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It will be good to see them.</p><p>Did I mention I don't like writing Doc?<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;) Ohh well. It's more or less laid out. Just need to finish writing it. Have to do it because the others aren't going to read books and as mentioned I don't want to inherit this new process. No excuse for them now so it's worth it.</p><p>Got to try and sneak some 2003 reading in.....</p> Marza 2006-04-16T03:38:26+00:00 journal Well I will live forever! (Friday humor) The article explains it all! <a href=""></a> Marza 2006-04-14T07:43:53+00:00 journal Well now a new "hand me down" computer! <p>A curse and a blessing of working in IS involves the ability to get "hand me down" computers. My old IBM T21 had the display fry. Luckily I had a monitor which could work. The boss just tossed me a Dell C400. Light weight. 1.2 Gig processor, 40 gig drive, 512 ram and a wireless card. Not bad. The IBM was only had a 700 Hz processor. Now the fun part, moving files and reinstalls. I hate spring cleaning!<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)</p><p>Writing Doc is sooo much fun. It's about 1/4 the way done. I shouldn't complain as this will keep me from becoming the owner of this new server. No more "I don't know what to do arguments."</p><p>Ewwww Sanitizing computers! That's what you get for having initiative. We had some old LH3s that were basically table space. Said we should get rid of them but need to sanitize the disks because of financial data. Now I get to sanitize all retired computers and about 30 drives that were pulled from other retired computers. Oh well. Not like it's an urgent project at least.</p><p>Read read read silly certification stuff. When I first got them, they were somewhat valuable. Now I am getting the impression they will not do anything for you but you are expected to have them. Hmmmm sounds like the company will pay for the redhat engineering cert. I am told this guy costs $450. Will not complain about that.</p><p>Back to work.</p> Marza 2006-04-13T19:37:05+00:00 journal Ahh reviews <p>The one thing of a good boss is that your review is kept short and to the point. You get your goals for the year, you listen to what you did right or wrong and then you get your money.</p><p>-edited- for the better part of valor</p><p>Hmmmm top rung at what I can do. My "growth" area is to set up a network management system for the company. After that it is pretty much just rehashing what has been done. Hmmm what to do. Good money but it appears no growth potential. hmmmmm Probably time for a new adventure after next year.</p><p>Just upgraded the wifes mac to OSX. Not bad so far. Not bad.</p><p>Just installed Remote installation services. For such a small function so much work. It's not documented well as to issues. Ah well. It's in place and now the documentation I have to write. Fun fun fun.</p><p>Hmmm back to SNMP......</p> Marza 2006-04-12T07:07:39+00:00 journal A good vacation; now the let down. <p>The trip to Disneyland was great. The kid (she is 4) had many magical moments as she met princesses and the characters. Mickey, Minny, and Sleeping Beauty are now the favorites.</p><p>Why do we stop believing in Magic?</p><p>The Park has a great scheme going witht he fast passes. Since they allow anybody into the park, wait lines can be 30-60 minutes. Hell the Indiana Jones ride is actually a quarter mile of walking through a temple and tunnels to get to the ride.</p><p>AAA's package will give you unlimited fastpasses. With the regular setup, you can only have one fast pass in force. Triple A allows you to get as many as you want.</p><p>Trip let down. Back to reality and the lack of money. Some would ask why the trip if money was hard? We have not taken a trip in 9 years. It was needed. Been burned out far too long.</p><p>Wife may have a job. Part-time only. The "Booming economy" seems to make it only cost effective for a part-time job. A full time job would basically mean taking most of her salary would have to go to daycare.</p><p>The job just laid off 23 people. But we are hiring like crazy in India. I guess that is the job creation or dear "leader" keeps talking about. Is India another State that hasn't been announced yet?</p><p>I might have to find a moonlighting job to make ends meet.</p><p>Not much time for Perl right now. Life is getting in the way.</p><p>I just exist now.</p> Marza 2006-04-01T18:00:50+00:00 journal Not having a computer is a pain <p>After getting the thumbs down on repairing my laptop; I picked up an IOGEAR switch. Not bad as it can do both mac(my wifes) and PC. Problem is IBM labptops don't give enough power from the USB to make the thing work. Of course there is a booster they will sell you.</p><p>This does add to the Perl withdraw. You want to get back into it and don't have a decent machine. I will not try it on this machine. OS9 on a G4. Sorry it was good in it's day but I am not desperate enough to try and play with the machine.....yet.</p><p>Oh well. Vacation starts tomorrow. Surprising that the kid is not bouncing off the walls. Early start so I am going to cut this short.......</p> Marza 2006-03-27T08:05:56+00:00 journal I'm going to Disneyland! <p>After many long years; I am taking a vacation. First for the family. First for my girl. She can hardly contain herself. She is at that age where things are still real. However, she is starting to suspect. Why do we stop beliving in Faries, dragons, and heros?</p><p>No laptop. Hmm I can't remember any trip where I didn't have one in tow. Boss isn't happy but hey give me a replacment if it's such an issue.</p><p>I finally found the damned Active Directory ghost problem. With AD many errors are caused by DNS. The rogue domain was not sharing DNS info. I had to configure it to all zones to allow accesss. Don't like that as it is a security hole. Will have to review things. However, I can go on my trip without thinking they will call or worst hire a consultant to fix it.</p><p>I took of the IDS/Firewall system. Read the docs and have to say they are the worst thing I have ever read. Missing a great deal of info and had detail they didn't need. For example; I don't need several chapters on equipment I don't have. Ahh well. Such is the way of things. You sometimes have to use equipment made by members of your companies board.</p><p>The economy? Hmmm? I keep hearing things are great but I sometimes wonder where and in what? It isn't here. I get many questions about people hiring sys admins and there really isn't any "serious" jobs around here. Not without a serious paycut. A good sysadmin has been out of work for 3 months now. My cousin works for a part's company in Detroit. He says things are bad there as well. So where is this booming economy? Where are these new jobs? My companies creates India. We are probably going to have a layoff in month or so. I figure 10-15 people. But Hey we are creating jobs in India so that makes it right?</p><p>Now I hear the talk about retraining being the key. Retraining for what? Computer work is shrinking. You can't retrain if you don't know what to retrain for.....</p><p>The new mail server is online and running well so far. Some issues with the domain but the vendor is sorting it out. Never fails to hear "It's not supposed to do that" when a major thing like this is done. Ah well.</p><p>At least I am reading full force again. Even on my trip; I am taking a fat book on windows 2003. I will get the certs back online again. Never hurts to have the silly things when/if you job hunt.</p><p>We are testing out a device made by Silvercreek. Wan access is noticible faster. We are waiting for the box to hit India and will see how it works there. It will be great if we don't have to pay another 6 grand a month for faster access.</p><p>Time to read!</p><p>'nuff said</p> Marza 2006-03-25T08:02:35+00:00 journal Not going to be fixed <p>Not surprised by the verdict on no repair as the display would cost more then the value of the computer. I am going to try and see if I can get it going as an alternat plug on the monitor.</p><p>Chasing a ghost. Damn AD is giving strange answers with two domains. Search a computer and it will find it but it will not know where it is. Have to solve this one as the boss said we could bring somebody in to do it. That never bodes well for your status in things.</p><p>Checking out schools for the kid. Man this is a pain. The good ones have a screw you mentality as you need them and they don't need you. This country is going to crap on education. When I was a kid there was an art and music program. Many schools either don't have it or barely have one. Libraries are a joke. Her Pre-school has a mobile libraries with a small collection of books shared between mutilple schools.</p><p>This day was a waste!</p> Marza 2006-03-22T08:25:32+00:00 journal Computer dies! <p>Damn. My IBM work laptop decided to blow it's backlighting. Of course the warrenty is gone. Being it belongs to work; I have to wait what they will say. Probably won't get repaired and i will not get a new one as IT people don't need laptops and thus we tend to get the handmedowns. They will do something as I can't support work remotely anymore.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)</p><p>The one thing that sucks is the fact I can't do any perl or work on my book! Well I can I guess but I don't want to write things on this computer(my wifes Mac).</p><p>It's interesting to feel naked without the laptop. I guess that's a sign of a techno geek. At least I am getting caught up on my reading. My certs have all expired so it's time to upgrade everything(windows and cisco). I am also going to add CISSP and probably linux. Man those tests are expensive and CISSP makes you send in a recommendation that you have been in the field for 3 years.</p><p>People have asked why the CISSP? Well at the current spot; I have no where to advance. WAN designed. LAN designed. IDS installed. LAN management getting installed. Network redesign and upgrade in progress. OS upgrades. Doing these over and over only keeps me current. Management is only place left. Some said consult but I am not so sure. Wife and kid makes it desireable for insurrence and a steady income. Time will tell. Need the certs upgraded though so mondo reading to do.</p><p>Hmmm what to do monday? I feel like a script! Maybe that mirroring software validater routine!</p> Marza 2006-03-20T06:16:42+00:00 journal What do you mean don't convert it? <p>Well the Mirapoint server is pretty much up and running. I saw they created a Perl module for it and thought Cool! But, the boss said he wants the GUI used instead. Oh well. It doesn't mean I can't convert the existing stuff as a just in case<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)</p><p>Perlmonks have been useful for reinvigerating my laz tude over Perl. Many Ideas I never would have considered. Just need to shake the cobwebs out. Doing that by going through my old books. Time to toss some; time to get some new ones!</p><p>That should be it for today.</p> Marza 2006-03-16T06:47:18+00:00 journal Removing mounts? <p>For the fun of it; I am looking into the ability to review a windows box and see what drives they have mounted. Particularily because there are old file servers that have retired and of course people never delete because that gets in the way of work.</p><p>Don't seem to be a "normal" way at the moment.</p><p>However, I have noticed that Current_users/Network will list mounts with drive letters.</p><p>Just need to find a way to disconnect dead drives. It's a start I guess....</p> Marza 2006-03-13T05:58:39+00:00 journal Users. Why? <p>The conversion to the new server continues. People are always amazing. The base today are software engineers. You would think they would be well versed in the ways of computing. Maybe I am being to anal but out of 60 or so people only 3 understood the question "What email client do you use?"</p><p>Change is a bad thing for most. Do you want pop3 or IMAP?</p><p>One of them asked what's the name of the mail host. They were told "mail." He came back and said it wasn't working. I checked the config and he wrote the server name as "male" I guess that is why I have a job right?</p><p>At least it's the weekend. Major reading to do. Yea Windows 2003 and SNMP! Two fun books.</p><p>Ahh well. It never ends.....</p> Marza 2006-03-11T08:30:55+00:00 journal I am tired today. <p>I think I might be comming down with something. Not surprising since I live with a 4 year old germ carrier.</p><p>Mail system migration goes on. People are funny, even though you offer them a better setup; change is bad! Oh well. Makes my job easier.</p><p>One less domain for the company! Already the AD is acting better since the dead domain would for no reason drop out of replication and tie the other domains since they needed to trade info.</p><p>Google Desktop! Sure I would be happy to share my customers information on the Google servers! What were they thinking? I have to prevent it from getting installed. Perl could make the changes but it can't prevent the engineers from overriding the changes. I have to work a global policy and off course google is ooh so helpful. I am wondering if their claims are true. I have put a few questions out to see if others have done it. Nothing yet. Might have to trail blaze on this one.</p><p>Book is sitting idle for now. Just not in the mood.</p><p>It will be Friday! The CEO will talk to the ocmpany about the lost project/product. It's a loss of 3 million a year. I smell layoffs.</p><p>Time for bed I think. Damn I hope this is not a sickness.</p> Marza 2006-03-10T05:48:24+00:00 journal I have to get back into it! <p>Merlyn posted a link for something he did for objects at perl monks and I read it and said "ok?" Bad thing. I really need to dive back in and refresh this tired brain of mine. Hopefully, it's like a foreign language. Just tired from non-usuage.</p><p>I actually did some writing for the spam book. Looks like junk but I am getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper. It will takes some rework. I am envious of people that can pump out things with ease. Hopefully someday I can be one of them.</p><p>Company took a major hit. Big partner closed a product that used our stuff. Big revenue loss. Company says it's bad and they are reviewing things. I smell layoffs. 12-15 people would be my guess.</p><p>Domain elimination going well. Active Directory Migration Toolv3 is quite useful for this!</p><p>Ahh well. No writing tonight! Have too much reading!</p> Marza 2006-03-08T07:01:43+00:00 journal A tiny script is needed <p>Well now after a long time I actually have a request. We have mirroring software for some important servers. Sometimes it just stops working. No errors. No halts or freezes. The script will touch a file and then need to verify it appears on the mirror. Simple but hey it's something to do.</p><p>I have started writing an anti-spam book. I was handed a system that was very much hands on and went through hell. Somebody suggested I write as my "humor" could be entertaining and might make for a good tech book on the subject. Hmmm Tales of a SpamFighter? Time will tell. At least I have start laying it out rather then thinking about it.</p><p>Mirapoint conversions and a domain consolidation to do. Busy busy busy. It just never ends.</p><p>Hey at least it's not going to India so I should be happy.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)</p> Marza 2006-03-06T20:52:15+00:00 journal First entry with a talk about burnout? <p>Somebody said I should make entries to this thing. I haven't really tried as I am one of those Neandertals that doesn't have a blog *shock*</p><p>I haven't written anything in Perl for awhile. Working with Networks, I don't have (or have found) the need for "serious" scripts. Most of the time it's in projects. Be it the Windows 2003 conversion, install and converting users to a new Mirapoint server, or testing out and installing the new Lyris spamming server.</p><p>Windows 2003 is proving to be a rock solid OS. Never see it crash. Conversion from 2000 to 2003 was a breeze. One thing that is hard to belive is NT4 still exists. I finally killed off the last production server. However, we still have 6 boxes and it don't look like they are going away anytime soon. Well I should be able kill of 3 of them. Change is bad for some people but mainly its the customers. We have to make the big customers happy and continue to support Dead OS's. That is the way of things. It took a year to get them to let go of ME.</p><p>We entered the world of spam. We have marketing and training notices but we are honorable about it as companies should be. You have to request to be on our lists for example and we are quick to remove. We had outsourced the job and those people started spamming porn. Our hit rate went from 90% to 40% really quick.</p><p>Mirapoint makes a great IMAP based mail appliance! Expensive but still cheaper then a full blown Exchange setup.</p><p>Certifications again. My last cert was cisco and NT4. Both have expired so now I am chasing the 2003 cert and CISSP. Might become the security person for the company. I started out that way a few years ago and left it in disgust *coughsgovermentworkcoughs*</p><p>So why the tangent on non-perl related stuff? Simple point. If you don't keep yourself hacking away at perl; job/workload burnout can make it easy not to do it and before you know it, the last script you wrote was about a year ago.</p><p>I am going to turn this around by going through my Perl book library. I am going to go through the basics and work up for the fun of it. Probably will purge and or update a few books. Somewhere I picked up the learn perl on nt in 21 days. Funny. As if it was possible to do that.</p><p>Hey! My first entry is done!</p> Marza 2006-03-05T02:31:05+00:00 journal