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ZenHam (1293)

ZenHam (figure it out)

I'm a systems and technology architect, with a bent for network communications, system tools, and of course, Perl.

Journal of ZenHam (1293)

Wednesday May 29, 2002
10:31 AM

XChat scripts

[ #5277 ]
Doodling in the wee hours with an xchat script, to handle binary numbers inline, and revert them back to ASCII. Just a quick hack, but good fun. Still needs to have a method to detect whether MSB or LSB is needed as output. This, after sky started talking in binary on the channel...

You can see it here if you really care.

Weather is gorgeous here again, today. Code is flowing. POE is being learned. Cool things are afoot.

Wednesday April 24, 2002
03:06 PM

So goes the day

[ #4435 ]
This has every appearance of a day in which many little, nearly-invisible but amazingly-necessary things are getting done, and none of the big, unholy tasks have gotten their fair share of attention.

::grumble grumble grumble::

Back to coding.

Wednesday March 20, 2002
02:46 PM

Ofoto update

Forgot to mention this earlier; my prints from ofoto came in about a week and a day after my order was placed. The 20"x30" rint came in first, and the response to it has been mostly "WOW!". There are some minor areas of pixelization and noise, but considering that this was a 2048x1536 pixel original image, I can't fault the job they did.

The smaller prints, including the 8x10's, are some of the most impressive photos I've ever seen, much less taken. An unequivocal "thumbs up" for ofoto.

There's a slight knock on them that, fsicne placing the order, I've received three commercial emails from them... but, since they're clearly labelled, and they're all for things like "20% off your next order","free shipping through April", and the like, I don't feel much animosity at all. At least they're not pulling a Tiger Direct.

Monday February 04, 2002
10:25 AM

The Sun also rises

[ #2640 ]
Working on some interesting code later today. I'm saving it, because it's likely to be the highlight of my day. Wish I could say more about it, but... well... you know...

Spent the morning yesterday at the beach, watching the sunrise with two great friends. The resulting photos were spectactular, at least in my humble opinion. I'm really getting to love digital photography, and I'm regretting not having picked up a Canon G1 instead of the (still kickass, seemingly identical electronics, but a smaller lens) Canon S20.

On a related note, I discovered ofoto this weekend, a Kodak-run company which produces film prints of digital images for you at a very, very reasonable price. For 49 cents, you can get 4" x 6" images, all the way up to 20" x 30" posters for $20. I've ordered some in each size, so we'll see how they come out.

Spent the late night helping a distant friend and family in great need of amelioration in the small ways that I could. I'm hoping the sun also rises for those folks today, too.

Sunday February 03, 2002
12:41 AM

Just thinking.

[ #2615 ]

Sometimes, it's tough being who you really are, and it will tick people off to no end, even people you really, really care about. I believe in utter honesty though, and that makes it even tougher, sometimes.. especially when people ask questions that you know your answer to will hurt their feelings.

On the plus side, I find that people can deal with not liking what you have to say if they know, for a fact, that you speak from your heart. So there is a plus side to this, too.

Spent a lot of the day talking with Shauna, and some of it playing a little Counterstrike. Can't wait for the new beta, or... for July. :)

Friday February 01, 2002
08:04 PM

Questions, Questions...

[ #2594 ]
<lathos> Do you know the questions game?
<Zenham> lathos: are you asking me because you think I don't know, or because you think I don't care? :)
* Zenham runs
<lathos> So you do know the questions game?
<Zenham> Didn't you understand my response?
<autrijus> didn't zenham just said he doesn't know and he doesn't care?
* Zenham hees ;)
<lathos> You're not serious?
<Zenham> rhetorical. One point.
<lathos> Bah.
* Zenham REALLY hees
08:00 PM

Quote me on this

[ #2593 ]

You know, the best part about grinning insanely is that people don't tend to argue what you say immediately before you take on the look of a madman. :)

07:37 PM

Rethinking Beliefs

[ #2592 ]

I've been talking with a few people, one in particular, over the past few weeks, and I've come to realize some really interesting things about myself.

The first of which is, that deep-down, despite my lifetime of telling others I don't want to control their lives, I tend to assert my beliefs on others.

The second of these is that many of the core beliefs I've held on to throughout my life, because they are what I was brought up believing to be unerringly true, might not be. This involves some self-realization, and some humbling acceptances.

I realize that I wish the world was a better place. I also realize that the realm in which I can effect this is wholly personal.

I also realize that I could be entirely wrong, and that's incredibly liberating.

Saturday January 26, 2002
07:25 PM

Upcoming movies

Not very related to anything in particular, but here is a list of (supposedly all of) the major studio films coming up in the near future:

"Walk to Remember" w/ Mandy Moore. (D)Adam Shankman

"Dragonfly" w/ K. Costner, Kathy Bates. (D) Tom Shadyac

"The Count of Monte Cristo" (D) Kevin Reynolds
"Birsthday Girl" w/ N. Kidman (D) Jez Butterworth
"The Son's Room" (D) Nanni Moretti

"Rollerball" w/ LL Cool J, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. (D)John McTiernan
"Below" ???
"Big Fat Liar" w/ P.Giamatti, Lee Majors. (D) Shawn Levy
"Collateral Damage" w/ A. Schwarzenegger (D) Andrew Davis

"Return to Neverland" - Animated (D) Robin Budd & Donvan Cook
"John Q" w/ Denzel Washington, R. Duvall, A. Hechte. (D)Nick Cassavetes

"Kung Pao: Enter the Fist" w/ Steve Oedekerk (creator of "Thumb Wars")

"The New Guy" w/ DJ Qualls, Lyle Lovett. (D)Ed Decter
"Queen of the Damned" w/ Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend. (D) Michael Rymer

"Sorority Boys" (D) Wally Wolodarsky

"40 Days and 40 Nights" w/ Josh Hartnett (D) Michael Lehmann "Stolen Summer" w/ Kevin Pollack, Max Weinberg, B. Dennahy (D) Pete Jones
"We Were Soldiers" w/ Mel Gibson (D) Randall Wallace [True story from Vietnam]
"Salton Sea" w/ Val Kilmer (D) DJ Caruso

"The Panic Room" w/ Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker. (D)D. Fincher
"Time Machine" w/ Jeremy Irons (D) Simon Wells
"Full Frontal" w/ Julia Roberts (D) Steve Soderbergh
"Undisputed" ???
"All About the Benjamins" w Ice Cube (D) ???

"Clockstoppers" w/ Julia Sweeney (D) Jonathan Frakes
"Ice Age" animated (D) Chris Wedge
"Death to Smoochy" Robin Willams, Danny De Vito D (D) De Vito

"Blade 2" w/ W. Snipes, Kris Kristofferson (D) Guillermo Del Toro
"ET" - Re-issue [w/ Lucas style CGI changes to plot and content]
"The Rookie" w/ Dennis Quaid (D) John Lee Hancock
"Hart's War" w/ Bruce Willis (D) Gregory Hoblit

"The Sweetest Thing" w/ C. Diaz, C. Applegate, Parker Posey (D) Roger Kumble
"No Such Thing" aka "Monster" (D) Hal Hartley
"Showtime" w/ Eddie Murphy, De Niro (D) Tom Dye

Some more distant upcoming films....

"Scorpion King" w/ The Rock, Mike Duncan Clark

"Spiderman" directed by Sam Raimi

"Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

"Insomnia" w/ Al Pacino, Robin Williams

"Men in Black 2"
"The Powerpuff Girls"

"Austin Powers: Goldmember"

"Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"

2003 (sometime during):
"Matrix Reloaded" w/ Reeves, Fishburne, & Moss (D) Wachowksis