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Random Logic (2427)

Random Logic
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  Comment: CPAN is mostly great for developers (Score 1) on 2009.05.25 5:23

... but fails horribly for me when simply trying to deploy an application. To explain this I'll focus on my prefered distribution, debian. Installing debian packages is simply, you get it from the standard repositories, or 3rdparty ones which laos relate to the current set of distributions (stable/testing/unstable). All dependencies *including* the C based APIs that might be required are resolved and simply installed (without asking a million questions, yes I know you can turn it off, but it's hard to find the cause of why it fails then... and it fails mostly due to some simple module failing a single test) CPANs problem is mostly due to the tests running for the installation of every package, tests the probably have run already for hundreds or thousand others in a more or less similar environment (at least for those using one of the big standard linux distributions). No real need to rerun this tests on every installation. It's fine for a devel box, because I wont to know that the module I upgrade/install works here, but not when I release and deploy my application. So it would problably make sense to have a BIPAN (a binary installation perl archive network) to simply install the modules, but then again, would this not just duplicate efforts what the actual distributions do. Yes it would, so it's wasted resources, as we probably would never be able to accomodate all the required 3rdparty packages into BIPAN. So it would probably make more sense to have a simple way to generate packages for distributions. Something that extracts the CPAN info and generates the debian packaging dir or it, or the RPM specfile, hence allowing the package maintainers to easy their work. On debian there is already the great cpan2deb (dh-make-perl) which does that from the other side. Maybe some Module::Install could help here, at least for the most common distruibutions (another topic to discuss endlessly) Puh, lengthy comment, sorry bout' that, but thanks for reading through. I'm quite used to the debian distribution, so packaging .deb archives
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  Journal: Call for benchmarking MooseX::Log::Log4perl on 2009.05.22 16:08

Journal by Random Logic on 2009.05.22 16:08
User Journal

MooseX::Log::Log4perl acts as a nifty simple role to fit your logging needs. Still being a Moose-based role puts some overhead on each call to a logger function. So every call to $self->log->info needs to run through one additional sub and process arguments if required. To verify this overhead (which can be quite noticable in perl) I added a test to the latest release 0.40 (of course based on the core Bench

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  Comment: Interested... (Score 1) on 2009.04.17 16:17

by Random Logic on 2009.04.17 16:17 (#68163)
Attached to: Distribution channels - who will do that?
I'm always trying to use as much of what is available of perl modules in debian and use dh-make-perl to generate also the non-existing ones and install through debain's package management (aptitude usually). As I also can partly speak for, I would say that is also interessted in directly sponsoring such activities. Contacts welcome.
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  Comment: AnyEvent::XMPP is on CPAN (Score 1) on 2008.12.29 5:34

by Random Logic on 2008.12.29 5:34 (#66648)
Attached to: How do I program for Jabber?
I just started to spin my head into AnyEvent and so far it looks very promising. I'm building up classes mostly using Moose so they keep Object-Oriented as much as possible (so hiding complexity from the interface), while still using the super-cow powers of callbacks in event-programming. AnyEvent::XMPP is on CPAN (by elmex): I haven't used it though. Happy hacking
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  Comment: Great! We reached the modern age (Score 1) on 2008.12.29 5:26

by Random Logic on 2008.12.29 5:26 (#66647)
Attached to: Dynamic CPAN Testers Reports - Phase One
It's great to see that parts of our toolchain now not only provide useful information but also do that in a very modern way and from my point of view also increasing the usability of the site. Thanks for taking care also of that. I'm luvin it!
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  Get the party started... YAPCE is about to begin on 2007.08.25 16:40 Random Logic

Submitted by Random Logic on 2007.08.25 16:40
yapc Europe
Random Logic writes "It's been almost a year, since we got selected as the venue for YAPC::Europe here in Vienna 2007. We went through the usual moods of YAPC grassroot organisers like
- "Wow, we did it"
- "Now what do we do about it"
- "We need that, and that, ...., and that"
- "... and that, and that"
- "Stop, no more thats!"
- "yippie, larry, damian, mjd, audrey and more top speakers are coming!"
- "I think we have all in place"
- "Wow, the first sponsor!"
- "We need a lot more money"
- "Well, maybe not, but we keep on trying"
- "need some sleep"
- "yeah, another RT ticket closed!"
- "great orga meeting dinner!"
- "wow, another sponsor"
- "and another..."
- "and another, hey they like us"
- "wow, over 50 speakers, great!"
- "schedule finalized, we did it!"
- "no we don't, the first cancelation"
- "wow again, over 400 people registered!"
- "all goodie bag stuff here, a lot of bags!"
- "what would Henry Ford have done to get the bags packed?!?"
- "it canÄt be, I think we did it, we're ready to rumble!"

So if your going to host a yapc europe, be prepaired for those moods, but your going to like it. If your an attendee, be assured, we did everything possible to bring dwimity into this conference.

That was a hell of a good team organising this event, guys your great!

So hope to see you all there, enjoy the conference."
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  YAPC::Europe 2007 attendees dinner getting full[->] on 2007.07.26 17:32 Random Logic

Submitted by Random Logic on 2007.07.26 17:32
yapc Europe
YAPC::Europe 2007 attendees dinner is getting full!

While that's great (really!), that also means you have to be fast to have your
seat committed for you! We are limited to 320 seats for the dinner so we have
to apply our "first come first serve" principle for the dinner. Seats will be
committed in order of incoming payments, so be sure the grab your seat and buy
your ticket in case you haven't done so! For those who have paid already (or
have sponsor tickets), consider your seat reserved for you.

Here are the latest stats of the YAPC::Europe 2007 registrations:
There are 328 registered people coming from 37 countries and 57 monger groups.
There are 219 committed users, that is to say, people that either paid their
conference ticket or will give a talk.

We'll send out another information just before the last seats are taken,
only 100 seats left, so take your chance!

Cheers and looking forward to seeing you at the dinner,

Roland Lammel
on behalf of the YAPC::Europe 2007 organisers
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