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TeeJay (2309)

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Journal of TeeJay (2309)

Tuesday October 08, 2002
03:16 AM

isreal continues its terror attacks on palestine

[ #8238 ]
When will Isreal and its leaders realise that 'an eye for an eye' ends with a world full of blind and angry people ? or at least a middle east full of people blinded by hatred and driven by vengance. missile kills 10 in busy street

The isreali government should be above petty tit-for-tat reprisals against palestinian civilians, but it continues to slaughter palestinians by the dozen every week.

The increase in isreali violence has directly lead to an increase in terrorist activity at a time when European and UK diplomats were able to get a cease-fire from some of the key terrorist organisations in palestine.

Despite a draft letter from several Palestinian organisations stating they were prepared to give up violence, Isreal continued military action against palestine in flagrent disregard of UN resolutions and the advice of the western world.

Perhaps the west should look closely at this other regime that flouts more UN resolutions than iraq and is a key factor in middle eastern problems.

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  • While I agree that tit-for-tat is not a good policy, let's not forget that this current upheaval was instigated by Palestinians and supported/encouraged by the Iraqi regime.

    Palestinian leaders have promised peace before, only to be negated by the extremists that don't fall in line with their leaders (and financed by terrorists and the Iraqi regime).

    I have strong hopes for the country of Palestine, but as long as they have the corrupt and extreme few that will undermine any peace initiatives, Isreal has

    • I had effective in there, but slapped the 'un' prefix in at the end; didn't think the sarcasm of my last sentence would be self-evident.
    • firstly Iraq has broken 12 UN resolutions, Isreal has broken 35.

      Thats pretty damning in itself.

      Secondly you can't hold a country responsable for the actions of a few. This means that the country and any peace process is held hostage by terrorists and undermines the ability of those in power to control terrorism as it shows those in the streets that violence over-rules diplomacy.

      Finally isreal has desteroyed palestines economic and security infrastructure - how the fuck is the PLO going to crack down o


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      • Where are you getting those numbers?

        Iraq was told to stop developing weapons of mass destruction... They didn't

        Iraq was told to allow unfettered inspections to ensure they were complying... They didn't

        Even with your numbers, the flagrant dismissal of these simple edicts demands that we do something about it.

        I'm reminded of the agreement that Germany had to comply with at the end of World War I for military deconstruction. Hitler soon after defied that agreement, building up the military and unleasi

        • Take a look at if you really want to go count them yourself. Not really unexpected that israel has ignored more un resolution than iraq really thought,I mean israel has been ignoring the un and general international opinion for 3 or 4 times longer than iraq.
        • It does make sense that isreal would deliberately avoid a peace treaty - it doesn't want to give up land, give up the finanical stranglehold on palestine that boosts its own economy and finally there is a large minority of isrealis and jews around the world that wish for palestine to be entirely emptied of palestinians and settled because 'it is the promised land'.

          If you want cause and effect you will see that Isreal bought war and terror onto itself by its own actions regardless of Iraq. Iraq can provide


          @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
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