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Qiang (5577)

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Journal of Qiang (5577)

Monday September 21, 2009
04:29 AM

Beijing Perl Workshop is over

With traffic control for national day parade rehearsal, We still have around 140 attendees show up and 17 talks for Beijing Perl Workshop.

All slides can be dowlnloaded from

Photos are here

Please blog/twitter us and upload photos with tag "bjpw2009".

I want to thank our sponsors for making the workshop more eventful: Oreilly, Apress, Maxthon and 支付宝. We need more companies and friends like them to keep the workshop going!

Also thanks to Nomas,香草,Helper for helping out on the workshop and especially Nomas for contributing the organizing for last 4 years.

Like I mentioned in the closing, We would like to have the next year workshop in Shanghai or Hangzhou to make the workshop more affordable for the people from southern China. We welcome people with ideas/resources on setting up the 2010 workshop to contact us ASAP.

There will be infrequent Perl monger meetup in Beijing, keep an eye on the PerlChina mailing list/forum



Wednesday June 24, 2009
01:48 AM

Possible Beijing Perl Workshop this year?

It is confirmed that YAPC::Asia will be on Sep 10-11, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. (

We(PerlChina) are considering to host the beijing Perl Workshop on Sep 19 or 20(Sat or Sun) If there are enough interests from Y::A attendees.

Think about the Great Wall, Fobidden city and awesome Authentic Chinese food, If not Perl. :)

So If you are going to Y::A and also would like to visit china and attend the beijing perl workshop, reply this or email me qiang at perlchina dot org.

Thursday February 05, 2009
09:49 PM

February Beijing Perl Mongers Meeting

meeting page

Time: Feb 12, 7pm - 9pm
Location: Flow cafe & bar - Chengfu Street - Haidian - Beijing
Map: apb
Mobile: 158 1088 0868

Title: A Firefox cluster driven by JavaScript, Perl, and PL/PgSQL

Summary: In this talk, agentzh will present a Firefox cluster for extracting deep information from web pages even with AJAX contents, which is already being used in production. Various popular software like Firefox, Apache, PostgreSQL have been glued together using JavaScript, Perl, and OpenResty's web services. And Firefox's performance has been greatly improved by content prefetching and "hard caching". It will be shown that, this solution not only offers great opportunities for automated data extraction based on vision information (from the Gecko rendering engine), but also provide a way for scaling Firefox extensions on the cluster level. It's now the time to put frontend technologies like Firefox and JavaScript programming into very backend things like search engine crawling and content indexing.

Everyone is welcome!

Sunday February 01, 2009
04:24 AM

a good wiki software in Perl??

I have been having this urge of using a wiki written in Perl for PerlChina. We used instiki(in ruby) before moving to mediawiki(in PHP). Reason why we use mediawiki is because Instiki was not stable at the time, Yahoo China happens to run few mediawiki for other OSS sites so it is easy for them to adopt us.

We need a wiki for collaborating on local meetup, communication between members for projects and hosting Chinese documentations, well there is a lot we can put in use with a wiki. Since we are a Perl user group and eating own dog food makes a lot of sense.

A good wiki in my book should be easy to install and maintain. has spam protection and ACL control. good web interface for managing wiki. should be file based and easy to customize through template. Personally I rate dokuwiki highly. pmwiki is not bad either.

Perl Wiki that comes closed to what I want are foswiki (twiki fork) and ikiwiki. foswiki has lots features but It doesn't have a good reputation for code quality. Ikiwiki is ok but it took me much more time to have it up and running than either dokuwiki or pmwiki. And it has much smaller community than the other two and fewer features. If I had to pick a perl wiki, I would have to go with ikiwiki.

Keep in mind, We don't get root access on the system and the way PHP wiki drop in and just work just makes me envy. Why can't we have something like that? oh.. I digress.

enough rant. I go back to mediawiki.

UPDATE: I should mention that oddmuse is also a good choice. It is very easy to install, stable with lots plug-ins.

Thursday December 04, 2008
11:17 AM

Solution to the "I can't find perl programmer" problem!

I have heard so much of this problem.. You know what, The solution is training!

as recently read from a sourceforge perl job ad:

Our team implements software in Perl. Perl is selected as a least common denominator -- we write clean and elegant Perl which everyone on the team can understand. It's easy to train new staff up to our code standards. We leverage CPAN modules to accelerate every major project. Perl is ideal for implementing systems administration,integration, and automation code."

and someone confirmed this solution in a reply to Ovid's Perl 5 Is Dying post too. Note the key thing is to find someone smart and get things done.

Now stop complaining! go make that happen!
Tuesday October 07, 2008
09:22 AM

Beijing Perl Workshop - more speakers & seeking sponsor

David Fetter, a Perl/Postgresql Programmer, is coming to our workshop and giving a postgresql/perl talk. He is author of DBI-Link and maintainer of PostgreSQL Weekly News.

We are also looking for more sponsors to help us invite Perl hackers from taiwan. please contact us at conference[at] if you are interested.

conference website

Wednesday September 24, 2008
10:47 AM

Beijing Perl Workshop - Nov 08, 2008

just a quick announcement that PerlChina is going to host a Beijing Perl Workshop on Nov 08, 2008.

it is jointly organized with the postgresql china — that means there will be some postgresql talks as well.

we have also secured a sponsorship to fly Jesse Vincent and two other postgresql hackers to the workshop.

The conference website is not ready yet (having problem finding someone from ACT to move our test ACT site into production)

if you are planning a trip to beijing in the early Nov, send a email to conference[at] to register the workshop, or even better come give a talk(20,40 minutes or lighting talk)!

Saturday September 20, 2008
11:52 AM

Beijing Software Freedom Day

today i went to the beijing software freedom day (SFD). hosted in ThoughtWorks office in beijing. there were another SFD hosted in different location at the same time. SFD is to celebrate software freedom and promote open source and is happening around the world.

there were about 70 (UPDATE: 130+ people) people attended and several talks and panel discussions presented. i got an opportunity to plug the coming beijing perl workshop in front of everyone. i also held my first panel discussion on 'open source localization and document translation', mozilla localization, wikipedia translation and i18n-zh project and more were discussed.

SFD is a half day event. we finished it around 5:30pm then free books were given to speakers and a last minute talk on GIS was had.

18 of us headed off for some chinese food after SFD. food was good but i spent most of the time talking to sun's oss community manager and a ex-military self-learned game developer.

all in all, it was good time and i really enjoyed it. nice to see OSS movement like this happening in china.

Wednesday September 17, 2008
10:40 AM

YAPC vs Workshop

I am just curious of the difference between naming a conference YAPC or Workshop.. to me, i feel that a workshop is a smaller size(around 100) than a YAPC. besides YAPC::Euro, YAPC::Asia and YAPC::NA, all i see is workshop, workshop and workshop. (okay, there seem to be a YAPC::Brasil happening)

do one have to get permission to use the word YAPC in their conference?

oh, by the way, Nov 8th, 2008 perlchina is planning a Beijing Perl Workshop or we can call it YAPC::Beijing or YAPC::China. You name it...

Thursday August 21, 2008
03:07 AM


I just launched WordPine, a web app to build personal reading digest collection. currently, you can create a highlight, assign the source to the highlight and tag the highlight.

it is a simple app with few features. come take a look and sign up for an account.

And of course, yes, it's built on Perl using CGI::Application, Template-Toolkit and DBIx::Class.