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Matts (1087)

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I work for MessageLabs [] in Toronto, ON, Canada. I write spam filters, MTA software, high performance network software, string matching algorithms, and other cool stuff mostly in Perl and C.

Journal of Matts (1087)

Saturday March 30, 2002
05:14 PM


[ #3876 ]

So umm, what happened to skyhooks journal entries pudge? Did his flaming of Simon upset your sensibilities, while Simon was allowed to flame the entire perl community without chastisement? Or somehow did Chris' journal just manage to drop off your MySQL database while everyone elses journal remains perfectly in tact?

Come one pudge, let us know what really happened here. While I'm sure it wouldn't be really impossible to select all my journal entries and delete them, I have great doubts that this is what happened here. If I'm wrong, and skyhook really did decide to delete everything, I apologise profusely ahead of time.

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  • Story I heard (Score:3, Informative)

    by gnat (29) on 2002.03.30 17:38 (#6491) Journal
    Was that the cvs version of Slash ate 'em. It looks like pudge's recovery wasn't entirely successful. As he has a new kid, I'm not sure how quickly you can reasonably expect him to respond to this.

    Never attribute to malice, etc.


    • Are journal entries backed up? I hadn't really considered that I could lose mine. Not that they're that good, know.

      I don't keep a copy of the original I write in emacs before cuting and pasting it into mozilla. I've normally forgotten to close a tag or something that only comes out in the HTML preview, so the original isn't quite the same as the final updated version, and therefore it seems useless to have the thing cluttering up my hard drive.

      Maybe I should look into some form of archiving

    • Was that the cvs version of Slash ate 'em.

      OK, then I'll call that. What bug in what bit of code - since slash is open source, or what patch fixes this bug?
      • Re:Story I heard (Score:5, Insightful)

        by gnat (29) on 2002.04.01 2:10 (#6507) Journal
        I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I know you're a nice guy. But if I didn't give you that, I'd think you were exhibiting the large puckery symptoms of being an asshole. As it is, I'll politely think you're being cynical.

        Give Pudge time to enjoy his new baby before you leap all over him assuming he's Satan Incarnate. Elaine and I asked Pudge about the disappearance as soon as we noticed, and he said:

        His account is there, just fine. You may not have seen it if you went to /~skyhook/ because of a bug in last week's code from CVS. I patched it live so it'll work now.
        Given that ~skyhook works but his journal still isn't there, Pudge obviously has some work to do. But let him enjoy his new baby. Statements like "I'll call that. What bug in what bit of code" are mighty pushy. Is the world going to end because the journal entry was resurrected later rather than sooner?

        Here's my philosophy: every time someone says something offensive, every time someone seems to be an asshole, step back and ask yourself "is it possible I'm misreading this?" My constant test for this is Elaine--for some reason, every other statement out of her mouth makes me gird my loins and prepare for war. But the times when I take a deep breath and ask her "did you really mean xyz?" I always (a) avert war, and (b) find out what she really did mean.

        Assuming the best, not the worst, is hard. But it pays off, and makes life much easier for everyone. Please give it a try.


        • Nat,

          I'm being neither cynical nor am I being judgmental (at least I'm not trying to be). I'm merely interested in what happened here, for purely selfish reasons. Perhaps I'm being too pushy, and I didn't mean to be. I don't expect pudge to quit his day job to answer my questions about slash bugs!

          My journal here is where I log my thoughts and my progress through life. At the end of last year it was really useful for me to go through it and connect the dots in my brain via my postings here. I'd just like to
          • Well, that'll teach me to jump to conclusions about what you meant :-)

            Sorry for giving a monstrous rant in response to a 1 line posting. Time to spend less time preaching and more time practising!


        • FWIW, I never intended my reply to Gnat and Elaine to imply that there was work to be done to bring back skyhook's journal entries. I assumed what he has now confirmed: he deleted them. The same thing happened with another user a year ago; he decided he didn't want this journal entries up anymore, deleted them, and people assumed something was "wrong."

          No worries, though. :-)
  • []
    I apologize for the confusion.

  • everyone elses journal remains perfectly in tact

    Sorry, but nobody's journals here have very much to do with tact. Keep up the implosion!