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Tim Bunce (2254)

Tim Bunce
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  Comment: Could cpantesters run smoke testing on these? (Score 1) on 2010.08.31 16:53

There are relatively few smoke testing running MSWin32 systems.

Having automated smoke testing running on these 7 machines would be a huge win for Perl by significantly increasing the testing of CPAN modules on windows systems

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  Comment: Integrate with DashProfiler? (Score 1) on 2010.07.25 6:06

Hi Adam. This seems to be addressing a similar domain to DashProfiler I'd love to see someone integrate Aspects and DashProfiler.
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  Comment: Re:what about catching the warnings? (Score 1) on 2010.04.08 7:56

Yes, it only works per-process and per-server, but in my experience (with 80+ servers running many mod_perl processes) it is a very simple and effective way to eliminating the kinds of web-service log-storms you described. It changes an unmanageable flood into a very manageable stream. Highly recommended.
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  Comment: Perl-ish-ness - What makes Perl Perl? (Score 1) on 2009.11.09 4:21

by Tim Bunce on 2009.11.09 4:21 (#71068)
Attached to: The "Perl 6 is not Perl" meme
I like to refer people to and say Perl 6 is _more_ Perlish than Perl 5.
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  Comment: Thanks (Score 1) on 2009.08.12 11:33

Great work. Many thanks.
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  Comment: Congratulations! (Score 1) on 2009.08.09 16:28

by Tim Bunce on 2009.08.09 16:28 (#69939)
Attached to: YAPC:EU::2009 Was Truly Magical
Many congratulations to you both!
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  Comment: YouTube: fast route to SuperCollider Programming (Score 1) on 2009.05.18 3:58

by Tim Bunce on 2009.05.18 3:58 (#68611)
Attached to: SuperCollider Programming
I almost mentioned this in my blog post... I think it's worth sharing now because boosting SuperCollider Programming to it's rightful place on the TIOBE Index is clearly a worthy cause. TIOBE only assigns 7% weighting to YouTube (vs 23% to the other search engines) but the number of hits is much lower. So each video uploaded to YouTube with "SuperCollider Programming" in the title (or description, I presume) has a much greater impact on TIOBE then each extra web page. (For those with lots of YouTube videos already uploaded perhaps someone could write a little script to append "SuperCollider Programming" to the description :)
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  Comment: Mechanism vs Policy (Score 1) on 2009.04.14 10:41

by Tim Bunce on 2009.04.14 10:41 (#68103)
Attached to: Not All Features Are Useful (Moose Roles)

If Moose developers won't change the default behaviour (I don't know the issues well enough to argue either way) then I'd hope they'd be open to providing a mechanism to let you do it yourself.

Perhaps you already can by sub-classing Moose::Role.

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  Comment: Word is spreading (Score 1) on 2009.03.18 5:56

by Tim Bunce on 2009.03.18 5:56 (#67835)
Attached to: This Is Obviously Bad Evangelism

Funnily enough, a google search for tiobe brings up my "TIOBE or not TIOBE - Lies, damned lies, and statistics" blog post as the third hit.

That post, now almost a year old, still gets several hits per day, and "tiobe" is one of the top search terms bring people to my blog.

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  Comparative Language Job Trend Graphs[->] on 2008.02.11 19:53 Tim Bunce

Submitted by Tim Bunce on 2008.02.11 19:53
Inspired by "Where the Jobs Are" ( I've finally written up my comparative job trend graph data as a blog post. It has six embedded trend graphs (they're live, so will change over time).
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