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TorgoX (1933)


"Il est beau comme la retractilité des serres des oiseaux rapaces [...] et surtout, comme la rencontre fortuite sur une table de dissection d'une machine à coudre et d'un parapluie !" -- Lautréamont

Journal of TorgoX (1933)

Sunday July 28, 2002
05:51 AM

You can never be too rich or too fat

[ #6695 ]
Dear Log,

«Those who argue that we need food security are fighting the last war - and the real victims are the desperately poor farmers in the developing world. Not only are they unable to sell their goods in our markets because our agriculture industry is protected by high tariffs, but their livelihoods are threatened when we dump mountains of artificially cheap crops on their doorstep.

No other industry is allowed to behave like this. If South Korea were to dump colour televisions on European markets at below production price, Brussels would have a cast-iron case for hitting it with sanctions under global trading rules. But anti-dumping rules only apply in manufactured goods - not entirely coincidence you might think when the powerful trading blocs that drive the agenda in the World Trade Organisation, Europe, the US and Japan, are the biggest subsidisers of agriculture.»

--"Old McDonald had a subsidy: Cash handouts for European farmers are propping up a dying industry and killing the third world"

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  • This is one of my many issues with the Meat industry - having been a vegetarian for nigh on 6 years I pay taxes to subsidise an inefficient and environmentally harmful industry to slaughter animals for a quick buck.

    Then they have the cheek to advertise on UK TV lies about Red Meat being good for you when it isn't at all. Its not necessary for the human diet.

    @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
    print reverse @JAPH;
    • It's not a lie. Red meat certainly is good me. And it is necessary for my diet. You are entirely wrong.
      • Stuff whether it's good for me. I like the taste, damnit.

        my $dinner = new Steak;
        $dinner->done("fit for a vampire");

          ---ict / Spoon
      • Red meat is does more harm than good to your body. Even if its 'lean' it still contains a lot of fat and exactly the kind of fat you want to avoid.

        I suppose you wouldn't care that by the time you die most americans have over a kilo of rotten meat sitting in the digestive system. Red meat *is* linked to digestive system illness and cancer within the digestive system.

        Red meat is bad for you outside of very small doses. Unlike salt which is a necessary part of your diet - red meat is entirely un-necessary.

        @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
        print reverse @JAPH;
        • Red meat does more harm than good to your body.

          Not for my body, no. It does far more good than harm for me.

          Even if its 'lean' it still contains a lot of fat and exactly the kind of fat you want to avoid.

          Maybe YOU want to avoid it. I don't.
        • It's bad enough when the meat comes from healthy animals. The surprising thing is how common it is for red meat in the US to come from drug-soaked sick animals. [] Antibiotics residues and bovine growth hormones, YUM! It's almost enough to make you not care about mere bioaccumulation of more mundane toxins.