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Maddingue (5320)

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Journal of Maddingue (5320)

Wednesday September 12, 2007
05:05 AM

Temporary variables are good

[ #34424 ]
First step for understanding a complex code with very deep structures: remove useless brackets, add temporary variables.

sub Dumpbbcs
    my $css = $_[0];

    print "Content-Type: text/plain\n\n";

    foreach my $owner ( keys ( %{${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}} ) )
        foreach my $content ( keys ( %{${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}} ) )
            my $enable = ${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{ENABL E} if ( exists(${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content} }{ENABLE}) );
            foreach my $service ( keys (  %{${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{SER VICES}} ) )
                my $ip = ${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{S ERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcIPAddress} if ( exists(${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$cont ent}}{SERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcIPAddress}) );
                my $state = ${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{S ERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcState} if ( exists(${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$cont ent}}{SERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcState}) );
                my $KALType = ${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{S ERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcKALType} if ( exists(${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$cont ent}}{SERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcKALType}) );
                my $SvcKALUri = ${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$content}}{S ERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcKALUri} if ( exists(${${${${${${${${$CSSDUMP{CSSS}}{$css}}{OWNERS}}{$owner}}{CONTENTS}}{$cont ent}}{SERVICES}}{$service}}{apSvcKALUri}) );

                if ( defined($enable) && ($enable eq "enable") && defined($ip) && defined($state) && defined($KALType) && defined($SvcKALUri) )
                    print "$owner $content $enable $service $ip DNS $state $KALType $SvcKALUri\n";


sub Dumpbbcs {
    my ($css) = @_;
    my $owners = $CSSDUMP{CSSS}{$css}{OWNERS};

    print "Content-Type: text/plain\n\n";

    foreach my $owner (keys %$owners) {
        foreach my $content (keys %{ $owners->{$owner}{CONTENTS} }) {
            my $cont_fields = $owners->{$owner}{CONTENTS}{$content};
            my $enable      = $cont_fields->{ENABLE} || "";

            foreach my $service (keys %{ $cont_fields->{SERVICES} }) {
                my $serv_fields = $cont_fields->{SERVICES}{$service};

                my $ip          = $serv_fields->{apSvcIPAddress};
                my $state       = $serv_fields->{apSvcState};
                my $KALType     = $serv_fields->{apSvcKALType};
                my $SvcKALUri   = $serv_fields->{apSvcKALUri};

                if ($enable eq "enable" and all {defined} $ip, $state, $KALType, $SvcKALUri) {
                    print "$owner $content $enable $service $ip DNS $state $KALType $SvcKALUri\n";

(Ok, I cheated, I'm also using List::MoreUtils's all (this module rocks)).

Both functions should do exactly the same thing, except than the corrected form is actually readable and probably a lot faster given the number of opcodes such long dereference chains take (run perl -MO=Terse on these).

OTOH, these ${..} may be a technique obfuscators can use in the future ;-)

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  • Temporary variables can be good and can be bad. The real win here is that you Don't Repeat Yourself.

    Not only is all that embedded stuff hard to read, it's dangerous and difficult to debug if a typo sneaks into one of the many repeated strings that are present.