-TinyDNS-0.14, Data-Iterator-0.021, Devel-AutoProfiler-1.200, Devel-Tinderclient-1.1, Devel-Tinderclient-1.2, DumpStack-1.1, ESplit1.00, EventServer-2.3, FServer, FastGlob-1.3, Fax-DataFax-DateTime-0.01, File-List-0.3.1, File-SortedSeek-0.012, FileKGlob, Finance-Edgar-0.01, Finance-YahooJapan-HistoricalQuotes-0.01, Games-Literati-0.01, Games-Scrabble-0.99, HTML-0.6, HTML-Lister-0_5, HTML-Paginator-0_5, HTML-ParseBrowser-0_5, HTTP-Browscap-0.01, Harvey-1.02.1, IMAPGet-0.1, InitializeServer-1.0, JBrowseEntry.4.22, JaM-1.0.10, Joystick-1.01, LineByLine-1.0, LoadHtml.5_0, MIDI-Realtime-0.01, MP3-Player-PktConcert-0.01, MPE-IMAGE-0.98a, Math-RPN-1.08, MsqlCGI-0.8, Myfile-0.01, NCBI-0.10, NetIcecast-1.02, Object-Interface-1.1, Orac-1.1.11, Orac-alpha-1.2.6, PGForth1.0, Parse-Nibbler-1.10, PerlVision-1.5, Pilot-0.4, PlugIn-0.01, Pod-PalmDoc-0.0.2, Prim-0.01, Prolog-alpha, Ptml0140, Ptml0150, Ptml0160, QNA_0.5, Qmail-Control-0.01, Quizzer-0.08, Roman-1.1, SGMLSpm-1.03ii, SimpleProcess_1.0, Smil_pm_0_63, Statistics-ChiSquare-0.3, Statistics-ConwayLife-0_52, Statistics-Table-F-0.02, StatisticsRegression, Text-GenderFromName-0.2, Tie-Array-RestrictUpdates-0.0.1, Tie-DirHandle-1.10, Tie-HashHistory-0.03, Tie-PerfectHash-0.01, Tie-Scalar-RestrictUpdates-0.0.1b, Tk-ListboxDnD-1.3, Tree, Tui-0.4, VMS-FindFile-0.91, VMS-IndexedFile-0_02, VMS-Librarian-0_01, VelocisSQL-1.3, WWW-Search-PRWire-1.0, Win32-DirSize, Win32-Encode-0.5beta, Win32-InternetExplorer-Window-0.10, Win32-MCI-Basic-0.01, Win32API-Resources-0.06, Win32Shortcut-0.03, XML-BMEcat-0.52, XML-WMM-ASX-0.30, XPathToXML-0.01, XSTEST-19960302, Xforms4Perl-0.8.4--2, apache.authznetldap.02, bioperl-ext-0.6, ctserver-0.3, cvswebedit-v2.0b1, dbd_rdb-1_16, etext.1.6.3, examples, extensible_report_generator_1.13, former-0.2beta, frogbak, glist-0.9.17a10, html2latex-1.1, i2c-0.1, iPerl-0.6, jp_beta_1, llg-1.07, log, mssql-1.008, new.spirit-2.0.11, parrot-0.0.3, parrot-0.0.4, parrot-0.0.5, parrot-, parrot-0.0.9, parrot-0_0_7, perl-5.6.1, perl-5.7.1, perl-5.7.2, perl-5.7.3, perl-5.8.0, perl-5.8.0-RC1, perl-5.8.0-RC2, perl-5.8.0-RC3, perl5-byacc-patches-0.6, perl5.00402-bindist04-msvcAlpha, perlSGML.1997Sep18, perl_archie.1.5, perlhbm-0.01, perlmenu.v4.0, pop-0.07, pyperl-1.0, releasesystem-1.00, rms, roads-v2.3, router-lg-0.98a, shishi-0.0.1, shufflestat-0.0.3, smg, smime-0.7, swig1.1p5, test, tinyperl-1.0-580-win32, vstadaf-0.01, wing-0.9, xanton+xiri-0.63, xdbfdump-0.03, xisofs-1.3, xml-rax-0.01, xxx2lout-1.35.

Some of these are old (newer versions are fine). Some of these just don't have a Makefile.PL at all. Some of these have a Makefile.PL in a deeper directory (which is probably fine, just slightly different to most other modules). The perl- and parrot- packages are fine without one.

More cases to bear in mind...

[1] Or their second directory, if all the top directory contains is a directory

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  • Module::Build (Score:4, Interesting)

    by acme (189) on 2003.03.09 6:24 (#17822) Homepage Journal
    Trelane asked me about Module::Build, which uses Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. Well, there are no distributions on CPAN which use Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. However, there are 16 distributions which use both: Acme-Hello-0.02, Apache-Filter-1.022, B-Generate-1.06, Class-Container-0.10, Crypt-SKey-0.06, HTML-SimpleParse-0.11, Module-Build-0.16, Test-Signature-1.03, Text-WikiFormat-0.6, Thesaurus-0.21, WWW-SherlockSearch-0.14, WWW-Shorten-1.5.6, WWW-Yahoo-Groups-1.7.7, XML-RSS-Aggregate-0.02, optimize-0.03, types-0.05.

    I expect this number to increase as everyone sees how cool and fast Module::Build is.

    • And better advertised [].
      Hmm... on the to-do list: next time I've something to change in them, port my CPAN modules to Module::Build. And figure out how to do it properly [].
    • Of course, to show that another way:

        - B-Generate-1.06
        - optimize-0.03
        - types-0.05
        - Acme-Hello-0.02
        - WWW-SherlockSearch-0.14
        - XML-RSS-Aggregate-0.02
        - Text-WikiFormat-0.6
        - Thesaurus-0.21
        - Apache-Filter-1.022
        - Class-Container-0.10
        - Crypt-SKey-0.06
        - HTML-SimpleParse-0.11
        - Module-Build-0.16
        - Test-Signature-1.03
        - WWW-Shorten-1.5.6
        - WWW-Yahoo-Groups-1.

        ---ict / Spoon
      • Re:Module::Build (Score:3, Informative)

        Your wish is my command. There are 66 distributions on CPAN with SIGNATURE files: Acme-Hello-0.02, Apache-Filter-HanConvert-0.02, Attribute-Handlers-0.78, CPANPLUS-0.042, Convert-CharMap-0.01, Convert-EastAsianWidth-0.01, Convert-GeekCode-0.5, Crypt-CAST5-0.02, Crypt-CAST5_PP-1.02, Crypt-OpenPGP-1.03, Devel-Hints-0.03, Disassemble-X86-0.13, Encode-HanConvert-0.24, Encode-HanDetect-0.01, Encode-compat-0.05, ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.45, Game-3D-0.03, Game-3D-World-0.01, Games-AIBots-0.03, Geography-Country-Util
        • Thanks for that!

          ABERGMAN: 4
          AUTRIJUS: 38
          BOBMATH: 3
          BTROTT: 1
          CHROMATIC: 1
          GOZER: 1
          KANE: 1
          RBDAVISON: 2
          SIMON: 5
          SPOON: 3
          TELS: 7

          Not many surprises there. One expects Autrijus and Kane. I expect me. We have a couple who also Module::Built. Not a bad representation.

            ---ict / Spoon