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Purdy (2383)

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Journal of Purdy (2383)

Thursday February 27, 2003
09:26 AM

Look what SpamAssassin caught...

[ #10816 ]

This one is quite a doozy ... off to snopes to check it out:




Some 56,000 people were employed at the World Trade Center Twin Towers in September 2001. Of the total 230 floors in the two buildings, 85 floors were in the NO SURVIVOR zone. That is the zone above the floors where the planes hit, the three floors in each building that were taken out by the plane crashes, and the several floors below each crash that were engulfed by the inferno caused by the 20,000 gallons of high-octane fuel that each plane was carrying. There were NO survivors on those 85 floors in the two buildings!! (48 floors in one building and 37 floors in the other!)

Of the 56,000 people who worked in the two World Trade Center buildings, some 20,500 of them worked in the no survivor zone. Remember there were no survivors on those 85 floors of the two buildings. The floors above the crashes, the floors taken out by the crashes and several floors immediately below the crash points that were engulfed by the raging inferno caused by the 20,000 gallons of high-octane fuel that each plane carried.

Of the 20,500 people employed in the no survivor zones, there is a margin of error of possibly as many as 1,500. That leaves 19,000. Of those, there could be as many as 10% who could be out for one reason or another. Probably less because vacation season was past. 10% of 19,000 is 1,900. Call it 2,000 that could have been out that day for some legitimate reason. That leaves 17,000 people that would logically be in the NO SURVIVOR zone on September 11th.

It now turns out that there were 3,660 killed in the two buildings; 350 firemen, 20 cops, and several hundred people in the lower floors. Fewer then 3,000 people died in the NO SURVIVOR zone. What happened to the other 14,000 people who worked in the NO SURVIVOR ZONE who would have been killed if they had been at work that day? How did they know?

Maria Sanchez was on her way to work, but something just didn’t seem right to her. As she was parking her car, she found it very easy to get a parking spot. There were less than half as many cars in the parking lot that day in September as there normally would have been on any other given day. So she checked her watch thinking that she was just running early, but she was right on time. As she was walking down the sidewalk to her building, the World Trade Center, she was looking around and noticed that the sidewalks were less crowed than on other days. Maria started to think to herself; well maybe it’s a holiday, I’ll go check my calendar in my office. As she walked into the lobby of her building, again she noticed that the usual swarm of people was much smaller that morning. Where is everybody, she wondered. Maria went to the elevator to go to her floor. Normally the elevator is always packed like sardines, but today it was almost empty. Normally the elevator stops about nine times before she gets to her floor. But today the elevator stopped two times and the third stop it made was her floor. As she got off the elevator and started to walk to her office, she noticed that half of the people that work on her floor weren’t even there yet. Could she be early? She checked her watch. The first thing that Maria did as she walked into her office was look at the clock on the wall, and then she checked her calendar. There was nothing on the calendar about today being a holiday. She started to ask around, why most of the people aren’t at work today. Nobody had an answer for her because it wasn’t a holiday. So where was everyone? Maria looked around again. Mrs. Rosenthal is not here, Mr. Silverman is not here, Mr. Goldstein is not here, Mr. Finestine is not here, and Mrs. Kessler is not here either. That’s it, it must be a Jewish holiday, she said. Maria asked, is it a Jewish holiday?

One of Maria’s co-workers Lisa McFadden, said that it wasn’t a Jewish holiday that she knew of. Maria asked Julia Kipinski. Julia replied laughingly, I don’t know. Kipinski is spelled with ski, not sky. I am Polish, not Jewish, but I will ask the people across the hall; they are all Jewish. But the office across the hall wasn’t open!!

"I have to find out what is going on" Maria stated. "I get my work load orders from Mrs. Ullman and she isn’t here. If I stay and do nothing, I might get fired. And I need my job."

Just then her phone rang; it was her babysitter, Lucy. Lucy told her that her son, Jose, has been hysterical for his mama to come home. Maria told Lucy that she would be home shortly. Since Maria didn’t have her work orders for today, and she didn’t want to get fired for sitting around and doing nothing, she left a message with Lisa, her co-worker. Maria told Lisa that if people started to come in, or if she found out anything as to why so many people weren’t at work today to call her right away and let her know. "Just tell them that I will be right back", she said. When Maria arrived home she called her office to see if Lisa had heard anything yet. The other office workers had NOT arrived and it was not a Jewish holiday. Just then the first plane hit the World Trade Center.

If Bin Laden had never been born, Israel would have had to invent him. All of the terrorist acts attributed to Bin Laden did him no good. He has a twenty-five million-dollar price tag on him, dead or alive!! A price tag that could easily grow to one hundred million dollars!! He is presumably hiding out and running for his life!! He can never again be seen in public!! He will finally be caught and killed!!

Every terrorist act attributed to Bin Laden has benefited his absolute worst enemy in the world and no one else!! His worst enemy in the world, the nation of Israel, has been trying for more then fifty years to get the U.S. to fight their war for them and destroy all Arab countries!! Israel could then expand and control the Middle East oil supply!!

The only beneficiary was the nation of Israel!!! The Jews stayed away from the World Trade Center on September 11th. They knew and they were the only ones that did. Ask your Congressman and both U.S Senators to investigate this act of treason against America. Tell them to collect the $135 trillion Israel owes the United States and send each of them a copy of this letter!! $135 trillion will pay off all U.S. debts and have a large enough surplus to generate enough interest to abolish all taxes. 91% of our money goes towards taxes.

The U.S. regular Army, Special Forces, Army Rangers, Marine Corp, Army Airborne, Navy, Air Force, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, 50 foreign countries, 25 million Jews, 10 million Pakistanis, 5 million Afghanis, are all looking non-stop around the clock every day and every night for Bin Laden. They have not even found a trace of him. The only ones that can find him are the people in the news media, and they would have us believe that they interview him three times a week.

The 25 million dollar price tag on him, to a one-dollar a day Afghani, is the equivalent of five tractor-trailer loads of hundred dollar bills to an American. The Afghanis change sides twice a week depending on who offers them more money. And the typical Afghani family has children who generally do not get enough to eat. They live in shacks or have no shelter at all, without fuel to keep them warm. Can anybody imagine that they would refuse to tell or give any information on Bin Laden and collect a $25 million reward? If he was dead, do you think they would refuse to bring in his body and collect a $25 million reward, which would feed their family and all of their friends for the rest of their lives? Since we are spending untold billions to wage war against him and find him, why are we not saving money by offering a one billion dollar reward to the country of the person who turns him in, plus the $25 million reward to the person. They would be a great hero for their country.

Since there is a mountain of evidence that all the Jews who worked in the World Trade Center took the day off on September 11th, it is obvious to anybody who has been paying attention and following events, that the bombings were done by the nation of Israel. The sole purpose of the bombings was for the propaganda value. The purpose of the bombings was to blame Osama Bin laden, and accuses Israel’s enemies of harboring him, so that the U.S. and other countries would wage war against Israel’s enemies. If they blamed the bombings on somebody who actually existed, he would long since been caught and killed. The propaganda value of the bombings would have ended there with his death. Israel’s propaganda machine (including the Israeli controlled news media), would have had to stop blaming Israel’s enemies (all Muslim countries) of harboring him. How could they be guilty of harboring him if he was dead? On the other hand, if they blame somebody who does not exist, we could never catch him and then Israel would be able to continue blaming their enemies for harboring him. When I was in the military, working for General Douglas MacArthur, one of my jobs was to invent people. If you trained bird dogs all day every day for a living, you would pretty soon know a bird dog when you see one.

Bin Laden has all the earmarks of one who was invented by the Israel propaganda machine. They will never catch Bin Laden because he does not exist. So long as his supposed existence has any propaganda value for the nation of Israel, their propaganda machine will continue to accuse their enemies of harboring him. When they will find it necessary to deceive us once again. I predict they will find a skeleton in a cave somewhere and they will have a Jewish dentist claim to have the dental charts of Osama Bin Laden and that they match the skeleton found in the cave.

Meanwhile, the Israel propaganda machine VIA the Israel controlled news media in America will continue to proclaim that the enemies of Israel are harboring Osama Bin Laden. Just be glad that Al Gore is not president. Part of their plan was to have Al Gore president when this happened. If Al Gore and his cronies had been able to steal the election; we would be in full-scale war right now; and war to the death against Israel’s enemies. It would probably include war against every Muslim country. We are very fortunate that we are not at full-scale war. For that we can thank God and Saint George.

Frank Lampley, 199 Springton Road, Glenmoore, Pa 19343 All names have been changed to

protect the innocent.

1-800-327-0727 610-942-2275

Hours (Now till Dec.): 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time, including Saturdays

Speak to a live person everytime you call, instead of a machine!!!

Nothing on Snopes (yet) - I guess this is just a left-wing (or right? - I get my sides confused) nut^Wconspiracy theorist.


Update: I found this at Snopes, but it doesn't qualitatively debate the material of this e-mail.

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  • I worked in the WTC for a while, and they'd have been thrilled with a 53K employee count. Alas, the towers were partly empty, and the higher you went the emptier they were. (The bombing in the basement really cleared the place out, and it never really filled again, and the high floors were a pain to get to)

    Besides, if there really were some sort of Great Jewish Consipiracy, Cantor Fitzgerald wouldn't have lost nearly as many people as they did...
  • It is obvious to anybody who has been paying attention and following events, that the bombings were done by the nation of Israel.

    Obviously you are using some definition of the word "obviously" with which I have been previously unfamiliar.

    Real comments about the WTC's last day. []

    Comment from an Orthodox Jew indicating belief in a peaceful resolution to dispute with Muslims. [] (Yes, I'm sure this is not a universally shared belief.)

    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
  • You might want to check out

    Now, I personally think the guy is a rabid consipirotorist ( is that a word? ) -- but you can see the kind of connections and stuff which that group puts together.

    Some of it is thought provoking.
  • by ziggy (25) on 2003.02.27 10:57 (#17576) Journal
    Nothing on Snopes (yet) - I guess this is just a left-wing (or right? - I get my sides confused) nut^Wconspiracy theorist.
    Obviously. There were similar stories about Arabs and Muslims being warned that sounded a lot like this one that I remember from late September 2001.

    Let's accept as fact the 85-floor "NO SURVIVOR zone" is legit. Let's also accept as fact that there were somewhere in the range of 19,000 to 20,000 workers in those floors. Let's also be generous and accept most of the roughly 3,000 workers who perished worked on those floors.

    Everything listed so far is just on the edge of being plausable. Everything after the introduction of "Maria Sanchez" is not; the second part of the letter is written to pull on your heart strings and lead you down an antisemitic line of thought, and lead into the third part that questions Israel's right to exist and the competance of the US Military. It also reads like poorly written fiction.

    Set aside the rhetoric and examine these seemingly plausible facts. The first plane hit at around 8:45 am. Anyone who has worked in NYC knows that most people do not show up at their desks at 9 AM sharp, and are chronically a few minutes late for a host of good reasons, mostly transit related (slow train, commuter rail schedules, long line at the bagel shop today, etc.). But the plane didn't hit at 9AM, it hit earlier when fewer people would have been at their desks. Don't forget that the people who were en route around 8:45 and later just didn't go into the office.

    Next, a goodly chunk of those 85 floors were in tower 2, the second one to be hit and the first one to go down. The second plane hit about a half hour later. So not only were fewer people at their desks, but they had more time to evacuate before their offices were hit.

    Add all that up, and it's quite reasonable that a small fraction of the presumably 20,000 office workers in these 85 floors perished.

    Realistically, the estimate of 85 floors and 20,000 people "supposed to have died" are way high. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I remember the number of high floors where no one survived only numbered about 12-20; according to this kook's numbers, that would bring the number of office workers in these floors down to the 5,000 range; factor in people not at their desks for any number of reasons, and 3,000 is both believable and accurate.

    So even if you weren't going to paint this guy as a kook for his anti-Israel, anti-semetic and anti-US rhetoric, look at his numbers. They don't add up.

    • The numbers are actually pretty bad on top of that.

      For a data point, WTC 1, the first tower to be hit, housed Cantor Fitzgerald securities. Cantor had floors 102 to 107 (107 was the top floor of tower 1), and they lost 600 people for 6 floors, and they were by far the most densely packed of the top floor tenants, especially at that time of the morning. (The brokers got in to get a jump on the markets)

      That's at best, then, assuming the 85 floor 'kill zone' is accurate (and it wasn't, given tower 2 had time
  • So fourteen thousand people got warned beforehand, and none of them told anyone outside of the conspiracy afterwards?

    Yeah, that seems kinda likely...
  • If it were true, then maybe my daughter's classmate wouldn't have lost his father on that terrible day.

    Maybe my son's teacher wouldn't have lost her husband.

    Maybe the man with the yarmulke, last seen carrying his wheelchair-bound coworker down the stairs of one of the towers, is still alive.

    Perhaps Joel Miller, [] who according to the NYTimes enrolled in the Jewish distance learning program [] where I work as a programmer, would still be taking courses with us.

    Perhaps these 19 people with 'Jewish' in their []

    • Why would somebody write this? -- Who has been spreading sick conspiracy theories about Jews for decades now?

      Search google for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols are arguably the most evil hoax ever, as it's responsible for a large number of pogroms, for the Holocaust, and probably for this piece of spam. Include "Maurice Joly" or "Russian secret police" in the search keywords to avoid the mountains of disgusting antisemitic sites you'll get. For example, here's an informative page [].

      The pro