Limbic Region's Journal Limbic Region's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:07:38+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 Limbic Region's Journal TTFN <p>I am abandoning for</p><p>Thanks very much for the site - it was great while it lasted</p> Limbic Region 2009-11-24T23:11:04+00:00 journal Improving (Advanced Search) <p>Here are some random features I think would make an "advanced search" for nice</p><ul><li>Being able to search for XS/PP/Either</li><li>Being able to sort results by things like<ul><li>Kwalitee</li><li>Create Date (how old it is)</li><li>Number of downloads</li><li>Last Update Date</li><li>Rating (for CPAN rated modules)</li><li>CPAN tester results</li><li>Liklihood it will install</li><li>Number of dependencies</li><li>relevance (how closely does module match your search terms)</li><li>Stability (alpha, beta, production ready)</li><li>etc</li></ul></li><li>Stealing from <a href="">WAIT</a> </li><li>Being able to specify a compatability requirement<ul><li>Minimum version of perl</li><li>OS</li><li>Platform</li><li>License</li><li>etc</li></ul></li><li>Providing a code search (like <a href="">Google's Code Search</a>)</li><li>Recommendations ("User's who looked at this module also looked at...") like "Related Modules" only better</li><li>Ability to support more human related questions ("How do I parse IP addresses" or even "parse IP addresses")</li><li>Of course, a number of the things in the sort by could also be used as search criteria such as "minimum kwalitee" or "must have POD/Tests/etc"</li><li>Number of bugs in RT queue</li></ul><p>These were some ideas that came to mind and not a lot of thought went into them. Feel free to add your own - I know someone who may actually be motivated to implement some of them as an alternate to is reading<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> Limbic Region 2009-06-16T20:26:34+00:00 journal Not Going To YAPC::NA 2009 Afterall <p>It is with great disappointment that I have decided not to go to YAPC::NA this year. I was looking forward to it but personal events lately have made it clear that to go would not be in the best interest of my family and myself.</p><p>Maybe next year</p> Limbic Region 2009-06-11T14:37:31+00:00 journal Perl Saves The Day &amp; Plea For Help <p><b>Perl Saves The Day</b><br>I am a lazy bastard. This is one of three known virtues for a programmer. Oddly enough, I am not a programmer - at least not professionally. Anyway, this post is about perl so I have posted it here but it is also about my other blog.</p><p>Yes, this is my perl blog but I have a personal blog over at <a href=""></a></p><p>Actually, it is our family website and since my two girls are under the age of 4, I end up updating the content for 3 different people. Even with a CMS, this can be a PITA. I wrote some code using WWW::Selenium and Image::ExifTool to automate updating the photos. I am using winblows - so in Explore, I just right-click on a photo and add some meta data to the summary (Author, Title and Caption). Once I am done, I simply run the program which goes through every photo looking for the meta data, logs on to the website for the appropriate person (author), posts the picture using the title and caption and sets the date and time to when the picture was actually taken.</p><p>This has reduced the time to update the website enormously. Perl saved the day since I had nearly 6 months worth of photos that needed to be updated for each of my daughters.</p><p><b>Plea For Help</b><br>Ok, everyone is abandoning ship and leaving use.perl I understand their reasons and agree with most of them. I too have considered using my personal blog for perl blogging as well (not that I do too much of that) and just tagging posts appropriately.</p><p>The problem is there are still a number of folks here and elsewhere that I still want to follow. So here is my plea for help.</p><p>Does anyone have a list of perl and/or programming related blogs that are not one of<br>- planet perl<br>- planet parrot<br>- use.perl<br>- perlbuzz</p><p>Did I mention I am a lazy bastard? I have never bothered to setup an RSS feed. I don't really know where people have wandered off to. Can you please reply with who you feel is worth listening to and where to go listen?</p><p>Cheers</p> Limbic Region 2009-06-01T13:30:17+00:00 journal My Ideal Work Week <p>In case you weren't aware, the US and Europe have extremely different perspectives on giving employees time off. I am very fortunate that I get 42.5 paid days off a year (19.5 vacation, 13 sick and 10 federal holidays). It would be great if I could re-arrange that time off.</p><p>How many hours of work do I actually work to get my salary?</p><p>52 weeks a year x 40 hours a week = 2080 hours<br>42.5 days paid off x 8 hours = 340 hours<br>2080 - 340 = 1740 actual work hours</p><p>Ok, now let's say I only wanted to work 3 days a week. That sounds sweet. I would have to work 12 hour days to get close to the 40 but still - I wouldn't mind working 12 hour days if it meant having 4 days off for 3 days worked. How many weeks a year would I have to work in order to account for the 1740?</p><p>1740 / 36 = 48 weeks and 1 day</p><p>Wow - let's knock that 1 day off as unpaid leave cause really - who wants to get paid for 1 day if the alternative is 11 days off in a row?</p><p>So if I could convince my employer to agree, I could work 3 days a week - still have 4 weeks of vacation and make effectively the same salary. Now that is my idea of an ideal work week.</p><p>Yes, some might point out that if a holiday happens to fall on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (those are the days I would work) then I would either have to take unpaid leave or work. Really - who cares with a deal like that.</p> Limbic Region 2009-04-02T19:28:03+00:00 journal My Experience Freelancing <p>Some time in the last year, I decided to advertise on my website that I do freelance work.</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>This brought in a small, but steady trickle of folks that were interested in my services. A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to increase the paying work I was doing. It was becoming a sore spot in my house when my wife called down to find out when I was going to bed and I would respond - "someone just posted a really interesting problem on PerlMonks". If she knew I was getting paid she didn't seem to have any problem how late I stayed up.</p><p>This was a lot more difficult than I expected. I didn't use <a href=""></a> because I was looking for small short term projects not to exceed 15 hours a week. I bit the bullet and started using some of the freelance websites, in particular:</p><p><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a></p><p>These sites all have the same basic structure:<br>1. Project posted by client<br>2. Bidders bid<br>3. Client selects bidder<br>4. Contact information is exchanged<br>5. Project is worked<br>6. Client pays buyer</p><p>The all seem to have the same "rules"<br>1. No contact information exchanged before project is awarded<br>2. Programmer pays commission immediately upon accepting project<br>3. Escrow through the site is optional but is the only way arbitration can work</p><p>There are pros and cons to each of these sites. Some charge lower commissions, others have better search interfaces for finding projects, etc.</p><p>These sites are super saturated with off-shore bidders that make getting selected for a project very difficult. It took me a while to figure out a technique to even have my bids looked at.</p><p>If you have any experience or suggestions, I would appreciate it if you would share.</p> Limbic Region 2008-09-29T18:29:27+00:00 journal No C for me thank you <p>Recently, I ported some C code to Perl. The reason this was done was purely bureaucratic. I am a mediocre C programmer at best so perhaps my lack of expertise made this process more painful than it would have been otherwise. In any event, I am happy to continue blissfully ignoring C (sorry Parrot).</p><p>I found that the LOC was reduced by about 10:1. Some of the issues I ran into were obvious - working with sockets at a low level was challenging because I am used to using abstraction modules like IO::Socket::INET and IO::Select. Some of the other issues might not have been so obvious.</p><p>You don't translate C line by line. You read a block of code, figure out what it is trying to accomplish (ignoring how it is accomplishing it) and then write the line or 2 of equivalent Perl. My problem is that I don't have enough experience to ignore the "how". I mentally keep track of each thing happening in turn until I reach the "a ha" line that makes it clear why all the previous steps were necessary.</p><p>That sucks.</p> Limbic Region 2008-08-08T23:01:30+00:00 journal How Perl has saved me hours of work recently <p>I live in Maryland. My family is in Maine and my wife's family is in the Philippines. We have two young daughters which makes watching them grow up difficult. To help, I have a family website</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>Recently, updating the website was a major challenge for a number of reasons (it had been two months since I did it, we had a family vacation to Maine with more photos than usual, and I had 4 cameras to deal with). On top of that, I wanted to add streaming video to the site.</p><p>Perl to the rescue</p><p>One of the first tasks was fixing the EXIF meta data in hundreds of JPEGs. My sister's camera had the wrong date.</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>The next task I had was organizing the photos. I store my photos in the following structure:</p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>&lt;daughter's name&gt;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;&lt;year photo was taken&gt;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&lt;month photo was taken&gt;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&lt;day photo was taken&gt;</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p>I have written a little utility that once I bin the photos by daughter's name, it will then further file them into the appropriate directory - creating them as necessary.</p><p>Finally, after two years of taking short video clips with the digital camera, I decided to figure out how to do streaming video. The good news is I figured it out, the bad news is I had 2 year's worth of videos to convert to streaming format 1 at a time.</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>I have no idea how many hours perl saved me. I know there are other tools and sites that make this sort of thing easier but this is my site, and I want to do it my way - and perl let's me be me.</p> Limbic Region 2008-07-31T15:40:16+00:00 journal In case you needed more proof.... <p>that having children leaves you with less free time, consider this:</p><p>Before the birth of my first child, over 908 days at PerlMonks I averaged 1000XP every 56.75 days</p><p>After the birth of my first daughter, over 836 days at PerlMonks I averaged 1000XP every 83.6 days.</p><p>In case you aren't aware what PerlMonks is, XP is a silly number that can't be used to measure anything and really only gives an indication of participation at the site. This is perfect for my purposes since it reflects that my participation dropped dramatically.</p><p>There you have it folks - undisputable statistics.</p> Limbic Region 2008-07-23T17:56:25+00:00 journal My First YAPC <p> Normally, I would have written all about this here and not in my personal blog. I have chosen not to this time because later I will be posting pictures as well which will make the linking nicer. Right now, it is just text but you can read all about it. </p><ul> <li> <a href="">YAPC::NA 2008 Day 0</a> </li><li> <a href="">YAPC::NA 2008 Day 1</a> </li><li> <a href="">YAPC::NA 2008 Day 2</a> </li><li> <a href="">YAPC::NA 2008 Day 3</a> </li></ul><p> I will post another note when the pictures are up. </p> Limbic Region 2008-06-20T02:16:59+00:00 journal This is my Perl Blog <p>Following a recent trend, I would like to point out the obvious. This is my perl blog.</p><p>I have a personal blog too. It can be found at <a href=""></a>.</p><p>I haven't had a lot to write about in my perl blog because I haven't been working on anything interesting. Heck, I haven't even been able to keep up with the interesting things others are doing.</p><p>What I have been able to do is continue to get things done - and quickly. When your brain is not fully functional because you have been sleep deprived for 5 months, perl is a great friend to have around.</p> Limbic Region 2008-04-29T20:29:26+00:00 journal Available For Freelance Work Not that any of you will need my services, but I have decided to do some freelance work on the side. Not sure how this will work out, but details can be found at <a href=""></a> Limbic Region 2007-12-23T04:51:16+00:00 journal Birth Announcement: Alyssa Jean Gatcomb <p>This past Sunday, our second daughter was born. If you are interested in details or pics they can be found at:</p><p><a href=""></a></p> Limbic Region 2007-12-05T19:26:01+00:00 journal An unwritten book <p>For more than 2 years, I have been collecting research material for a book I wanted to write.</p><p>In fact, it was 2 years ago when I pitched the idea to O'Reilly and very nearly reached a deal. I withdrew when the reality of having our first child hit me.</p><p>Our second child is due in December and another reality just hit me. It is extremely unlikely that any book will result from this work while it is still relavent.</p><p>I have been feeling extremely uncreative lately and this just makes it that much worse.</p><p>*shrug*</p> Limbic Region 2007-09-05T13:14:47+00:00 journal A day without complaints <p>At work, I am seldom a pleasant person to be around. I often take on an elitist superior attitude and speak condescendingly. When folks ask me for help, I don't fail to remind them if they had followed my suggestion from earlier, they wouldn't need my help now.</p><p>I also spend a fair amount of my time in self-introspection thinking about the days events - what I said, what I did, but more importantly - why.</p><p>I find it very easy to call myself a Christian but I don't find it very easy to be a Christian.</p><p>As a result, I decided to have 1 day a month complaint free. No matter how large my frustration, no matter how painfully obvious a situation is - I will try not to complain. I will try not to raise my voice. I will try not to ridicule. I will try not to offend.</p><p>This really is something that I want to do everyday but I am starting with baby steps.</p> Limbic Region 2007-08-17T13:56:28+00:00 journal Have I missed my calling? <p>Last night, I woke up out of a sound sleep after my wife yelled "sweetheart". The thing is, she was sound asleep. I went back to sleep.</p><p>A few hours later, I woke up again to the telephone ringing. After rushing to the phone and checking the call history, I discovered it hadn't rang at all.</p><p>On my walk back to bed the possible symbolism hit me - am I missing my calling?</p><p>This is something I am going to ponder.</p><p>In perl related news, I worked on a google calendar parser for TPF. It seems to have gone well.</p> Limbic Region 2007-07-12T01:24:01+00:00 journal Courtesy <p>I haven't written in this journal for quite a while. While a whole lot has been happening in my personal life, not much has been happening on techie front.</p><p>I decided to write today because of an observation today that had a profound affect on me. A lady at the convenience store was genuinely courteous. She seemed like she was in a hurry but when a guy ran in to pay for gas, she let him go in front of her. While she was waiting in line, she straightened up some magazines in the rack. When she greeted the clerk, not only did she ask him how he was, but she also waited to hear his response. As she was leaving, she made sure to donate the coins from her change to the charity collection on the counter.</p><p>I do all those things on a regular basis. I didn't always. I had to practice at it. Watching this lady though had such a profound affect on me that I felt I needed to write and share.</p><p>People can tell when you are being self-absorbed and disinterested in their lives but are going through the motions of being courteous. I am not sure when I stopped trying to be truly nice and went on auto-pilot but I am going to try real hard to change that after today.</p><p>It is amazing how refreshing a touch of humanity can be in this fast paced cold and indifferent hi-tech world can be.</p><p>Next time you see a stranger, smile and say hello, and really mean it.</p> Limbic Region 2007-05-08T12:14:32+00:00 journal Budgeting Stress <p>For a long time when I heard other people talk about stress I thought to myself that I was unaffected by it. The truth is that I am not superman but that the way stress affects me is not as easy to detect. It manifests itself as physical ailment (probably preceeded by a lowered immune system). This is not by itself uncommon, but as it is the only discernable symptom I have found - noticing the correlation wasn't easy.</p><p>Once I made this realization, I began subconciously budgeting my stress. I only dealt with things that I knew I could manage without getting sick. This works quite well when you know all the things that you have to deal with, can estimate the stress involved, and have the luxury of postponing things.</p><p>This worked out quite well until I was forced to deal with some unexpected items, some things that were more stressful than anticipated, and a few things timetables were moved up beyond my control. I am not saying that stress alone was the reason why I dealt with a serious bout of mononucleosis this summer but I believe it was the strongest contributing factor.</p><p>So the analogy of budgeting (money) starts to break down when you start talking about nest eggs. While it is true a stressful event is unlikely to take the same toll on you after a nice long vacation as it would if it had just been preceded by a long week at work - there is a limit to how much any one person can have in reserve.</p><p>As a result, I have conciously started budgeting even more miserly (leaving myself breathing room for unexpected events, events that are more stressful than anticipated, and time frames I can't control). It is still very much a work in progress but I feel much happier and healthy than I did just a few months ago.</p> Limbic Region 2006-11-08T17:48:09+00:00 journal License Plate: blkp3rl <p>So on my way back to the office from lunch today, I see someone with a license plate:</p><p>blkp3rl</p><p>I decide that if this guy parks anywhere near my office building, I am going to ask him if the plate has anything to do with the Perl Black Book</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>So I walk up to the parked vehicle and the guy cautiously rolls down the window and I ask "Does your license plate have anything to do with the programming language" as though it were the most natural thing in the world to say.</p><p>After a long thoughtful pause the guy chuckles and says no - it is from Pirates of the Caribbean. As I start to walk away with my head hung down he says "but I am a web developer and had never thought of that connection until now - thanks".</p><p>It made me smile</p> Limbic Region 2006-10-30T20:08:39+00:00 journal Proud Father <p>So what would make a guy who hasn't been further than the bed or couch in several weeks venture out to touch the world?</p><p>My daughter crawled today - a few weeks shy of being six months!!!!!</p><p>Yes, I am a very proud Dad</p> Limbic Region 2006-07-24T19:27:22+00:00 journal Fever of unknown origin <p>Or how I am spending my summer vacation....</p><p>Not that I think anyone is missing me or cares, but I have been off the grid for a few weeks. After enough blood work to feed a small family of vampires and other much more unpleasant tests, it has been determined that I have <a href=""></a> what fun!</p><p>I don't know when I will return to the land of the living but hopefully soon.</p><p>Cheers,<br>Limbic~Region</p> Limbic Region 2006-07-24T19:25:31+00:00 journal More Crazy Ideas Taking on ridiculous <a href="">physical projects</a> is not the only type of insane crazy ideas that pop into my head. <p> The other day I was thinking about NP complete problems, then my mind wandered over to quantum computing, then it settled on thinking about electricity. Specifically, the path of least resistance. Traveling salesman problem perhaps? </p><p> Contrary to lay belief, electricity does not <i>just</i> follow the path of least resistance. It follows all paths simultaneously with a current that is inversely proportional to the resistance of that path. In other words, the weaker the resistance, the stronger the current. </p><p> So I really don't know enough about the subjects to think it through but this is the type of stuff that pops into my head. </p> Limbic Region 2006-05-28T16:28:05+00:00 journal Stupid Things I do <p>When I think of a spontaneous or impulsive person - I think of someone who is always doing something different.</p><p>By that definition - I am not spontaneous or impulsive. I like things a certain way and while I don't fight change (ok, maybe a little) I certainly don't welcome it.</p><p>And yet - I have momentary bouts of insanity where bizarre things enter into my head and I execute them blindly. Today it was bicycling into work. You see, I am at least 40 pounds overweight and haven't exercised (let alone been on a bike) in about 3 years.</p><p>Do you think any rational thinking could have prevented me from making the 10 mile trek into work this morning?</p><p>In other personal news - Jasmine is doing great and will be turning 3 months old this Sunday. I have a pretty poor website up at <a href=""></a> if you are interested. The 3 of us are driving up to Maine in June for my neice's graduation - she is first in her class.</p><p>In tech news, I have pretty much just become an observer on #perl6. I do have 2 projects that I am working on - one in perl5 and the other in C. I have been taking a 3 week cycle approach to them. (1 week on Perl, 1 week on C, 1 week off). It has helped avoid even further burn out.</p><p>I am turning 30 this year. I never really appreciated how much dedication it takes to be married, raise a child, take care of a house you own, and maintain a decent paying job. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world but I am truly amazed by those that do that plus find time to have a social life and work on fun projects in their personal free time (ok - stop laughing).</p><p>I guess with time comes experience and hopefully with experience comes a bit of wisdom.</p><p>Cheers,<br>L~R</p> Limbic Region 2006-05-02T12:15:01+00:00 journal I am a Dad <p>A fellow #perl6 geek was kind enough to host a page for me for a couple of weeks as is still down.</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>YEAH!!!!</p> Limbic Region 2006-02-07T20:44:47+00:00 journal New Year's Resolutions <p>I seldom make New Year's resolutions.</p><p>It is even more seldom that I actually attain them.</p><p>This year - my resolutions are for my family, not for me.</p><p>I resolve to try and be a better husband.</p><p>I resolve to try and be a good father.</p><p>I resolve to try and be healthy (which means losing weight).</p> Limbic Region 2006-01-03T13:18:41+00:00 journal What's New With Me <p>So some time back I decided to take some time off keeping up with what everyone else was doing and try to accomplish 1 of 2 things I considered to be difficult. So far I am batting 0.</p><p>The first one was a personal task - learn Tagalog (the primary language of the Philippines). I learned a few more phrases but nothing resembling fluency.</p><p>The second related to the Perl community - write a book. I actually made significant progress on this one. My idea pitched to O'Reilly was well received. I produced an outline along with mounds of research. Unfortunately, life happens and I just could not in fairness devote the time necessary to writing a book when my family deserved it more. Oddly enough, another publisher contacted me unsolicited to see if I would be interested in writing a book on Perl for them. I realized that it would have been in direct competition with O'Reilly's Cookbook series and declined.</p><p>I am not sure what I should do with the book. I have thought about using the outline to write articles instead. Maybe I should just turn over my ideas and research to brian (<a href=""></a>)</p><p>In personal news - Jean and I just returned from a 3 week vacation in the Philippines. I did something pretty serious to my knee and need to go to the doctor soon.</p><p>There are other things that I want to write about but wisdom tells me that opening my mouth will remove all doubt.</p><p>Cheers,<br>Limbic~Region</p> Limbic Region 2006-01-03T12:33:02+00:00 journal Fund Pugs Development <p>It is unlikely that anyone reading this doesn't know what Pugs is since it is all the rage, but just in case - <a href=""></a></p><p>Pugs is the brain child of Autrijus Tang. He decided to take a 6 month sabbatical from paying work to see what resulted. He did not pursue funding because he wanted the freedom to take the project in any direction that felt right.</p><p>The result has been amazing and it has also added much needed fuel to other people on other projects. Unfortunately, the 6 month self-allotted window of time ended 2005-08-01. So what does that mean for Autrijus and Pugs and the rest of us? I had a chance to talk to him yesterday to find out. While I have changed the wording of the conversation for brevity, I believe the intent of what was being said remains in tact.</p><p>Q: What are your immediate plans now that your sabbatical is over?</p><p>A: I will split consulting gigs and Pugs development 50/50 for the next 2 months. After that I will likely focus more time on paying work so I can take another sabbatical in early 2006. While the next one may be shorter, my intention is to spend some time in Europe with leo and/or other lambdas/camels.</p><p>Q: If I recall correctly, you have indicated that you are no longer opposed to funding. Given the number of major direction changes in Pugs over the last 6 months, would you accept funding if it meant giving up the freedom to take the project in any direction you felt was right?</p><p>A: I am open to funding but the way TPF grants currently work, namely having fixed delivery goals and timelines, isn't in alignment of how I want this project to operate. I can shift priorities and journal my efforts but that's about it.</p><p>Q: If TPF or someone else were interested in funding you for Pugs development, how much would it cost?</p><p>A: I have been able to focus completely on Pugs as well as travel to various conventions and hackathons for $3000 USD per month.</p><p>Q: How much capital would you need before you get started?</p><p>A: I haven't stopped Pugs development and I don't intend to. Funding, in any amount, means not having to devote a propotional amount of time to paying work. In other words, I am completely flexible.</p><p>Q: If someone is interested in helping support Pugs development financially, what should they do?</p><p>A: For now email - things may change but if they do I will post about that myself.</p> Limbic Region 2005-08-03T12:37:11+00:00 journal I had a dream ... of Larry <p>I decided a couple of weeks ago (<a href=""></a>) that I wasn't accomplishing anything of any significance because I was too busy keeping up with what everyone else is doing.</p><p>I also admitted to myself that perhaps the reason I was doing that was because in such a league of extrodinary gentlemen (and ladies), I would find myself sorely lacking.</p><p>Having realized there was a possibility of fear and being tired of thinking about all my unfinished projects, I decided to go about doing 1 of 2 very difficult things that I have wanted to do my whole life. The first is related to the Perl community and the second is a personal goal.</p><p>So what does this have to do about a dream concerning Larry?</p><p>While I have been waiting to hear about the first idea (requires support and funding) I haven't started the second as I believe either will be an all consuming process. So I am at work (a previous job) and Larry is coming on site to consult. We are sitting down to get started and Larry is trying to turn on this two light lamp. I keep trying to tell him he isn't doing it right as it requires two switches to be in the right place at the right time and he finally gets it.</p><p>Now I have never met Larry. I don't think there is anyway that he would have required that much instruction to turn on a light - but maybe subconciously I was telling myself I still have something to offer even if I am not on par with the league of extrodinary gentlemen (and ladies).</p><p>In any case - if I haven't heard about the first idea this week, I will be off the grid even further as the secondary project is completely non-programming.</p><p>Cheers,<br>L~R</p> Limbic Region 2005-08-01T12:20:26+00:00 journal Off the grid for a while <p>I am officially assuming role of lurker in all the usual haunts until further notice.</p><p>It commonly accepted that the breadth of information in almost any field is too much for anyone to gain a level of mastery over. One must resign themselves to a narrow area if they are going to be any good at what they do.</p><p>I have found that I do not accomplish much of anything with any significance because I spend the majority of my time keeping up with what everyone else is up to.</p><p>This isn't a bad thing. I am able to help people find resources that meet their needs without being able to give them specific help myself. I am not under any illusions that I am missing out on doing something great by not focusing my efforts on a personal project.</p><p>It is time for me to see what it is I am capable of accomplishing. There are 2 projects that I have in mind. One of them is non-technical and would result in a personal achievement that no one but a handful of people would appreciate. The other is something technical that the community would benefit from but requires someone else agreeing that it is a profitable idea and willingness to fund it.</p><p>I will still be lurking, but TTFN</p><p>Cheers,<br>L~R</p> Limbic Region 2005-07-20T13:22:02+00:00 journal Extremely Odd Bug Building Pugs - SOLVED <p>One day Pugs stopped building on my home machine (Win32). It blew up during the build process when it got to Prelude.hs</p><p>It happened to coincide with a known problem with Prelude.hs and another patch that pretty much broke everything else.</p><p>After those issues resolved - it continued to be b0rk. I tried EVERYTHING - no avail.</p><p>Just as I was about to give up, I remembered having deleted the perl.exe in the root directory of GHC.</p><p>You see, I have everything Pugs related under a single umbrella. GHC shipped with a perl56.dll and perl.exe which was interfering with my 5.8.7 perl since . takes precedence over anything in %PATH on Win32. I tried a few things after deleting it and everything appeared to work normally - to include GHC.</p><p>So since I hadn't just renamed the files and I didn't want to re-install GHC to test if that was the problem. I just copied the 5.8.7 dll and exe to the GHC root directory and what do you know - it worked.</p><p>Why is GHC hard coded to look for a perl in its root directory? Why would the error message not be more descriptive 0x01 or some such thing? I don't know, but problem SOLVED!</p> Limbic Region 2005-07-06T13:49:20+00:00 journal